FSD upgrade

FSD upgrade

2017 75D - purchased FSD recently. Can I schedule service now and have the chip upgraded? Will it improved EAP once installed? | 11 septembre 2019

Nope. Updates are slated for Q1-2019 once some part of FSD can utilize it is released. It would make no difference today for EAP. Unknown what the order of updates will be, but assumed it may be based on date customers ordered FSD, so you may be on the tail end of the updates.

It's more than a chip upgrade, but the entire AP processor module is replaced.

Boonedocks | 11 septembre 2019

@dally514 there are several good articles available with a google search..BUT....Elon & Tesla have said that no upgrades will happen until there is something new that requires the new HW3 FSD Computer. As things are progressing fairly slow in that arena it’s best to read sites like Electrek and Teslarati from time to time for current information as well as follow @Tesla and @elonmusk on Twitter.

Hopefully sometime in early 2020 something significant will happen and you will see wholesale FSD hardware upgrades happening but as all things Tesla it is purely speculation.

Bill_75D | 11 septembre 2019

"...Updates are slated for Q1-2019..."

That sounds about right for "Tesla Time"

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

I’m sure the new chip would help any level of AP because of its improved processor speed—not new features but improved performance—but they will use FSD delays as an excuse to not do the upgrades. It may be a long wait for us because unless there’s a whole new fsdOS in development it seems very far off from the EAP I now have.

EVRider | 11 septembre 2019

@nukequazar: Does this mean you finally paid for FSD? I thought you said in other threads you were still waiting. If you didn’t buy yet, why do you care when Tesla starts the upgrades?

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

@EVRider, I was waiting but I bought it when Elon lied about raising the price. I would be interested either way. Just another piece of this being my worst ever car buying experience. If you or others are going to say that I bought it when it had the right value for me, I’ll head that off right here. FSD has no inherent value to anybody. The value to me, and many others, was in the promise that I was saving money by buying it when I did. That was a to make sales.

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

**That was a lie to make sales.

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

i.e. the value it held for me was a lie just like when a car salesman lies about some feature or promise about a car and you find out the truth after you signed the docs. Usually it’s not enough to make you take the thing back but you always feel ripped off, as in this case.

EVRider | 11 septembre 2019

@nukequazar: Things often don’t happen when Elon says they will, but I don’t assume that means he was lying. He’s notoriously bad at time estimates, and sometimes plans change. If it makes you feel better to think there was malicious intent on his part, I feel sad for you.

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

Having a date certain that was very close, associated with a current product on a development path, means one of two things: he was lying or he is a terrible businessman, completely out of touch with his company. I think it’s pretty clear that he’s a successful businessman since that is what he is. He’s not an engineer. And he has a history. He was lying when he said he had funding secured to take Tesla private, and I think he was lying in this case also.

NKYTA | 11 septembre 2019

What EVRider said.

His “history” is that he has overly optimistic timelines. Perhaps he thinks everyone he hires is a mini-Elon. Sadly, in the real world, that is not the case.

My 2012 S was a full three months late, but by then the SuperCharger Network was becoming a real thing - and look at it today! When I reserved the car in 2009, it wasn’t even a thing.

nukequazar | 11 septembre 2019

Being "late" delivering FSD is understandable and expected. Saying the price will probably increase later this year but then it doesn't happen until next year is excusable. Saying the price will increase on exactly Monday, and then a few days later saying, "nope, not increasing" is not. This is manipulation.

Mi75d | 11 septembre 2019

Here’s a tweet from a guy who claims that his car’s computer was upgraded to the new FSD computer. This is the first one I’ve heard about.

EVRider | 12 septembre 2019

And it’s not even Q4 yet. Elon lies again. :-)