Share the love thread: IF you’ve received your new Model X

Share the love thread: IF you’ve received your new Model X

I own a 2014 P85D with 110,000 miles. Midnight silver, grey turbines, black interior.

Also, I have a Model 3 (received March 1st, 2018) with 26,000 miles. White with black interior and upgraded 19’s, rear motor only and still 325 range, she’s amazing and gets almost mile for mile compared to the MS.

The move to use the same motors from the 3 in the MS & MX pushed me over the edge.

Ordered the Model X, LR, 7 seat, white on white, standard wheels and did not opt for FSD this time around - 8/30.

I’m excited to receive mine, DS said end of month most likely, Littleton, CO since I’m in the Rocky Mountains.

What I really want to know is who’s received their new MX and what their first experiences have been? New suspension, build quality, cabin noise, etc.

I don’t see many active threads related and would love to see some positive reviews, but come one come all. The good, bad and the ugly.

Many thanks!

Uncle Paul | 10 septembre 2019

Traded in my 201 X 75 for a new Raven.
Only thing I like better about the new one is...

Better build quality and panel gaps.
Better paint, White mist instead of white enamel.
Faster acceleration.
Over 100 miles more range.
Higher top speed.
Less wind noise.
Much smoother ride and better handling due to adaptive suspension.
Premium interior with alcantra headliner, interior lighting.
Cornering lights.
Improved sound system
10X faster V3 computer
Much quicker charging.
Upgraded interior decor.
Sharper backup camera.
Stronger AC system.
Standard HEPA filter system with Bio-Defense mode.

Amazing thing is that the list price is almost identical to what I paid for my early 2017
Great value.

freemarket | 11 septembre 2019

Thanks Uncle Paul, that’s great to hear. I hope others will share too. I really needed to hear some good news. Many are stressed on delivery dates, but it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait. Tesla certainly is going through growing pains, but I agree, the product at the current price point is an incredible value! Can’t wait to get mine.

3onTheTree | 11 septembre 2019

I ordered LR pearl white 7 seater no FSD on 8/28, take delivery tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Mike | 12 septembre 2019

Tesla is certainly in charge of their own destiny. I have made a few dollars by investing in companies that have best in class product, hypergrowth industry and have arrogant competitors.
I hope Tesla learns the one key feature of success, if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. If you dont take care of your customers, they will take care of you. They really dont need to take on the role of being the arrogant competitor...

alanvw | 13 septembre 2019

Waiting on delivery (next week?) for 6-seat LR - really looking forward to greater range, faster charging, better suspension and no motor whine (when letting off the accelerator around 50MPH).
Will be trading in 2016 X 75D

bidurkhatri | 13 septembre 2019

I got my Tesla Model X long range on August 3, 2019. Since it is doing great. I was lucky to get the unlimited free super charging that has started on the same day.

freemarket | 14 septembre 2019

I got used to the whine in the S P85D, but am looking forward to less noise from the front. I got a text today saying 2 weeks. Ordered on 8/30. Getting close!

Free supercharging is great, but I should have ordered when they were doing the performance upgrade. I think in the end I’m glad actually, because I really do want the extra range. New Mexico is a big state and the same 325! range on our 3 plus the speed of charge has been amazing.

tronictonez | 16 septembre 2019

Picking up mine tomorrow in Marina Del Ray. Long Range, Midnight Silver Metallic, White Interior, 22" Onyx Black Wheels. Moved up one day from the 28th. Huge improvement from a lifted 2017 Wrangler Rubicon. Anxious...

jppoetsol | 16 septembre 2019

@freemarket I also live in New Mexico. I ordered on August 6th. Mine is scheduled to finally make it to Littleton Co late Wednesday. I would not be surprised if both our vehicles are on the same truck, but Littleton is expecting over 100 cars over the next couple of weeks. They say it can take a week or two to get it from there to Albuquerque.

I have never received a text. I have to request information to get any news from the Littleton staff.

@freemarket are you a member of the New Mexico Owners club?

freemarket | 16 septembre 2019

@jppoetsol I am in Placitas :-)
I do get emails from the Tesla Owners club of NM, but haven’t been active at all since 2015.

I’ve got a flight up to Denver 9/30 assuming I can go and get the car so I don’t have to wait on transport. I haven’t spoken to the DS about it, but figured I’d check in end of week to get on their radar.

freemarket | 16 septembre 2019

@tronictonez - my midnight silver 2014 S still looks amazing. Tough choice for me to go white on our MX, but I’m sticking to it. Will look forward to hearing more after you pick it up. The white seats look especially brilliant with the midnight silver too!

