$6,000 to upgrade from EAP?

$6,000 to upgrade from EAP?

I have a Model 3 with Enhanced Auto-Pilot. After reading lots of posts, articles and confusing web pages to figure out how much it should cost me to upgrade to FSD, I think I should be paying no more than $3,000.00. However, when I navigate to the Tesla upgrade page to check the price (while logged in), it shows $6,000 for my car. I've not been able to get someone at Tesla to talk to me about this. Any insight from saavy owners?

M3BlueGeorgia | 12 juillet 2019

Are you allowed to upgrade directly from EAP to FSD?

I'm still faced with the Tesla website bug that wants me first to buy AP for $2K before being allowed to buy FSD for $6K.

... and yes I've been communicating with Tesla for nearly 5 months asking them to fix this bug in their website.

Bighorn | 12 juillet 2019

It was probably $3k when you could have originally configured it and $4k post production. They’ve since offered a reduced $2k upgrade which was time-limited. It climbed to $6k soon thereafter.

scherer326 | 12 juillet 2019

not worth it for $6k at present time, need another fire sale again. :-)

mazers | 12 juillet 2019

Agree with @Bighorn. Last June, I ordered with EAP for $5k and did not order FSD at the $3k price. After delivery, it went to $4k, until the 'sale' this March I believe when it was $2k. I bought it then, and darn glad I did. I remember that Elon said that it would go up after that, so $6k might be the correct price now. A bit steep for those who already have EAP, as far as total investment goes (AP/EAP plus FSD).

jjgunn | 12 juillet 2019

Ha ha....You LOSE!!

Heh heh J/K

Keep working it. Waiting for the $3k Black Friday sale

jimglas | 12 juillet 2019

I wonder how much the new hardware costs? That and software development account for the cost.

Joshan | 12 juillet 2019

So glad I snuck in when it was on sale for 2K. I acutally paid 3k, but they refunded me 1k of it after Elons tweet.

gballant4570 | 12 juillet 2019

I also got in on the $2k sale. That looks better all the time.... but then you know what they say about hindsight.

Brianmatlock, I am assuming you got your car before HW3 was being factory installed - in which case there is also that consideration. Depending on how long you keep the car, HW3 could end up being an advantage at some point with or without FSD. I see that $6k is the option price right now while configuring, so someone who configs FSD today for $6kn could be considered as getting less than someone who adds FSD today to a HW2 car for $6k.

But as well all know, future pricing is hard to predict....will there be another fire sale? The last one may have been driven by a cash pinch at the end of 2019 qtr1. There may or may not be another such cash pinch in the future.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 juillet 2019

Who, knows maybe they will find it is easier to maintain support EAP in the future by giving a free HW3 upgrade.

Keep shaking the ball, the answer will surface eventually.

Sideswipe | 12 juillet 2019

I saw the notice around the time the Model Y was announced that said FSD would be available for $2000 to Model 3 owners who had purchased their cars within a certain time frame. My purchase fell within that range. I never saw anything saying it was a limited time offer. I discovered later that Elon tweeted that there was an end to the promo price. I don't tweet and don't follow Tesla on Twitter, so I never saw the announcement.

At the time, I thought that FSD was still years away from being a reality and that Tesla's promises of near term FSD was simply being given in "Elon time". Elon generally delivers on his promises, but rarely does so when he says he will.

I didn't bite, a figured I would hold onto my money until FSD was closer to being a reality. After I watched Telsa's Autonomy Day, I actually believed they could make it happen within the next year or so, so I logged into my account to order it. I was rather surprised to find a price of $6000. It was only after a chat with support that I discovered the $2000 was a limited time offer. Bummer!

gballant4570 | 12 juillet 2019

Sideswipe, at this point I am wondering if the price increases the closer true FSD gets, and the overall business value it represents comes into clearer focus.....

CharleyBC | 12 juillet 2019

Getting FSD for $2K was one of those rare occasions in life where I timed it right. Unlike when I bought my Nikon D500 and a couple months later they were throwing in a free $400 battery grip.

Maybe there’ll be another sale for Black Friday.

Sideswipe | 12 juillet 2019

Amazon is having Amazon Prime day this coming Monday and will have big discounts. Many companies will be following suit and having big sales at the same time. I'm hoping Tesla jumps on the bandwagon. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I'm still hoping.

bpaul | 12 juillet 2019

"at this point I am wondering if the price increases the closer true FSD gets, and the overall business value it represents comes into clearer focus....."

^^^This is exactly how is should be, except Elon thought it was worth $2K and $6K within a couple weeks of each other, after redefining what FSD means years after taking orders on it. In other words, the business value of this feature isn't clear at all, and the tail is wagging the dog when it comes to its price.

My advice would be to wait for a final product before making a decision whether it is worth the cost. Alternatively, if you strongly believe the FSD price will increase considerably after release, making the cars an appreciating asset, the only rational action would be to buy and preserve several with the FSD option right now!

Joshan | 12 juillet 2019

More likely he lowered it to $2k short term as the data scientists told him they needed more data for FSD and the neural net. Add thousands of new FSD/EAP people real quick and start getting a bunch more data coming in.

Omicron | 12 juillet 2019

I purchased my FSD way back last year, turns out the "Sale Price" would have been nice, but one of the reasons I bought it back then was I didn't see a guarantee that the price would remain at 4K.

