“.1” update for V10

“.1” update for V10

I just installed a dot one update for V 10 but the release notes are the same as the V 10 release notes. The uptake took about 45 minutes to install and so I wonder what’s in it? Does anyone know?

I have a brand new model X with full self driving.

acosta.lorraine.m | 2 octobre 2019

I just updated as well and can’t get the Tesla Theater to work. Are other X owners having issues?

fdelzingaro | 2 octobre 2019

acosta.lorraine.m, yes...if you have an older Model X with a MCU1 and not the newer MCU2 we are out of luck!!! Upsetting.

bp | 3 octobre 2019

We should expect to see periodic updates over the next few weeks to fix bugs/issues not detected during testing so far of the new software.

MCU1 should have enough capabilities to stream HD video - the lack of Theater mode on MCU1 vehicles is more likely a resource decision by Tesla (not to invest resources on the obsolete MCU1 processor) and not a technical constraint - which increases the need for Tesla to offer an MCU2 upgrade.