I hate PG&E or do I?

I hate PG&E or do I?

They have been coming out with some good EV information that makes a lot of sense.

garyftx61 | 14 juillet 2019

That's awesome! I wish my electric provider was as EV friendly. I've had solar for several years, but they won't even support time of metering if you already have net usage metering for solar.

Kary993 | 14 juillet 2019

I don't find some of those values to be accurate, for example I pay $1010/year for insurance which would be $5050 for five year, NOT over $8300.

gballant4570 | 14 juillet 2019

I guess I always have a bit of an issue with calling a hybrid an EV. If there is a gas tank on it, it don't count.

But still a good compilation of info.

Kikujiro | 14 juillet 2019

I have PGE and so far they've been very EV friendly. Love the off-peak EV rate plan. All electric utilities should be EV friendly as it is a great source of potential revenue for them...using underutilized grid and off peak power generation capacity.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juillet 2019