I figured that the odds where that some new hardware would be required (Turns out I was correct, HW 3.0 is included).

One thing I believe is that FSD being a "Promise" or "Incremental Features" will be a great deal in comparison to the FSD price once the feature is actually released, and regulators approve it.

There was quite an outcry when the FSD went on Sale, so I don't think that it will go on sale again, more likely the oposite, prices will go up.

Techy James | 12 juillet 2019

If you Bought your car before Autonomy Day, you could at time of Purchase got EAP for 5K and FSD for additional 3K. If you took neither the EAP went up to 8K and FSD jumped to 5k or total of 13K for both features. There was some occasional Trials of EAP where the price would drop for users that didn't get it at the time.
With the announcement of Autonomy day there was a short sale where the AP/FSD for previous purchasers was offer for 5K for AP/FSD or 2K if you already had EAP.
For new car Sales AP was 3K and 5K for FSD at time of sale. Then they announced FSD would be going up shortly. At that point new car sales had AP built into the price and no longer optional. But FSD went up to 6K. It has been that price since. Will they include another fire sale with the release FSD no one can be 100% sure. But consider this since all the cars built before May 1st had AP Hardware 2.5 or lower, and FSD will require AP Hardware 3.0 I find it less likely for a sale, the price may actually go up again, as they will have hit the holy grail so to speak of autonomous driving and now they are ready to cash in on people wanting the feature. Before the release people buying it are actually funding it's cost to develop, after that they are buying a developed software.

EVRider | 12 juillet 2019

@Brianmatlock: Someone on the Model S forum with EAP reported that although their account page shows the FSD upgrade price as $6,000, they were told by sales advisors that they would only be charged $3,000. I told them to get it in writing. It they're right, it would be the same for you.

bpaul | 12 juillet 2019

It might be worth circling back around to OP's expectation to pay less to upgrade to FSD from EAP than it would to upgrade from AP. That seems reasonable, no?

Tesla tried a form of conditional upgrade pricing back around that sale, but it wasn't really well thought-out, and they created--deservedly or not--a lot of ill-will from their customers. It seems like they threw in the towel and just said "$5k for everybody," which has now gone to $6k.

It's not too hard for me to imagine, once all the federal subsidies and other pricing hoopla has run its course, a return of mixed pricing on FSD depending on whether a car is AP or EAP. I can also easily imagine them thinking that EAP owners were among the first to buy, willing to pay higher prices, and therefore more likely to accept the same FSD price for less of an upgrade than the AP folks receive.

thedrisin | 12 juillet 2019

There are no FSD features yet that are not included in EAP. No rush to purchase upgrade at this time. Wait until the price goes down or a free upgrade. As many people have said in this forum, tech prices generally go down. The current price increase may be a blip for now.

beaver | 12 juillet 2019

I wouldn’t spend $6k to upgrade from AP to FSD, but I would and did spend $2k during the sale. We will see what it bought me, so far only NAV on AP, autopark and linear simple summons

rhj | 12 juillet 2019

You can pay for FSD Today
But FSD won’t be delivered until Tomorrow
If you wait until Tomorrow FSD may or may not be More Expensive.
Rest assured FSD won’t be free

WantMY | 13 juillet 2019

Save your money for Model Y, once it is released, Model 3 sedan will fade out to obscurity.

vmulla | 13 juillet 2019

Upgrade from AP to FSD *should* cost more than EAP to FSD.

But if you have EAP now, what is the merit in upgrading to FSD?

This should really be a decision for another day.

M3BlueGeorgia | 13 juillet 2019

@rhj If you have AP, getting FSD gains you the functionality of EAP. With EAP, FSD currently gets you nothing, though that's suppose to change by the end of the year (Elon time)

@vmulla Yes, upgrading from EAP to FSD should be much less than AP to FSD.

Since I'm still dealing with the Tesla website bug that prevents me seeing it, what is the current price to add FSD to EAP?

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2019

6K to get an FSD upgrade from EAP.

sharonsam | 13 juillet 2019

EAP free trial terminated early; customer service on phone said happened to everyone & should resume "soon". During the trial, upgrade was to be discounted! SOL because of Tesla software glitch?! AND price now higher than prior nondiscounted price? Also, customer service never answers their e-mails.

ZeroCool83 | 19 juillet 2019

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.
I reserved my M3 in March 2016. Took delivery in June 2018 (LR RWD, Midnight Silver Metallic, EAP ($5k), 19" Wheels) with the understanding that the FSD would have costed me additional $4k. Now on my account shows that to upgrade its going to be $6k. I understand that the car will need the HW3 for FSD, I dont' want the free upgrade but i'm not going to pay $6k for it (total of $11k) when, if ordered today, EAP is included and you'd only have to pay for FSD (total of $6k).
Don't get me wrong, i love my car and i love Tesla but it just doesn't seem right, especially for early adopters who didn't have a choice of getting the SR and had to pay more for the LR (will forgo the fact that now the base LR AWD is $48k and the LR RWD was $49k - assuming the price reduction was due to the fading tax rebate)
I've seen some people attributing the 6k for the FSD to an error/bug in the website and i really hope that is the case because otherwise Tesla is going to p*** off a lot of people who believed in them.