No sound

No sound

Just got back from a short jaunt in the Model 3 - with no sound. Nothing. Nada. Zero

I was listening to streaming earlier today, but now nothing works. Streaming, USB, Phone - all silent. I don't even have sound for the turn indicators or autopilot.

Tomorrow AM I'll try a re-boot.

Am I overlooking something that could mute everything?

M3phan | 14 octobre 2019

Super-Ultra-Joe Mode!!

lilbean | 14 octobre 2019

Happened to me. A reboot fixed it.

arkreymer | 14 octobre 2019

Happens sometimes. Report the bug.
Exiting and re-entering usually fixes this.

howard | 14 octobre 2019

Soft reboot, does not work hard reboot, still does not work power off. Usually works.

gmr6415 | 15 octobre 2019

I've found the same happens if I'm sitting parked and send a text from my iPhone. It mutes the car audio as if I'm making a phone call. After sending the text the sound won't come back on until I shut off the phone or turn off bluetooth on the phone, and as said above exiting the car and re-entering will fix it too.

This shouldn't be happening.

jackcolo | 16 octobre 2019

Follow up - Seems the car was awaiting installation of downloaded software update. When I investigated the problem - after arriving home - I saw a notice that new software was waiting to be installed. After this installation was done, everything worked well.
I am not sure why I didn't get a notice when starting my trip about the new software. Such has been done many times over the past year. Maybe all this was due to my oversight.

CASEMAN | 20 octobre 2019

This happened to me very often. Reboots didn’t fix it. A Tesla ranger came to my office and ultimately sent me an update that fixed it.

gballant4570 | 20 octobre 2019

I had this occur once about 10 months ago. A soft reboot resolved it, and it has to date never re-appeared.