How many miles are you actually getting with your Model X?

How many miles are you actually getting with your Model X?

I have a new 100D MX with 22" RIM
trying my very best to get the maximum mileage when driving on the highway or around town.
Based on my avg 65MPH speed (or below) and gentle acceleration, I am happy if I can get 230 miles without too nervous about reaching the next charging station...

what is your experience in maximizing your distance on your MX?

bhuhn | 13 août 2019

I've noticed that mine rarely even gets 200 miles out of the projected 260 even if I stay in range mode the whole time.

inconel | 13 août 2019

This Summer to experiment I have been switching back and forth between OEM 20" and 22" wheels. With 22" my avg has been around 400Wh/mile, with 20" it is around 340Wh/mile.

400Wh/mile translates to 92kWh for 230 miles on a 100 battery so that seems reasonable.

And the range penalty of 10 to 20% with the 22" is real at least for me.

sschaem | 13 août 2019

The mileage projection in my experience have been within 1% accurate , and maybe some time 2% off but its rare.
(under expected conditions)
So range anxiety is rare as you know you will get to the destination location with the estimated charge.

You also know pretty quick if the estimation will be way off.

So you have to use the car navigation, for road elevation, temperature, speed limit will have dramatic effect on range.
In the winter for example, I dont even get half the rated range going to the mountain. And if you plan to take cargo, give yourself a generous margin on arrival. 20% is usually a safe amount if you drive with passenger and the temperature can drop during your travel.
Right now, the only electric car that can get me to my destination are long range Teslas in those conditions.
Even so its less then a 100 miles trip.

I think I get ~420kw per mile average on the odometer. So 184 miles per leg if I go from 90%-10% (good / flat driving by myself)
I expect that this will drop by 10% in the first 5 years, but could be upto 30%. (Tesla does not really guaranty the battery beyond that or a total failure)

For me less than a 15% drop would be manageable, but more then that and I wont be able to drive this Tesla to some of my common destination. So the hope is that Tesla will offer a battery swap for owner that need the range restored by then.

ckilaru | 13 août 2019

I mostly use mine for non-freeway commute to work. A single charge to 80% will give me about 140 to 150 miles before it reaches 20% at which time I charge again. Averaging about 350KWh/mile and I lose about 15KW of power to phantom drain over a period of 5 days. On my most recent long distance drive of about 100 miles, I averaged about 285KW.

Model X Guy | 13 août 2019

I have averaged 316WH/mile over 29,000miles of city and Interstate driving. I am running 19" Slipstream 8" wide wheels from a Model S with Michelin tires that match the diameter of the original 20" Slipstreams. Look "cool" with 22" or get good range with 20" wheels or great range and ride with 19" wheels. It's up to you.

artc1688 | 13 août 2019

wow... you can fit a 19" wheel on MX?

jimglas | 13 août 2019

my wife gets better range than I do

kvince | 15 août 2019

I drove from Portland to Cannon Beach (Oregon), about 85 miles with 3 passengers and luggage and had 68% left when we arrived. It was last June and was mainly highway driving, but did involve going over the coast range at speed - that was glorious, no more 4 bangers for us!

lilbean | 15 août 2019

I drove four miles yesterday.

inconel | 16 août 2019

Did you have range anxiety on that drive?

USCRXDR | 16 août 2019

I have a sig X(#3XX) with 44,000 miles on it, 22" wheels and at full charge approx. 223 miles, not bad!

RAUDIKAL | 6 septembre 2019

@Model X Guy - 19” MS wheels on your MX? I didn’t think 19” wheels would clear the MX brake calipers. Any difference in ride in summer and winter weather compares to 20” wheels?

RAUDIKAL | 7 septembre 2019

To answer the OP, I have 20” factory wheels and tires. I get ~230 miles in the warm weather and ~210 miles in cold weather on surface and highway combined driving.

PXChanel | 11 septembre 2019

I traded my MX90D with 22” wheels for a 100D with 20” because of the range. I’ve been reading these forums for 3 years and learned that 22” wheels use about 15% extra range because of their increased weight. (Thanks Teiggerplz et al.). Now I get to mymost common road trip destinations without having to stop for charging. I would recommend anyone who will use their MX for distance driving to get 20” wheels and have it on range mode. For city driving if money is not an object, use any size you please, any mode. My 2 cents’ worth.

PXChanel | 11 septembre 2019

I wanted the 20” wheels on my first MX90 but my husband wouldn’t have it. He said the 20” didn’t good in his opinion. After I convinced him ab the issue w range, he realized he was wrong to go for looks only and getting the 20” on our second MX100 was the way to go!

