Electric Kona explodes in Canada, how?

Electric Kona explodes in Canada, how?

My understanding is limited, but does anyone here have an idea how a battery could explode with enough force to blow off a garage door?

I’ve seen two articles on it so far, and were there a gas line in the area I’m certain that would have been mentioned. There was even a photo where the front of the Kona was really burnt up.

There’s a Fox article on it out today saying an update is expected this week from Transport Canada. That article also takes a shot at Tesla saying the Kona gets 258 miles on a full charge ‘which is more than some Teslas offer.’ Nice.

Back to the boom- After watching the movie Stuber I’m wondering if there was a LPG tank in the front!

PrescottRichard | 30 juillet 2019

Credit where credit is due- Fox’s headline is ‘Garage door blown off in possible electric car explosion.’

finman100 | 30 juillet 2019

since they can't say Tesla in this case, it's just another e-car. too funny.

Clicks for Hyundai? nope

Clicks for ANYTHING Tesla? yep, in spades.

so let's make sure Tesla is in the article in some fashion. fail. | 30 juillet 2019

Maybe Hyundai was able to reduce costs by using thousands of discarded Galaxy 7 batteries. They only blow up once in a while.

Mike83 | 30 juillet 2019

I thought it was the gas vehicles that have fire issues. Strange they have so many issues.

PrescottRichard | 8 novembre 2019

Okay, it has been months and my internet searching skills are only as good as DDG, anyone see any follow up on this one?

Is it strange that there hasn’t been anything new on this?

Varricks | 9 novembre 2019

"Follow-up" by the News Business?

Oh, if only.

Xerogas | 9 novembre 2019

Very soon after the incident, I recall they said it was something else entirely that exploded, and the EV just happened to be in the garage.

PrescottRichard | 9 novembre 2019

For grins I asked the Electrek article’s writer if he has any info on it.

I wouldn’t doubt that was the case Xerogas, but holy cow if that’s what happened there should have been follow up. So many headlines saying the Kona exploded the garage, or at least heavily insinuating it.

I’d believe a Stuber type event.

Xerogas | 9 novembre 2019

@PrescottRichard: yeah, the photos showed a very un-exploded-looking Kona. No bent metal, just burned, some glass still intact.

jordanrichard | 10 novembre 2019

Come on, everyone knows that if anyone or company or media outlet wants to get your attention, they are going to take extreme liberty with the real definition of words.

BumblebeEV | 10 novembre 2019

Probably some gas in a tank from it's old ICE car

andy.connor.e | 11 novembre 2019

Why would they follow up? They got all the clicks they wanted out of that story. The truth is irrelevant.

BuffaloBillsFan | 11 novembre 2019


Yup. Clicks matter. The truth does not. What a sad world we first world countries live in!