Annoying issues on new Model 3 and runaround from Tesla

Annoying issues on new Model 3 and runaround from Tesla

When picking up our model 3 I reported issues with trim and used mobile charger to the delivery person, who took pictures, but nothing happened. We were also told that autopilot will self learn and flashing vehicle image will get fixed after 50 miles. Now after 1000 miles, images keep flashing.

Not happy with lack of care and poor customer service. Appointments are weeks away, no one picks up the phone at dealership, and error messages on mobile app.

Joshan | 18 juillet 2019

so you have an appointment available in 2 weeks to fix a trivial issue that does not affect driving the car? But thats not good enough so you decided to come to the internet and slam Tesla even though they wre willing to fix your issue for free?

Not surprised the Tesla dealership didn't answer the phone since Tesla dealerships do not exist.

How about we grow up and act like adults and let them fix your car for free in 2 weeks and stop crying on the internet about trivial issues that do not affect you driving the car at all?

Buzzkill | 18 juillet 2019

@amalik123 Sorry to hear about your issues with your M3. Rest assured the Tesla Service Center will address your problems once they have your vehicle.

Don't let M8B discourage you from sharing your concerns. He obviously isn't here to help.

jimglas | 18 juillet 2019


RedPillSucks | 18 juillet 2019

@amalik123 Have you had an over-the-air update since getting the vehicle?

Sideswipe | 18 juillet 2019

@amalik123 don't let the other's get you down. The M3 is a great car. We've had ours for about eight months now and we love it. Tesla is still working on its customer related processes. They're getting better, but they still have a good way to go. I expect that in time, their customer service will be as good as their cars. They're just not there yet.

gballant4570 | 18 juillet 2019

amalik123. Tesla does not have dealerships. Not even one. Somehow I doubt you are real.

FISHEV | 18 juillet 2019

Different Tesla service centers have such wildly varying cultures. PDX SC has been great. It's apparently a "destination" spot for other Tesla employees who tell some sad stories of dysfunctional management at other SC's and it always starts at the top.

Most effective way seems to be make a Service Appointment on the App. It requires a response and even if the appointment is out a few weeks the issue is logged and getting addressed.

The Tesla owners forums are censored for posts about problems and zero Tesla participation so of little utility to post here.

yoshodeep | 18 juillet 2019

Tesla customer service is totally a hit or miss. On one side, I have had to wait 15+ mins on Chat for an associate to show up (I work for an internet retailer here in Seattle; if that metric every showed up in a business review, some director type would have major "splainin to do"). That said, just the other day someone from Tesla service texted me to ask for more details on a problem - Lane Departure Avoidance Limited message - for which I had scheduled an SC appointment. They asked for timestamps for my issues, and in 30 mins got back after reviewing my log - gave me some super helpful info and saved me a trip to the SC. You take the good with the bad.

In terms of sharing your challenges here - doesn't seem like Tesla looks at them (a missed opportunity for them to understand VoC, but whatever); however if you ignore the usual fanboy trolls, every now and then other owners can/do provide some helpful suggestions.

mazinyen129267 | 18 juillet 2019

@gballant4570, How do you know he/she is not real? Why would anyone waste time posting on a forum if they did not have an issue?

Joshan | 18 juillet 2019
gballant4570 | 18 juillet 2019

mazinyen129267, if you really have to ask that question, I doubt you are real.

vmulla | 18 juillet 2019

Joshan | July 18, 2019

C'mon, where the Forum FUD count?
I was hoping for a smile there

vmulla | 18 juillet 2019

Post issue, if it resonates it will stick - if not it will disappear.

If it's really something, it will see some discussion and then disappear (flagged)

If you don't share then everyone is happy :)

yumei.leventhal | 18 juillet 2019

We had flashing images on our Model 3 but didn't think much of them till we discovered the lane changing function didn't work. Took the car to the service center and they discovered a loose/faulty cable on one of the sensors. We showed up at the service center for the appointment as appeared on our Tesla account, but the appointment apparently had been converted to a mobile service appointment, but nobody bothered to tell us. The guy at the service station squeezed us in--tool close to a full day of waiting at the service station, but that particular issue got fixed, though we have since discovered other issues. Hope you get through to a service center.