Jhonmicky | 12 septembre 2019

Hello everyone,,
I've noticed that mine rarely even gets 200 miles out of the projected 260 even if I stay in range mode the whole time.

mbirnie51 | 13 septembre 2019

2017 build MX75D with 39,800 miles with life long 345 wh/mile and running 20" Contis (still have about 2,000 safe miles left before replacement). I have gone a max of 220 miles once under optimal conditions (that leg was 310 wh/mile average); another time I only got 150 miles towing a U-haul with 470 wh/mile average.

It all boils down to how aggressive you drive (higher wh/mile) and the conditions of the weather such as head winds, rain, ambient temperature and of course road conditions like mountain terrain, curving roads.

gazzy644 | 13 septembre 2019

We recently got Raven LR. My average is about 280 W/mi mixed freeway and city driving, easy 290 miles on 90% charge.

yigixixov | 23 septembre 2019
slf1881 | 23 septembre 2019

I am about to go pick up a 2019 Model X 100 d so how far should i plan on driving before i will need to recharge? I have about 2,300 miles to cover and was thinking about every 130-150 miles between stops. Am I close to correct?

selbstsa | 28 septembre 2019

I have watched this closely and taken measurements. I bother a Tesla X Long Range in late June. It is a 100 KW battery and rated to 325 miles on a full charge. Bottom line, consistently for a combination of city and highway driving I get about 294 miles of range using the radio, A/C etc. I live in the Monterey area of CA and can drive to San Francisco and back on a single charge with well over 50 miles of range left when I return to my garage.

Uncle Paul | 30 septembre 2019

Took my new Raven on a 1,000 mile shakedown cruise. From San Diego, went up 395 to Mammoth Lakes. Went through the East gate of Yosemite, through the park and over to San Francisco to see the kids. Then down Hwy one (Big Sur), over to Ojai and back home.

Original full charge at home started us off at 326 rated miles. Used the computer to make my Supercharger stops and stopped for the amount of time suggested. Never had any range anxiety over mountains, across plains and down the highways.

Car performance was all that...and a bag of chips. Smooth, powerful, great handling, quiet and reliable.

Never felt that it was burning electrons faster than projected. Computer seemed to want us to stop around 80 miles remaining range, and it charged rapidly at that point till about 70% full. Very efficient way to travel.

Noticed that gas prices have recently gone up, Saw lots of prices over $4.00 gallon. Made me quietly smile.

Best car ever!

sschaem | 30 septembre 2019

Raven P100D , summer driving, 1 passenger, after 1400 miles I average 370w/m . so 270 miles theoretical (100% to 0%) For road trips this represent ~160 miles legs (summer , flat highway)

The kicker is winter driving up the mountain with 5 passengers.... cut that effective range pretty much in half.

hootan.roosta | 30 septembre 2019

Damn I didn't know we lose 10-20% by going with the 22".
I'm getting really bad mileage. I charge to 288 and I can't make it to Atlantic City from Potomac, MD (183 miles). I have to charge midway.

danielalan61 | 30 septembre 2019

I have 2019 MX with 325 mile range. I typically drive the speed limit and typically get 95-105% range. My wife drives 5-10mph over limit or more and gets about 85% range.

danielalan61 | 30 septembre 2019

I have 2019 MX with 325 mile range. I typically drive the speed limit and typically get 95-105% range. My wife drives 5-10mph over limit or more and gets about 85% range.

sanksin7 | 20 octobre 2019

Tesla model x mileage is too low for me. I got my MX three weeks ago with 22" tires. I am noticing that battery mile reading and actual odometer reading is way too different. For instance today I could only drive 180 miles when the battery was charged for 278 miles when I started. I am again sitting in the super charger with fan making so much nose when charging. Is there any wrong?. Should I contact service immediately. The car is not even a month old.

winbi | 20 octobre 2019

I drove about 100 actual miles today and it took 200 miles off of my estimate battery miles. I think my MX is only good for daily driving in the city rather than freeway road trip. I just got this Raven MX for 2 weeks. I am running 22”, but it should only affect 10-15%?

I must say it made me nervous seeing the batter miliage drop every 30 second. And I dont even drive that agressive.

My ICE BMW 7 Series running 21” doesnt take much more gas than 19” like the MX.

jjgunn | 21 octobre 2019

The fan is keeping your battery cool.nothing wrong.

