car icons jumping and spinning on the screen

car icons jumping and spinning on the screen

I got my 2019 Model X Friday and after 90 miles my car traffic icons are showing but they are jumping and spinning on the screen. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Bad Monk | 3 juillet 2019

Yeah that happens. Only happens when moving slow at traffic lights though. Never had it on motorway/highway etc.
Seems like it glitches out but don’t think it affects the AP as I always use it in slow moving traffic and no problems.

jimglas | 3 juillet 2019

mine are perfectly stable

Lamontnash1 | 3 juillet 2019

2019.20.4.2, mine are more stable that previous software versions (2019 MX 30 days old), however they are still moving around.

Tzlazrgr8 | 10 juillet 2019

I have seen the same issue while stopped at lights or stopped in traffic, but not while moving. I have called the service center and was told it is a software issue and that an update will fix it. Have had 2 updates since then, but the problem persists.

bp | 10 juillet 2019

Software issue - similar to the dancing lane lines we saw earlier with the AP2 software.

While the developers could fix the display to eliminate the dancing - it's better to wait until they really fix the object detection software and properly position the surrounding vehicles for use by AutoPilot.

jimglas | 10 juillet 2019

its a feature, not a bug