Tesla Construction Corp

Tesla Construction Corp

In case y'all were napping, Tesla incorporated a separate construction company/division in China. Its scope includes "architectural design, construction, and building materials.". This was reported by

GF3 in China is pretty much completed, so why would Tesla form a whole new construction division now?

I can only imagine what's on the mind of the head honcho, but here's to speculating:

- Leverage their experience in erecting a GF in record time (about 8 months or so) for other countries. GF4 in Europe is next on deck.

- Replicate the same knowledge for future GF in China

- Expansion for GF5/6/7 in other parts of China for regional export, perhaps leaving room for dedicated battery production.

- Work with the Boring Company WRT tunnel digging projects

Any other outlandish speculationS?

jordanrichard | 2 octobre 2019

Building/retrofitting factories for other car companies......

Mike83 | 2 octobre 2019

Yes. Expansion as we'll need a 100 of these.

Zeus140 | 2 octobre 2019

Mike83 +1

akikiki | 2 octobre 2019

Building their own stores & showrooms?

Mathew98 | 2 octobre 2019

The galleries/service centers are not massive enough to warrant a whole division.

rehutton777 | 2 octobre 2019

Why is this on the Model 3 forum?

Mathew98 | 2 octobre 2019

Where's the new GF making the 3?