Elon answers the prayers, finally! (Spotify is coming)

Elon answers the prayers, finally! (Spotify is coming)

Also very pleasing to hear that they are constantly tweaking the audio system via CODEC updates etc!

(Again, if they let us hook in our phones to the USB slot, we can use our darn LTE and our own favorite music apps. But, I personally welcome the Spotify addition!)

rdavis | 15 août 2019

+1 million!!!!

wayne | 15 août 2019

Wow I have been hoping for Spotify for a long time.

dmastro | 15 août 2019

I saw that news this morning, very happy! Hopefully this opens the door to the addition of more apps.

KAM6 | 15 août 2019

but I don't have premium interior :(

Effopec | 15 août 2019

Of course, it's coming on Elon time...

cosmicwarrior | 15 août 2019

Apple music too???

Joshan | 15 août 2019

doubtful, they stay away from Apple tech it seems. Too much of a potential competitor.

calvin940 | 15 août 2019

Yay Spotify!! No Apple Music. I wish google play music but I suspect that won't happen either

Daryl | 15 août 2019

I don't use Slacker because it doesn't really fit my needs.

I've never used Spotify. How is it better than Slacker?

Joshan | 15 août 2019

its not, its the same thing in a different wrapper.

crmedved | 15 août 2019

European model 3s already have Spotify right? I think he was just saying they'll have Spotify premium support... not that it is coming to US cars, if that's what you were implying.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

you are the one and only person on multiple forums and media outlets who seems to think that. Everyone else thinks its coming to the USA.

Jlomb436 | 15 août 2019

Coo coo coo cooo cool. A program to replace something we already have. Where's the trailer hitch at, Elon?

Joking aside, I've never used Spotify so I don't know what I'm missing. Should be a nice surprise once it's launched.

rxlawdude | 15 août 2019

@Joshan, wrong. That's exactly what I thought - this is not for US.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

I guess we shall see, but all media reports and others forums seem to agree it USA.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

Like I said above though, it really doesn't matter. I saw nothing in revolutionary in spotify, its just another streaming service doing the same thing as the rest.

rxlawdude | 15 août 2019

"media reports and others forums seem to agree it USA"

Sources? Links? An Elon tweet with limited context doesn't count.

cnistal1 | 15 août 2019

I'm going to be optimistic. Spotify would be a great addition. In my opinion, Slacker is a waste of time.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

your sources? links? why don't you supply proof I am wrong. instead just acting like a child?

Joshan | 15 août 2019

My reasoning is the Spotify is already on AU cars, so why would he say "soon" to something that already exists?

dmastro | 15 août 2019

Spotify is the highest subscription streaming music service, so undoubtedly there are many of us who already use it.

Although many of the music services are similar (Apple Music, Spotify, Slacker, etc), I (and I'm sure many others) don't want to have to program playlists and preferences on multiple services - that is a waste of time. Not to mention ability to hand off podcasts or playlists from device to device would be welcomed.

Regarding the question whether it's coming to US or other markets, Elon's tweet "coming" was in response to a user from the US.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

it is also hard to be "coming" when it already "exists" :)

dmastro | 15 août 2019

@Joshan: that too

They told Tesla to come, but it was already there...

calvin940 | 15 août 2019

@Joshan | August 15, 2019
it is also hard to be "coming" when it already "exists" :)

I read the tweet and the techCrunch and other article. They are drawing upon the tweet (it appears) but the tweet specifically say spotify premium to which Elon says "coming". Also the picture above the tweet is a right hand drive vehicle which means it is not NA. So Elon may be simply talking about the segment that has spotify well get the premium support in car instead of free.

I think the other sources got it wrong stating NA and I believe we rejoiced prematurely, unfortunately.

calvin940 | 15 août 2019

"... will get the premium support in car in addition to free"

Joshan | 15 août 2019

we shall all find out together :)

markr7 | 15 août 2019

How many people are going to like paying $120 per year for Spotify Premium?
I understand if you already have a premium account, it's an added bonus...

TabascoGuy | 15 août 2019

Joshan is correct, it is coming to NA per Elon.

Kevin Bacon is my source for those of you that are going to ask.

calvin940 | 15 août 2019

markr7 | August 15, 2019
How many people are going to like paying $120 per year for Spotify Premium?
I understand if you already have a premium account, it's an added bonus...
slacker premium is similarly priced. I prefer Spotify and have a subscription.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

well hell, if Kevin Bacon said it...

globalMan | 15 août 2019


Just wondering if it will be only Spotify Premium, or both the free Spotify and premium version.

I am totally fine using the free version.

kallian | 15 août 2019

Honestly with a phone these days, just use your phone.

globalMan | 15 août 2019

"Honestly with a phone these days, just use your phone."

Only if you have the unlimited data plan.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2019

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Kevin Bacon and he says it is true.

BMore710 | 15 août 2019

I wish Tesla made a deal with Tidal. Having that premium streaming option (with HiFi capability) would be a huge plus. Spotify doesn’t have a premium sound tier, correct? I consider myself an audiophile and the difference in sound is such a big deal.

OCModel3 | 15 août 2019

"How many people are going to like paying $120 per year for Spotify Premium?"

According to their latest report, there are now 100 million subscribers paying for the Premium account (myself included) and another 117 million have the free ad-supported accounts (which presumably will benefit from being with Tesla).

For those of us without unlimited data plans, this is a huge plus and another example of Tesla upgrading the ownership experience after purchase (unlike the traditional ICE manufacturers). Their music inventory and capacity to create saved playlists makes this a much better option than Slacker.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

better question, even if you have premium; is Tesla still going to limit the bandwidth as its their cell connection? If so it seems pointless.

dmastro | 15 août 2019

I'm not very concerned with bandwidth in the car, as I can't really hear much difference, especially with all the ambient noise while driving.

The winners for me are the convenience of using a single music service... playlists, handoff between devices, vast library...

Of course, I know others are concerned with fidelity and for their sake I hope a high bandwidth service is available.

Teslynn | 15 août 2019

Spotify is the Tesla of music streamers. Far superior to Apple Music, google and slacker. Makes sense to offer the best streaming service in the most advanced vehicle on the planet. Can’t wait.

vishious911 | 15 août 2019

@BMore710: Incorrect. Spotify has about 4 bitrate categories you can choose from - Low, Normal, High, Very High. And Automatic does the switching based on LTE connectivity.

One can also download songs inside their Spotify App while on Wifi to save bandwidth while on the go.

bjrosen | 15 août 2019

I wish they would add Pandora, I don't use Spotify

ODWms | 16 août 2019

GlobalMan: “I am totally fine using the free version“

Fine with me too. As for provider, I’ll use whatever they’ve got.

lbowroom | 16 août 2019

“ Spotify has about 4 bitrate categories you can choose from - Low, Normal, High, Very High.”

On your phone, yes. On a Tesla.... that will be up to Tesla to define what they support.

DirkFirkin | 16 août 2019

Yes, we have Spotify from the start of European sales. As an existing Premium subscriber I was delighted to add my Model 3 to the list of devices. All playlists are immediately available in car. It simply works seamlessly. M3 has great audio and with Spotify some 30,000 tunes and growing...

samathw | 16 août 2019

Does Spotify require subscription? or will it be part of Tesla streaming service?

jamilworm | 16 août 2019

@bjrosen - I also use pandora and would love if they supported that. I think slacker sucks at new song recommendations, it's like they just pick 8 other artists that are "similar" to the seed artist and only play song from those. Really poor variety in my opinion.