Model Y vs Model P: camping trailer

Model Y vs Model P: camping trailer

In about 3 or 4 years when the kids will have grown up, we are planning to go to Florida a couple weeks every year on a road trip and probably buy a fifth wheel, camping trailer or camping tent. We are not sure yet, depends on the hauling capacity either 3,500 or 5000 pounds and the passenger capacity. Since we have 4 kids, I would be surprised that the Tesla pick up truck has room for 6. The Model Y will be a 7 seater so it seems more interesting with the information we have.

What are your camping plans with the Tesla future vehicles? I read a lot of articles of people camping in Model S and 3 with their air mattress but now the options will be more diverse.

Uncle Paul | 8 juillet 2019

5th wheel trailer will only go in a pick up truck.
Expect Model 3 to only handle 2,000 lbs. Perhaps Model Y will do 2,500-3,000 lbs. Only going to be able to tow a small trailer with 6 people in the car.

Best bet might be the Model X SUV with 5/6/7 seating options. Comes standard with tow hitch, electrical connections and towing software. 3,000-5,000 tow rating (depending on tires).

malamailpahijem... | 8 juillet 2019

I live outside of NYC and have a crazy long commute. 72 miles each way, so 144 round trip. The commuting time can be anywhere from 2-3 hours each way depending on traffic. Typically the first part of the commute is mostly highway at 70 mph for the first 60 miles. The last 12 mile can take 60-90 minutes based on traffic. This is crazy I know but not yet interested in relocating. I have been doing this commute for 12 years. I typically put about 40k miles per year on a car. I am now considering a Tesla but I have range and cost anxiety. Currently driving a Subaru Legacy 3.6R, and spending roughly $50-60 per week on gas.

Given this insane commute is a Tesla right for me? Will the car basically pay for itself given the gas and maintenance savings? I need a reliable and comfortable ride. I assume LR model is a given. I should also mention that I would like to not stop at a supercharger during the commute and the garage I park at does not have charging capability. Will the long range handle these conditions?

Anything else I’m missing or additional advice you guys could give?

Sincerely appreciate the help!

Orthopod | 9 juillet 2019

Tesla is perfect for you
LR is a must

Your Tesla will pay itself in less than 4 years compared to a new gasoline car

David N | 9 juillet 2019

Have you done a test drive at a Tesla showroom?
I’d suggest that first. Then your answer becomes crystal clear.

andy.connor.e | 9 juillet 2019

"Your Tesla will pay itself in less than 4 years compared to a new gasoline car"

Are you driving a lambo? Or are you driving 200 miles per day?

Uncle Paul | 9 juillet 2019

Economics will be good for your commute, but the best thing will be capability of Autopilot to make your trip much more enjoyable.

Driving in rush hour commuter traffic is a drag. Using Autopilot to take some of that stress away will be a revelation.

You will probably end up stopping at a Supercharger on one leg of your round trip unless you can charge up at one of your destinations. You may find a 30 minute stop refreshing and really breaks up the commute. Grab a coffee and use the restroom, check on your email and you are back on the road in a jiffy. Much more relaxing than pulling off to pump gas, and really takes not much longer.

You will enjoy not needing oil changes, brake jobs (regeneration makes pads last much longer) and tune ups.

Model 3 is quite an enjoyable car to ride and drive. The low center of gravity makes it nimble and not hearing the engine noise and transmission shifting all the time adds to the experience.

Sorry about your long commute, but if you gotta do it anyways, might as well enjoy the ride.

Uncle Paul | 9 juillet 2019

Almost forgot. Get the smaller wheels with aero covers on your Tesla. NYC potholes are tough on tires and the wheel covers will give you some additional range. If you want a more sporty look, those wheel covers are easy to remove and a good looking wheel is underneath. Best of both worlds.

In Winter driving the cold and snow will reduce your range, so while you might not need to charge up in warm/dry Summer/Spring/Fall driving, deep snow will use up more battery. Plan accordingly...Your on board computer will let you know if you need to stop, and for how many minutes.

You will find that in stop and go traffic you might get even better range than in the high speed portion.

Techy James | 9 juillet 2019

@malamailpahijem based on your specs your daily commute is 144 miles. Considering the M3 SR+ has a range of 240 miles you have plenty of charge to handle to commute in most cases. I used the M3 due to it having a shorter range compared to the S/X As for the range the following need to be taken into consideration.
1) What is your charging options at Home/Work. This will factor into how much cost saving you would see compared to typical ICE.
2) Considering you listed NYC then either the M3 LR or S/X (SR or LR) for the AWD would be definite advantage in the winter months.
3) Based on your average of 40K yearly mileage a Model 3 or Y SR Battery/Powertrain warrantee would only last you about 2 years or 3 Years for the LR version. The S/X models would last you 8 years as they don't have the mileage limits on Powertrain/Battery.
4) Since all the versions have AP included in price now, is the added features of FSD worth the current cost based on your commute.

altimage | 10 juillet 2019

A model B!! For full size Bus!! Tesla should piggy back of the design and engineering of the semi and create a bus. The whole top of the bus could be an unfolding solar panel array! Just think of how many school buses, commuter buses and city buses world wide, that are sitting in the sun all day with all that rooftop available for solar charging. Your Camper could be a bus with mega range and solar charging, how awesome would that be.. You could be on an forever road trip. Tesla could corner that market and once again change the world.

TabascoGuy | 10 juillet 2019

You thought there was only going to be one version of the semi? Stay tuned...