What should I be looking for in the first week?

What should I be looking for in the first week?

My delivery date is in a couple weeks and I have read to look for squeaky console components, water in the tail lights and paint blemishes. My two questions are:
1) what else should I be on the lookout for and
2) How difficult is it to return the car before 1 week or 1k miles.

artc1688 | 28 juillet 2019

paint, window seal, consistent width on all gaps

Jklugo1965 | 5 août 2019

You have to look for reasons to drive, to the store, to visit relatives, friends or just because a certain song popped in your head that you haven’t heard in years and you feel like taking drive and listening to old fav
songs, any song you can imagine. As far as problems that may arise just make an appointment via your cell, Tesla will take care of
it. We have 4 Teslas, my Hubby’s first was
the S, almost 8 years ago, still loves it and we have had next to zero issues with any of them, just sayin...Enjoy!