You will have less efficiency with 22" wheels. I put them on for the summer because they look super cool....but then back to 20" for winter. Better efficiency

TDUB | 21 octobre 2019

2018 MX 75D, 20' tires. I almost drive per 1:1, 1 mine driving with 1 mile on the meter, if not higher. My current average wh/m is 278 with 16k miles on it. My take is driving habit is critical. However my highway wh/m is about 335, while my daily commute results in 220 wh/m with stop-and-go traffic.This past summer when I drove from TX to Kansas, I could confidently stop charging and drove on when the plan estimator says it will have 5% juice left upon next charging spot. Reality was i often arrived with 10 or 15% left.
I only have 222 mile in the meter with a full charge. But I can comfortably drive 200 miles with it with AC on and all the road conditions (up and down hill) in TX hill country.

sunsinstudios | 21 octobre 2019

My morning commute is 26 miles and takes 40-50 minutes for which I consistently use about 10% battery capacity.

My MX is less than 1 month old with the 22" onyx rims and scorpian tires - tire pressure at the start of the trip usually at 41 psi - I have a dual motor long range.

Uncle Paul | 22 octobre 2019

Noticed that Raven Long Range with 20" wheels now recommends 45# pressure.

With the new adaptive suspension this still gives a great ride, and perhaps a little extra efficiency.

Usually drive with suspension in comfort mode, but last week drove it in sport mode along some San Diego County back roads, and WOW!. Handles fantastic.

kgs | 24 octobre 2019

I am considering buying a new "long range" (entry level) Model X. Tesla says it has a 325 mile range. What can I reasonably expect with the stock 20 inch wheels?

My 2017 stripper version Model S 75 only charged to 240 something when I bought it (supposed 256 mile range.). Now only charges at 100 percent to 233.


What can I expect in real life with a new Model X?

jimglas | 24 octobre 2019

depends upon how fast you drive and the conditions
If you drive at 45 mhp, you will exceed the rated range.

Bagzzz | 26 octobre 2019

Keep a close eye on the wh/m readings. You can train yourself to exceed the readings on the battery meter. You can also drive it like you stole it and get as little as 1/3 especially if you love having fun and know you are well within range of the next charge. I had the same concerns early, but figured out that if I had to, I could hypermile. Also put your destination in the route planner and it will take into account speed limit and elevation variations. You can see exactly where your driving separates the expected and actual ranges.

raneekanth | 4 novembre 2019

New-build Tesla Model S Long Range sedans have a 370-mile range and Model X Long Range SUVs can go 325 miles per EPA cycle, the standard Federal Test Procedure (FTP). The increased driving range comes with no change to the vehicles' 100 kWh battery pack.


awajr31 | 4 novembre 2019

My 2019 Raven MX P100D runs an average of 300 wh/m. Drive freeways at speed limit.

Pungoteague_Dave | 5 novembre 2019

@awajr31 "My 2019 Raven MX P100D"

Nope, there is no such car.

artc1688 | 7 novembre 2019

this is my first winter with my long range 2019 MX with 22" Onyx wheels (regrets...)
avg consumption is 380Wh/Mile and with VERY mild driving behavior.
amazing to see TBUD's quote of 220 wh/m with stop-and-go traffic !!! Anyone else able to replicate this?

Luisito | 7 novembre 2019

Just did a round trip from Abilene Texas to Chicago land area in late October in a 2019 Performance Raven, 20” wheels.

From the Trips screen, first leg of the trip travelled 1,228 miles, total energy 404 kWh for an average energy of 329 Wh/mi. Mostly highway driving at 70 to 78mph.

That’s why I stuck with the 20” wheels.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 novembre 2019

My new Raven MX has 3k miles and 305 wh/mi since new. Fall Mid-Atlantic weather, not hot or cold. This compares VERY favorably with the '14 P85D MS that we traded up for the MX - it had 95k miles and a lifetime wh/mi of 345. The new motor tech and bigger battery are giving us a true 100 miles more range in a much heavier car.

andyl | 8 novembre 2019

,y experience so far has been very disappointing. At best I’m getting only 60 - 70% of the promised range. The cold weather is a factor, but I suspect somethings wrong with the battery.

vesapat589 | 18 novembre 2019

For me, I drive from NYC to vegas for a road trip at 70 miles with 3 of my friends. Thank you tesla for making the dream of self-driving come true.

artc1688 | 27 novembre 2019

the decision of switching to the 20" wheels is getting easier!!!

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luckytheracer606 | 12 mars 2020
luckymardtheracer609 | 14 mars 2020
danielf61 | 14 mars 2020

Here is something strange I just checked and on the Model Number Screen it now says my Model X Long Range has a max range of 373 miles! I haven't charged it up to max, since this just happen this morning, so I don't know if this is just a glitch or if the update I got this morning actually did something. Is 373 showing up on anyone else's screen?

neilpopli | 14 mars 2020

Hello All,
I am reading about the extended mileage being offered on Model X.
I bought a 2020 Model X delivered on December 22nd.
Is there way to check if the range on my Model X will be extended?