Model Y $2000 more expensive

Model Y $2000 more expensive

And now White is standard.

I guess I'll have a black Model 3 and white Model Y | 17 août 2019

Actually, seems like the price is the same. Pearl White used to be a $2K option - now free.

Also, prices may change before production starts, once Tesla knows how much it costs to actually build it. Other factors include China tariffs, and where steel and aluminum prices are when production starts, exchange rates and I'm sure many other factors.

girgayaterabhai... | 17 août 2019

Hey all, Put my order in for a custom Model X on Sunday. Just wondering if anyone here has ordered any custom model x recently and when they took delivery. The website said within 2 weeks but my account status hasn't changed. Read some posts on other forums that said it would take longer than what they posted an am looking to see other people's experiences. My advisor told me white is now the most ordered exterior color now so it should be faster?

jordanrichard | 17 août 2019

All New Model S and X’s are made to order or as you call it “custom order”. A particular color being ordered doesn’t necessarily mean one gets the vehicle faster. Tesla paints in batches so if your order gets into the system just as they start painting bodies in blue, black or any other colors, then your order will be in a holding pattern until they start spraying white vehicles again.

rjphillips | 17 août 2019

I have a reservation for a Model Y. I saw the notice on price changes and checked my configuration. Under the new pricing it was $2500 less so I changed my design. I reserved a long range, rear wheel drive, silver metallic, autopilot, and full self driving. The price went from $57500 tp $55000. The base price increased $1k but auto pilot was included instead of a $3k option. Paint cost dropped by $500. | 18 août 2019

@jordanrichard - As for paint batches, perhaps other automakers do that, but Tesla has never done that. They have at least 10 individual paint lines. Common colors may be two lanes, and less common ones get one lane. At one time they can paint a set of cars each a different color. It's more cost-effective this way, as changing the paint shop to a new color is time-consuming and adds cost.

Also, Tesla has been making quite a few of the most common configurations in advance of orders. This allows for fairly quick delivery of the most common configurations. As to what those configurations are, I have no idea. So when you make a custom order for an S/X it may already be made or could be already in production. If's a rarely bought combination, they may have to actually custom make it. This approach is now possible since they greatly reduced the number of options and configurations.

rjphillips | 19 août 2019

My previous post was incorrect. The new base price was unchanged. The $1k increase was FSD going up by that amount. In any case, I see postings about Y price increases but for my configuration, I got a $2.5k price reduction.

I used the website to configure a Model Y before I edited my design. When I did the edit, my reservation reverted to the new pricing.