What's the best aftermarket rear spoiler for the model 3?

What's the best aftermarket rear spoiler for the model 3?

I broke my M3P spoiler. Don't ask.

I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to the original or go to an aftermarket. There are so many now, and it's hard to tell which look best. The factory one looked flat and useless, but after it was on for a while, I got to liking it. It's understated but cool. Has no real affect I'm sure.

Which did you get? Do you like it? Be honest. Are you thinking about it? What do you like? Is carbon fiber a must?



douglas_peale | 10 octobre 2019

First, you need to define "Best". Why do you want it? Down force?, looks? efficiency? Some compromise between the three?

RayNLA | 10 octobre 2019

Don’t do it!

surfpearl | 10 octobre 2019

I have the original spoiler, and like you, can appreciate its sleek design, look and feel. I'd go back to Tesla and ask for a replacement. If you tell them your embarrassing story how you broke it maybe the SC will have mercy and give you a freebee. In spite of all the fitment issues we've had, it still looks better than the knock-offs in photos shared here and elsewhere. Trust your gut feeling.

model3AZ42 | 11 octobre 2019

I purchased this one and am really happy with it. Offered $165 plus shipping and they accepted.

I had purchased 1 other from a different company and quality wasn’t there. They did an instant refund and told me to keep it.

Ebays return policy is good in my experience. If this one wasn’t good I would have returned it as well. I parked my P3- right next to a +. The spoilers are identical in my untrained eye.

Lorenzryanc | 11 octobre 2019

My favorite spoiler is, "The ship sinks at the end of the movie Titanic?" but for cars, my favorite spoiler is none. If I ever get the performance, I'm shooting for no spoiler or badging, all personal choice of course :D

jamespompi | 11 octobre 2019

@model3AZ42 I've been seeing a lot of replicas, but theyre all gloss. isn't the OEM matte carbon?

model3AZ42 | 11 octobre 2019

This one comes in both. I just prefer the gloss look.

aperfectecho | 11 octobre 2019

I got one similar to model3AZ42. Mine's gloss carbon fiber. Far prefer it to stock/OEM M3 spoiler, which seems to be too narrow for the trunk.
Honestly, I don't think there's too much difference, so go with what you like

gballant4570 | 11 octobre 2019

One word answer - none. None is the best. Of course you could get one of those SS looking erector set looking thangs......

douglas_peale | 11 octobre 2019

I have the performance, and still have not been notified that my spoiler is available. I prefer the look of the car without the spoiler, but will have it installed because it is supposed to have about a 2.5% reduction an drag.

Daryl | 12 octobre 2019

I believe the car has been designed to minimize air resistance, so putting a spoiler on may actually hurt your range a little bit. Of course if you are racing it you may need the down force and decide the trade-off is worth it.

But I think mainly it's an aesthetic thing. Same thing applies to the the Aero wheels of course, and many Model 3 owners are willing to sacrifice a little range and take them off.

geno.kearney | 13 octobre 2019

I've got 4 coming from Amazon tomorrow. I'll try them dry fit and either return 3 or maybe all. My gut feeling is that I will end up getting another factory spoiler. I like the idea about asking for a freebie. You never know. Thanks all.

howard | 13 octobre 2019

geno.kearney, call or use phone app to schedule to have a service ranger to come out and replace it. One could argue it should not have broke. It is carbon fiber after all. With the gap at the tips on mine I expect it to get damaged at some point. Way too easy to hang stuff up on it. I have to be careful.

geno.kearney | 14 octobre 2019

Good thought. I may give that a try. Thanks.

douglas_peale | 14 octobre 2019

Daryl: look at this site:
Yes they are trying to sell you something, but they claim that the factory spoiler reduces drag bi 2.3%.

navt | 15 octobre 2019

Tesla Raj did a view a while back

geno.kearney | 16 octobre 2019

@Howard. Thanks but it didn't work. Said it had to be a manufacturing defect. No warranty. Oh well.

Yesterday I took delivery of 4 spoilers from Amazon. Only one was real CF. The other three had different names but turned out to be identical spoilers from China. I sent them all back this morning. They all sucked. I'll probably stew a while and then pay up and order the Tesla spoiler

Kary993 | 16 octobre 2019

Well, spoiler and looks on a car are definitely personal preference. I have a M3P which of course did not come delivered with the spoiler. A few months later they called and I had an option to set up a saturday appointment to have it installed. I thought about it for a while as I like the car as it was. My car is pearl white BTW. So after some thought I figured I should try it as it was carbon fiber and black which would accent nicely with the car color. I really didn't know if I would like it or not. I had also seen video's of other spoiler from other manufacturers which were larger and seemed to me not to really fit the overall look of the car like the Tesla version. That's just my opinion.

Well, I had it installed and at first I thought why did I do that? Then after a while it grew on me and other people saw it and commented on how good it looked. Not to over done but just enough to give a sporty look about the car. At this point, 7 months later, I am glad I install the Tesla spoiler. I think it looks great!

texxx | 16 octobre 2019

Don't play around with that wimpy Walmart spoiler!

Yeah, it really came from the factory that way.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 21 octobre 2019

douglas_peale | October 14, 2019
Daryl: look at this site:
Yes they are trying to sell you something, but they claim that the factory spoiler reduces drag bi 2.3%.

A form drag reduction of 2.3% is believable. A rear downforce increase of 160.9% is not. I’d take everything that site published with a hefty serving of salt.

geno.kearney | 21 octobre 2019

Drove to Cincinnati on Friday and had them install a factory spoiler. $700, but I dont think I'd have been satisfied with anything else. I was surprised they had them in stock. This one fit better also. Tight on both ends. He said it fit better because of the jig they used to install it. The Mobil service guy who installed it didn't use the jig. Thanks for all the input.

surfpearl | 24 octobre 2019

Good for you! Now, tell us how the original one broke so we don't repeat the same mistake. BTW, what did you do with the scrap? Repurpose or recycle?