Why is the mass so refractory to change?

Why is the mass so refractory to change?

My brother in law is a software engineer, eager to change for sustainable transport, wants to buy a Tesla but all his family is discouraging him to do so because of what they heard on the news that the Model 3 is not a reliable car, too expansive for the quality and service, and he would be better with a Mercedes or some « proven » brand.

Now held hesitating because everyone in his family is telling him held doing a wrong move and they suggest him to do like the rest of his family...

KAM6 | 15 août 2019

That's why I encourage people to go for a test drive. Experience for yourself.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2019

Family watches too much TV.

legna_fo_htaed | 15 août 2019

It is difficult. No one I know really "get it" until they take a ride. I get a lot of hate and FUD for sure. I'm sure it was same for the original automobile. "My horse gets me around just fine.. why do I need a machine to do it?"

Joshan | 15 août 2019

I had zero intention of buying a tesla and my wife was less certain than me :)

We were just going to test drive on for a fun activity on a day off work. After the test drive was over my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said "we are buying this today, I will sell my porsche"

That was all I had to hear!!

vmulla | 15 août 2019

Family is tough. For all the folks I converted to Tesla, I'm still unable to change my brother. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He's convinced, that's not the problem, but just not motivated enough to make a change.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

has he driven yours?

TranzNDance | 15 août 2019

Point out the car commercials on TV. Note the stories of companies pulling advertisements when a show did something the company or its customers did not like.

Car dealerships don't like to sell EVs because they would make less money on service.

CharleyBC | 15 août 2019

"the Model 3 is not a reliable car"

13 months and 22,200 miles. We have had zero reason to contact Tesla service. Perfectly reliable so far!

cnistal1 | 15 août 2019

Some people are just followers. Not inclined to try something new. There is a lot of misinformation in the Media about Tesla as we all know. I agree about the test drive. I drove a model S years ago. That was it, I was sold.
Didn't want to spend $125K for a car, so just waited for the M3. Best decision I've made in years.

Lonestar10_1999 | 15 août 2019

“Refractory to change “. I have never heard a phrase like that.

Any who, I am approaching 8k miles since March 2019 and knock wood, the SR+ is super reliable. BTW, wanting to buy a Tesla is not something you can be talked into or out of. You either get it or you don’t.

jim | 15 août 2019

Take a test drive. Use these forums to ask questions from actual owners about reliability. You'll find that most of us love our car and would get one again without hesitation.

vmulla | 15 août 2019

Joshan | August 15, 2019
has he driven yours?
He has. My brother put thousands of miles on all 3 Tesla models. He's also enthusiastic about trying all the Tesla loaners I got, he pretty much tried every trim of Tesla there is.

It's not about him being convinced, he absolutely is. I'm just not able to have him trade in his car for a Tesla.

That's why I go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... Actually it's more like tearing my hair out. The original Tesla fan in our family is my Dad, he tried too.

rob.kibler | 15 août 2019

+1 with @jim. I will get a second Tesla as soon as the Model Y standard range is available. I have 20,000 miles on my Model 3 with nothing but good things to say about it.

Bighorn | 15 août 2019

Darwin will ultimately rule.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

My wife wants an SUV really bad. I told her we can't afford an X so when the Y comes out she will be all over it.

Kary993 | 15 août 2019

I went for a test drive just to see what the hype was about because I leased the BMWi3 and had a Leaf before that. Thought I would not buy the Tesla because it was much more expensive and could only buy the car at that time. So I figured it would have to be exceptional given my other eV experience. they say....the rest is history....went on line in the Tesla store and ordered, 4 days later the guy showed up at my house with my new Model 3 Performance!

vmulla | 15 août 2019

I have to thank my dad for making me see the light (when I first got my S)
His line of questioning was:
How much do you pay for your current car?
How much would you have to pay for the Tesla?
How much do you pay for your mortgage?
How much time do you spend in your home?
How much time do you spend driving?

I answered those questions, and saw the light myself - most commuters from the suburbs to the city will see the value of a Tesla if you consider those questions. And that was for an S, the 3 is a no-brainer.

steveishere | 15 août 2019

Can't blame them, many people are risk-adverse.

On the other hand, Model 3 was, by far, the best selling luxury car in 2018, the <> choice for buying a luxury car. The burden of proof is on the family member on why taking the risk of choosing a different brand.

vmulla | 15 août 2019

"The burden of proof is on the family member on why taking the risk of choosing a different brand."@steveishere

You're saying the burden of proof is on the Tesla enthusiasts? I could interpret it either way

In any case, in my family it's a sport to contradict each other :( burden of proof doesn't really exist

steveishere | 15 août 2019

@vmulla Sorry for the confusion but my response was to the OP, @maxxer.

vmulla | 15 août 2019

@steveishere, got it. Thanks!

This discussion made me search for this story:

Atoms | 15 août 2019

The Tesla Model 3 is engineered for high reliability so not sure why your family says otherwise. Also manufacturing quality has had a lot of feedback in the last year. I would not worry there. Also the car has a 7 day return policy. You don’t like it, return for a full refund. Take one for a drive and assess for yourself.

vmulla | 15 août 2019

"You don’t like it, return for a full refund. Take one for a drive and assess for yourself" @Atoms

+1000 - best answer!

