Floor mats standard?

Floor mats standard?

Just got my model x. There were 2nd row floor mats, but no floor mats at the front. Are front floor mats supposed to be standard?

sunsinstudios | 29 septembre 2019

Got mine two days ago, included front floor mats.

freemarket | 29 septembre 2019

Yes, call the delivery center you got the car from or your specialist. I’m sure they’ll get them out to you right away.

sunsinstudios | 30 septembre 2019

i agree with @freemarket, though you may feel slighted for not getting them, it most likely was not malicious. Probably just an innocent oversight.

artc1688 | 1 octobre 2019

$100K car and no floor mats? wow

ericslee | 6 octobre 2019

never mind, found them in the trunk in the storage compartment.

Hugh-SG | 7 octobre 2019

hehehehe... we understand... Taking the reins of your 1st Tesla can be overwhelming and some times we forget to look in all the storage spaces.

Hope you have fun with your new Super Car.

Kindest regards,

sunsinstudios | 7 octobre 2019

Thanks for reporting back @ericslee!

@artc1688 $100K car and so much stuff to do with it that you don't get to the trunk till a week later.