Bighorn | 17 septembre 2019

Helpful thread for those of us considering adding an X. Most of the Raven talk has been directed at the S, so I'm curious about impressions. Great list, Uncle Paul.

alanvw | 17 septembre 2019

We took delivery of our new X Long Range last night (midnight silver 6 seat). The 45 minute drive home really showed some very nice improvements in ride quality and noise level. Some of the roads are very rough but the raven was so much better at smoothing the ride compared to the 2016 X 75D we traded in. I really did not expect such a noticeable overall improvement - also very nice to continue to have unlimited supercharging as we did back in 2016 with the first X. It was also great to see the Tesla store swamped with people taking delivery...The best part was seeing someone trading in a new Jag I-Pace for a Model 3.

TDUB | 17 septembre 2019

@ Uncle Paul, @ alanvw, could you please share your trade-in value of your 2016, 2017 75D here or privately at I am on the edge of doing the same thing.
Also thank you all, especially Uncle Paul for your sharing on new features of the model X.

shinytop | 17 septembre 2019

I have had my midnight silver 6 seater since Thursday. Read many posts here and in other forums about poor QC and condition of new delivery vehicles. Mine arrived in perfect shape and no sqeaks, no rattles, no panel alignment issues. Cannot compare it to pre-Raven models but I love it so far.

alanvw | 21 septembre 2019

Trade in value was "meh" but very quick and easy process to have Tesla assign a value and then you can decide to take it or not. After driving my new LR Raven since Monday I have been very impressed with all facets of the "refresh" and very glad I decided to swap out my 2016 75D for it. Biggest improvement by far has been the efficiency of the drivetrain resulting in far less energy consumption. Very nice to do high speed 30 mile round trips and see such a small drop in remaining battery percentage. Also, would add that QC was excellent with really no complaints except the car was still dirty in places from the cross country transport - likely due to the delivery center being jammed with new deliveries.

Bighorn | 21 septembre 2019

You really don't want a disinterested third party washing your new car anyway. Best to request that they not if you care about your paint.

freemarket | 21 septembre 2019

Thanks for your post. So glad to hear that QC has been excellent! I’m on count down - 8 days to pick up. :-)

X-Treme | 22 septembre 2019

Received my MX 2 weeks after ordering on 8/31. Excellent quality, no paint or alignment issues. I do have some scratches on the left rear window that I didn't notice when we picked it up. Made an appt. for service. Hopefully it will go well. Absolutely love this 'car'. Finding new things everyday! Use summon to move it in/out of a tight garage (no issues), Homelink works flawless and opens the garage door when I arrive home. Use AP all the time (love how it adjusts to the speed limit on country roads). White/White, 6 seats, 2-tone slipstream wheels, FSD. Who would have thought that the most used feature in a car like this would be 'farting' :-)

freemarket | 22 septembre 2019

@ X-Treme, hows the finish on the 2-tone slipstream? I’ve seen a YouTube video showing poor finish quality. Have they fixed that? I can’t imagine they’d continue to offer them if the finish wasn’t flawless. In one video I really thought the 2 tone looked great.

Davila1024 | 22 septembre 2019

Picked up my Model X yesterday Sat . PearlWhite White 6 Seater, 22" Onxy Black wheels, FSD. It was an inventory selection using the 2 Free Discounted options. The Costa Mesa Calif delivery center was buzzing with happy new Tesla owners. I have never seen a car dealership so busy especially actually delivering purchased vehicles. My vehicle was in great condition. A few minor issues that were addressed that same morning. I did want to mention, this was the first time I have noticed TESLA selling accessories at the same time. Customers were purchasing HPWC, adaptors, and many other Tesla merchandise on the same day as pick up. I have been so used to having to wait for a HPWC and adaptors to be shipped to me via the Tesla Website. All Delivery Centers should do this so convenient,

alanvw | 22 septembre 2019

Regarding HPWC; I have a new, in-box never opened silver gen 2 HPWC for sale. I already had a charger installed for a Leaf back in 2014 and never got around to replacing it. I'm moving now and need to sell it - If interested send me an email at

X-Treme | 22 septembre 2019

Slipstreams were excellent. No issues at all.

alanvw | 22 septembre 2019

Update on my post above for the HPWC - It has been sold; new Model 3 owner replacing his Chevy Volt

paul | 27 septembre 2019

I picked up my new model X in Littleton Colorado yesterday. It’s red with a cream interior and five seats. I did buy the auto pilot package as well. Got free unlimited charging also. It seems that my spoiler is fixed and not automatic, but I’m checking with the dealership on that shortly.

Delivery was quick and easy and painless. But there were a lot of forms to sign of course. We traded in our 2016 Lexus 450 H with no problems.