Also, in that week force the family to ride/drive the car :))

Maxxer | 15 août 2019

He tried the car with all his family.

They kept complaining that the regen braking was too harsh, not comfortable. They were saying it was dangerous if the brake lights didn’t work during sudden regen braking, etc... Were asking what would happen if you end up having an empty battery on the highway, who to call, blahblahblah.

My wife was visiting with the car while I was at work so there was no one to explain and defuse their worries

82bert | 16 août 2019

Does his family own a dealership or something?

Joshan | 16 août 2019

"They kept complaining that the regen braking was too harsh, not comfortable. " Not comfortable? Not sure how that even makes sense. It is one of my top 5 features on a tesla it is amazing.

"They were saying it was dangerous if the brake lights didn’t work during sudden regen braking, etc... "
They do turn on, so no danger.

"Were asking what would happen if you end up having an empty battery on the highway, who to call, blahblahbla"
The exact same thing you have done for the last 20 years when you run out of gas. Call a tow truck.

don.lind | 16 août 2019

9 months, 11,000 miles. Zero need to contact Tesla maintenance about ANYTHING.
I did have to rotate the tires. That's what I've done so far.
I know I'm just a single data point, but like CharleyBC, I'm happy and impressed.

And I see Joshan kinda responded to Maxxer's family's fears, but here:
So they drove one and the complaint is that the "regen braking is too harsh"?
Sigh... you DO need to learn to modulate the "go pedal" and once you figure that out (takes a couple of drives, maybe?), the car is smooth as silk and easy to drive. The harshness is completely up to how you modulate the pedal, just like on an ICE car. If you slam on the brakes of an ICE car, it can be harsh.

And, seriously, the brake lights light up as part of the regen.
Do they worry that when they hit the brake on an ICE car that the brake lights don't work? :-)

But as Maxxer said, he wasn't there to explain this stuff to them...

Maxxer | 16 août 2019

And now his wife just realized that the price he told her was already the one AFTER the 13,000$ incentive

And she’s pregnant of their 3rd child.
I bet he will have to wait for a Model Y.
But again the incentives will be gone

calvin940 | 16 août 2019

At some point someone has to take the lead in this decision. I suggest your friend take the lead if he believes and just let the others adjust. Tell him to set the bar high and let the family adjust to this new and exciting vehicle dynamic.

bpaul | 16 août 2019

There was this same bullplop back when the Prius released.

"It's got more parts so it'll break down more"
"The battery is going to need to be replaced and it'll cost $5,000"
"EMTs won't help you in car crash because they'll be afraid of being electrocuted." (Really.)

Instead, it needed less maintenance because it ran the engine less and used less brake pad. The car is 15 years old and hasn't needed a new battery. The EMT thing was so dumb the claimants deny having ever said it.

Too bad the keesterhats at Toyota sat on their laurels and didn't invest in the next thing. It's obvious that they wanted to protect the existing business model more than they wanted to disrupt it. It's positively nuts, with all the advantages the existing automakers had, that a startup had to come along to make the EV that others could have made years earlier if only they were willing.

Hey, OP. Sometimes when you buck the trend you wind up in hot water. But not this time. This car is the real deal, and those with the courage to trust what their eyes see will be rewarded. Go for it.

With the Tesla

bpaul | 16 août 2019

(Please ignore the aborted paragraph "with the Tesla...")

rsingh05 | 16 août 2019

Mass (es) => Inertia

By definition.

cmh95628 | 16 août 2019

If their complaint about regen being too harsh is when they are driving, then I suggest creating a "guest" profile for them to use and put regen on low. I did this when I rented a M3 on Turo (prior to getting my own M3) because there was "so many other new things to get used to" I did not want to tackle one pedal driving at that time. Now I love one pedal driving, especially the floor-it-on-launch part.

raqball | 16 août 2019

The majority of people are just misinformed or basing their thoughts on old and out of date information... An example is when I purchased my M3 most family and friends thought it had a 100 mile or so range, didn't think I'd be able to charge on the road for trips ect....

After explaining to them the range options and Supercharger availability access the US most were surprised at it's capabilities....

Sold one using my referral code just by explaining the real and true capabilities...

neylus | 16 août 2019

Do not believe the media/sensationalist. Wouldn't the fact that they are selling them as quick as they can make them (for 2 years) persuade you? I'd say the verdict is in, ya know?

Atom12 | 16 août 2019

Will he have good answers for his children when they ask him questions like:

- When did you discover that exhaust pipe greenhouse gas emissions and other spew were a terrible idea?

- What did you do about it when reasonable solutions became available?

(kids today are way smarter than we were)

DanFoster1 | 16 août 2019

The average person is an idiot; it’s often best to do the opposite of what everyone says.

Maxxer | 16 août 2019

any good tesla news in the media is dismissed
any bad news spreads like wildfire or EVfire. Who’s job is it to deconstruct every fake news the media has built from the funding of oil companies