Howto defrost from app...

Howto defrost from app...

Hi everyone,

They weather is starting to get a little chilly and when I've used the climate controls on the iPhone app, there doesn't appear to be anyway to turn on the front and rear defrosters. Although it seems like there is a red tint on the rear window in the app. Does it defrost the front, rear and side mirror auto-magically?


andrews240 | 7 octobre 2019

There is a defrost icon in the climate section of the app. If you do not have this icon. check for an update. I do not remember seeing it before today.

Hugues1965 | 7 octobre 2019

I believe this has been discussed before. I'm almost sure someone said we cannot activate the REAR defrost from the app. I have app version 3.10.0, seems it's the last one as the Google Playstore does not show me an update. My climate screen looks like this:

I believe the defrost icon bottom right is the front windshield defogger, not the rear window defroster. But I'd be glad to be wrong on this, I would really love to defrost my rear window as well in the morning. Can't understand why this option is not already there.

jordanrichard | 7 octobre 2019

Assuming the 3 works like my MS, this is done automatically. I don’t know what the threshold is, but when it’s real cold out and you turn on the climate control, the front and rear defroster will come on. There is no independent way to turn just the defrosters on. Also along the same lines and to info new owners, the seat heaters will also automatically come on but you will have the ability to turn each one off if you so want to.

gballant4570 | 7 octobre 2019

Hugues1965, I installed 4.7.0 today from the Play Store.....

lbowroom | 7 octobre 2019

I read that you can't even activate the rear defroster above a certain ambient temp, so I wouldn't be surprised if was automatically activated on the app when you select front defrost. Do you know for a fact that it doesn't?

M3phan | 7 octobre 2019

Consider activating your seat heater and cut down the cabin temp./fan speed. More efficient.

donharvey2323 | 8 octobre 2019

The defrost icon (in the lower right in a box on the climate page of the app) is new with version 10. Is to "thaw the car in cold weather". It sets the heat and the front defroster to max. Last year when the weather was cold enough there were two more icons that would show up on the top right for the front and rear defroster. They would come on auto-magically and could be turned on and off from the icons. It hasn't gotten cold enough this year in so cal to try it this year.