Game pads that work with 28.3.1 (and on) - BB2 AND Teslatari

Game pads that work with 28.3.1 (and on) - BB2 AND Teslatari

Quick question - Since 2019.28.3.1 was installed, has anyone found a controller/game pad that works with Teslatari AND Beach Buggy 2, 100%. When I say, "100%," I mean all functions and buttons work well and there isn't any "over sensitivity". I tried a PS4 controller - NADA, tried the Amazon sourced Buffalo game pad for $22 - Only works with Teslatari. When Tesla release notes say BB2 now works with USB controllers, what ones?

M3phan | 21 août 2019

Do you have access to an old wired PS2 controller? That’s what I’m going to give a try

marc | 21 août 2019

I like the 8 bit option.

But might be too sensitive in some of the Atari games for you.

Joseb | 21 août 2019

You should be able to use any xbox one controller (I hope) I'll try this later tonight.
The PS4 controller even if it connects to the USB, still transmits data through wireless only.

jebinc | 21 août 2019

So, no one can yet name a game pad or controller that works with Teslatari AND BB2 - without sensitivity issues. One can only wonder why Tesla either doesn't offer an OEM controller that works, or provide a list of certified to work game pads/controllers that work. Perhaps they know this is all parlor tricks and gimmicks, not really intended for real gaming use? Chess, on the other hand, functions as it should. Go figure...

M3phan | 21 août 2019

When I play the games, I play with the touch screen and wheel/scroll buttons. Works fine. But will try my ps2 controller this week. Just got the Jeda usb hub, so now have an extra port for the controller.

M3phan | 21 août 2019

One port out to powerbank which puts out two cords to wireless charge mat; one pot out to game controller; one hidden port for Samsung T5 ssd for cam/sentry.

jebinc | 22 août 2019

So, after two days, no one can point to a game pad/controller that aligns with the OP’s request. Safe to assume then that nothing yet exists, even from Tesla who put this stuff out. Thanks all for the input. Sadly, it just reinforces my “parlor tricks and gimmicks” working hypothesis.

lbowroom | 22 août 2019

"aligns with the OP’s request"

Sounds funny as you are the OP

Were you really expecting a hardcore certified gaming system?

hokiegir1 | 22 août 2019

+1 @lbowroom

Wow. 2 WHOLE days where people haven't tested controllers that they may or may not have on hand for an ancillary system and no one knew the change was coming to preorder a different controller?

I'm pretty sure everyone knows the games are gimmicks. That's the point of them. Something to pass the time at a supercharger (as if I ever need that -- car is always ready before I am, but I'm sure some do). It's not meant to replace your gaming laptop with headset, keyboard and special chair that you don't leave for days.

leo33 | 22 août 2019

Some complain Tesla spends too many resources on providing games.
Some complain Tesla doesn't spend enough resources on providing games.

I think both sides of this argument have been used at times to support the same hypothesis.

I'm just happy the car is awesome now, and that firmware updates keep making it better in so many different ways.

jebinc | 22 août 2019

"Were you really expecting a hardcore certified gaming system?"

@lbowroom - To answer your question, no and never expected "a hardcore certified gaming system", and never indicated I did. What I did ask for is for someone, anyone, to point me to hardware that actually will work with the functionality Tesla delivered -and it appears that none exists ==> moving this into the "parlor tricks and gimmicks" chapter of my book.

Now let me ask you a question... Don't you think Tesla should offer, or provide reference to, hardware that actually works with their system - especially since the release notes for 28.3 say USB controller support has been added? I suppose most people would thing so, no?

jebinc | 22 août 2019

^^^^ Just an add for @lbowroom and @hokiegir1 - I've read many thread in many forums on this matter, and all I see is countless people buying and trying many game pads and controllers hoping to find something that is usable (hence the creation of this thread, now that 28.3 is out). Yes, great way to spend time whilst waiting at a SC or for waiting for someone in general. Do you really think Tesla wants people to be wasting all of their time buying and trying controllers at random, hoping to find something that works? Hey, they can take the time to put controller support into the release notes, but can't find it within themselves to say what controllers work. "Weak," IMHO. YMMV, which is just fine.

rxlawdude | 22 août 2019

The main impetus for me to use a controller is to avoid stressing the steering and tires while playing BB2.

jebinc | 22 août 2019

@rxlawdude - Yes, another good point (esp. w/BB2) that some might not appreciate. ;-)

ALSET | 22 août 2019

Just tried a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and 1st gen PS4 controller on my Raven Model S (so it should be MCU 2) and neither worked when plugged into USB port. I'm also curious what controllers work, I'd like to keep it in the car for use during 30-40 min Supercharger sessions.

jebinc | 23 août 2019

@ALSET - Thanks for the update and sorry you, like many others, continue to try/buy controllers absent any input or guidance from Tesla. A shame, really.

rxlawdude | 23 août 2019

Maybe we need the TeslaController[TM]. Of course, it's not in stock at the Tesla store. :-)

BoulderTwinJr | 4 octobre 2019

I use the AmazonBasics Xbox One Controller

It works great for Beach Buggy 2. Much easier than using the steering wheel. It also works great for Cuphead but I wasn't able to customize the fire button to be the pointer finger triggers. The defaults work though. For games like Asteriods and Gravatar it also works like a champ. However, games where the original standup version required a scroll ball like Centipede or Missile Command it doesn't work well. You just can get the precision with the thumb stick. Hope this helps.