Ludicrous is now standard on new Model X Performance

Ludicrous is now standard on new Model X Performance

Can anybody confirm if Ludicrous mode is now standard on the new Model X. Just bought a 2019 Model X Performance in May and it was a 25K add on. Hoping that Tesla will upgrade existing owners as they have in the past. Any suggestions how to proceed? | 18 août 2019


It's been rare for Tesla to provide costly features for free to older cars. I can't think of an occasion, but perhaps someone else remembers such a case. It's also possible hardware such as suspension related to Ludicrous are standard now. It may not be just a software change. | 18 août 2019

@mark - also would be nice to delete the second duplicate post you made. Only you can do it. Click on the duplicate and select "Edit" that appears near the top-left.

markdcalexander | 18 août 2019

Sorry first time posting. Hope I deleted correctly. Thanks

klaws | 18 août 2019

I hope so for you too!! Curious to hear how this goes!!

Alex310 | 18 août 2019

You can email For me I missed free unlimited supercharging by 1 day of delivery and their terminology they used was “since it was within the 7 day return period.” I do hope you somehow secure ludicrous mode but do keep in mind for the people who did pay for it they would have to refund them if they are going to activate it for the people who didn’t purchase it.