And electrician installing a wall charger in my garage as I type this.

I have a couple of fairly minor complaints so far, but they do bug me a bit.

1) I have been able to pair my high end mobile media player, and a AK 380, as well as my iPhone XS max. However I’m very disappointed that I cannot keep both of them connected at the same time. When I connect one, the other disconnects.

2) In navigation, I can only pick the start and end points. It does not allow it way points. Even their website allows weight points! It also does not allow me to select alternate routes. Yikes!

3) Most times when I open the app it does not connect, and says connection error! I must restart the Tesla cancel an order for the app to reconnect. Holy moly!

Despite this, I am hooked and love the car.

freemarket | 27 septembre 2019

I picked her up in Littleton this morning. Ordered 8/30. Super simple process. Very friendly staff. Nothing less than what I expected. It took me about 60 miles driving for the cameras to configure so I could use auto pilot on the highway. The drive is incredible. Super impressed with ride quality and noise. Such an incredible thing to look at the Jaguar dealership next-door and the amount of cars in inventory soon to leave the Tesla lot. I saw one new Jaguar owner taking delivery and I just felt bad for them. LOL!

This will be the first time for me : Denver to Albuquerque with only one super charge. Expected time of 50 minutes in Trinidad. Looking forward to see the charge rate!

My note for those newly expecting : bring your expectation bar down just a little, be realistic, it’s not the be all and end all of technological advancements; it’s just better than anyone else and they truly do give a world class experience.

winbi | 27 septembre 2019

I ordered 8/27 and still dont have my car. I live in Utah. Talked to my SA yesterday. He said my car was being painted. How long before I get it from the paint shop? I still dont have a delivery date.

winbi | 27 septembre 2019

I ordered 8/27 and still dont have my car. I live in Utah. Talked to my SA yesterday. He said my car was being painted. How long before I get it from the paint shop? I still dont have a delivery date.

freemarket | 29 septembre 2019

After 2 days with the car, I really am impressed at the build quality. The seals seem to be a huge upgrade from my 14’ S and 18’ 3. My only complaint is that road vibration is slightly worse at Very low suspension, but only above 55. For a 6,000 lb vehicle to corner like this does at very low suspension is amazing. I just shot through an off ramp at 45 and could barely notice any roll.

Anyone debating on the interior options, I am so happy with the creme with wood grain. It’s not high gloss, will never show dust or scratches like other gloss finishes and it pops off the black headliner.

I’m also extremely happy with the T Sportline 20’ TSS Flow forged wheels in matte black.

Really look forward to see this quarters delivery reports.

@winbi - hoping you get yours by mañana!

sandipan | 29 septembre 2019

Loving the car... Picked up Friday.

Bighorn | 30 septembre 2019

Congrats. Sounds enviable!

taralex77 | 30 septembre 2019

Picked up my new MX last Monday. Spent the whole week discovering new things. Then the v10 update happened and now the car can find me in the parking lot. My mind is blown. And the way it drives itself on a freeway, switching lanes and stuff – I feel like the future already happened.

slf1881 | 30 septembre 2019

I'm buying a used 2019 tomorrow and will be able to let you know how my 2000 plus mile drive home goes when I get back. Hope I too will have a very positive feeling about my new to me Model X. Only buying used to save the 9.4% sales tax here in Arizona.

sunsinstudios | 30 septembre 2019

Got mine 3 days ago, perfect delivery and currently loving the car! Like going from a flip phone to a smart phone =]

Gallardo4dv | 1 octobre 2019

got mine back in 2018 of August, black MX 100D, 20K + miles in it now and still a joy to drive. also it just got updated to the version 10 software and been watching all my netflix movies in the X while parked in the garage lol. premium sounds makes so much difference, theater sound with big booms, just wish its a bigger screen or a capability to rotate the X's screen to landscape ::))

freemarket | 10 octobre 2019

Swapped out MX this week for the wife’s M3 for a quick two day 400 mile road trip. I asked her how it went with the X for two days and her response was:

1. I don’t drive so fast because it’s heavier
2. I like that I’m higher up

After I got back in the MX tonight my thoughts were:

1. I can’t believe this was only $30k more than the M3
2. I don’t think I’ll take the M3 on another road trip

Now I’m spoiled.

The town I drove to had terrible streets. I felt it the whole time. Such a noticeable difference in the MX even driving my own local streets.

On another note: after a few hand washes, I am surprised as some of the lines on the MX. I was hoping that by now Tesla really would have the aluminum stamping of the panels down to perfection, but there are a few odd places along the doors that don’t run perfectly parallel to each other. It’s probably unnoticeable to most, but I can hardly walk into a house or office and not spot something hanging un-level.