120kW or 150kW?

120kW or 150kW?

I drove from Hot Springs, South Dakota to Lovelock, Nevada today, and although the following Supercharger Stations are advertised as 120kW, I was drawing more than that for many of them:

Wheatland, WY: 127kW
Rawlins, WY: 138kW
Rock Springs, WY: 141kW
Evanston, WY: 127kW
Tooele, UT: 127kW
West Wendover, NV: 145kW
Elko, NV: 147kW
Winnemucca, NV: 137kW
Lovelock, NV: 149kW

I have only two Supercharger stops tomorrow: Truckee, CA and Roseville, CA.

Bighorn | 5 juillet 2019

Most all can do 150.

beaver | 5 juillet 2019

Except Beaver, UT it royally sucked today
I only got 24 kW for an hour on a “150 kW” SC. Everyone was having issues. A bunch of people gave up and headed for St George.

@Lunde I charged at half of the same SCeea this week. None is the pulled more than the rates kW. Are you sure you are reading the NAV correctly?

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019

@beaver -- don't forget 2170 (M3) vs 18650 (MX)

May make a difference

Bighorn | 6 juillet 2019

That’s why I said “most.” I think by design pretty much all are capable of 150.

HighlandPony | 6 juillet 2019

The chargers in Beaver do suck. They are constantly broken. I’ve sent in a dozen bug reports on them. They did add four urban chargers on the side of the car wash but those are painfully slow too.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

@JJ I don’t think batteries make a difference until V3 250 kW but maybe I am wrong.

FISHEV | 6 juillet 2019

Most I've gotten in Vancouver is 137 kWh/558 kWh. I pulled in one day when it was crowded, pulled in next to guy in an S and he said to move over one or both of use would be down to 30kWh as each two chargers shared a circuit.

Totally right as it fills up and guy pulls in next to me and my charging rate drops. It was near 80% at that point so I unplugged and his jumped up.

They have one unit that does not look paired and it is head in charger, super convenient vs. the back in. I get reminded that Model 3 has no backup proximity warning every time I charge which doesn't help.

FISHEV | 6 juillet 2019

That's 558 miles an hour above not kWh.

Bighorn | 6 juillet 2019

Battery matters. Med range charges at 120. LR is 150. Model S is between 90 and 120.

FISHEV | 6 juillet 2019

"I only got 24 kW for an hour on a “150 kW” SC."

Had that in Vancouver once the guy in the S two stalls away said it was fine. Couldn't find a way to call Tesla (Touch the T on the screen for the 800 service number) as I thought it was my car. Went to Tigard SC and everything fine so put it down to something off at the SC.

beaver | 6 juillet 2019

Yes the battery size matters but not the type, I wasn’t clear. I am comparing 75 kWh to 100 kWh, charge power should be the same | 6 juillet 2019

New Model S/X (Raven) LR handles 200 kW at V3 SC, although I've not tested it myself.

Bighorn | 6 juillet 2019

Not sure I follow, but my Model S and Model 3 have different charging rates despite almost the same capacity, ~80 kWh.

jjgunn | 6 juillet 2019

Different battery chemistry & different hardware (cells)

I'm fairly certain the 2170's (M3) vs. the 18650 (MS/X) -- 2170 accepts a little bit faster charging -- it's not dramatic but it's a little bit -- maybe an extra 10 minutes on MS/X vs M3.

In Beaver Utah case, I believe the electric supply to the SuperCharger was the culprit.