remove dash message

remove dash message

have replaced kebob battery but cannot remove flashing dash message "key fob battery low"

EVRider | 16 octobre 2019

Try rebooting. If the message persists, did you use a new battery?

barrykmd | 16 octobre 2019

Have both fobs in the car at the same time.

jordanrichard | 16 octobre 2019

A piece of black electrical tape strategically placed will make the error message go away........

akikiki | 16 octobre 2019

both fobs and both kebobs

nukequazar | 16 octobre 2019

I'm calling it a kebob from now on

pgkevet | 17 octobre 2019

It's only a keybob when pity bred :-)

NV4NV | 17 octobre 2019

What do you get when you place both keys on a stick and hold over an open flame?

Model S-hish Keyfob.

akikiki | 17 octobre 2019

ah hahahahahaha

jordanrichard | 17 octobre 2019

NV4NV, nice one.