Battery Drain

Battery Drain

I picked up my new model 3 less than a month ago. I've noticed that there's significant battery drain while the car is parked. More than 1 mile per hour. That's more than any other owner that I have talked to and more than double what my Tesla sales rep told me to expect so I'm concerned there's an issue and I cannot reach anyone at Tesla. I've called service centers and left voicemails and I've not received a call back. I emailed through the support page, as well as emailed my sales advisor and haven't received responses. This doesn't seem to be a normal rate of drain and I'm wondering other's experience. Sentry mode is off. I deleted the app to see if that was causing the issue. WiFi is off. I can't think of anything else but losing more range while parked than distance driven over a few day span doesn't seem right. Any input?

geedub1023 | 17 octobre 2019

Did you check to see if Climate Control is on?

EVRider | 17 octobre 2019

If you have FSD and V10, go to Summon settings under Autopilot and turn off Summon Standby (don’t know if that’s the exact term). That was added to make Smart Summon more responsive but it causes extra drain.

LNS | 17 octobre 2019

@geedub1023 - climate control is turned off when I leave the car

@EVRider - I do have FSD V10 so I will try out your suggestion. Thank you!

Lorenzryanc | 17 octobre 2019

If you're checking the app every so often, like multiple times an hour, it'll also drain 1 mile per hour. If you lose 12 miles overnight with no checking, then something else is probably up.

FISHEV | 17 octobre 2019

"More than 1 mile per hour. "

Yikes. That is way too high. How could the Tesla rep say that is normal?

You'd think they could easily look at the car and see what is using power. 24 mile a day phantom drain isn't right. Likely some FSD tech if you have Sentry Mode off, climate off and "climate protection" thing off.

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Where do u live? Cold region?

Magic 8 Ball | 17 octobre 2019

Where did the OP say a rep said it was normal?

LNS | 17 octobre 2019

@Lorenzryanc I've made sure I am not checking the app -- even went as far as deleting the app in case there was something going on where the app was waking the car up

@Hp.1193 I'm in Chicago. The weather has been all over the place the last few weeks (80s/60s/50s) and it happens regardless of temp. Climate protection thing is off too.

For example, I drove only 33 miles over 2 days and in that time lost 22% of my total charge while parked.

LNS | 17 octobre 2019

@Magic 8 Ball I didn't say that in my initial post but it did actually happen. I've only been able to reach a rep via chat. I reached out twice. The first time I told them the issue and he said, "A drain of 1 miler per hour is pretty normal." I did some more research and reached out via chat again but this time I inquired about what is normal and what I should expect without first telling them my issue. The 2nd rep said about 1% drain is normal -- and then listed off the usual things that could increase that battery drain estimate.

WW_spb | 17 octobre 2019

1% in what time frame?

Lorenzryanc | 17 octobre 2019

When you close the door and walk away, the mirrors fold in, right? I want to make sure the car thinks every door is closed. trunk and frunk completely closed too? 1% isn't crazy, so a light or something could probably draw that much. I don't think 1% is high enough to equate to car remaining awake either though. Safe to assume you've tried a reset? Also, what range is this car? The lower the max range, the less each percentage means energywise.

LNS | 17 octobre 2019

@Lorenzryanc Yes, when I walk away everything folds in and the car locks. I'm losing 1 mile per hour. I've got the SR+ with FSD.

I appreciate everyone's input. This is my first Tesla and I'm trying to figure out what's normal and your experiences are helpful.

I'll try changing the FSD setting that EVRider suggested but I think a service appointment is needed.

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Could very much bet smart summon standby mode causing the drain. I would disable this before you make an appt.

Here’s a thread on it from another forum site.“standby-mode”-setting-in-car.168589/

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Basically your car isn’t “sleeping” causing that 1 mph drain.

LNS | 17 octobre 2019

@Hp.1193 Thank you! Turning that off now. Hopefully that's it.

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Let us know!

cybergrafx | 17 octobre 2019

Does anybody know how much battery drain each feature uses? Sentry mode, Climate control.... etc...

I went to an event last weekend, 35 miles each way and parked for 7 hours with sentry mode and climate control on (80* day). When I got home I had used 140 miles which equates to using 10 miles/hour while parked.
That seems extremely excessive to me.

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Climate control will get u. 80 degrees outside is like 100+ inside the car. U have black interior? If so, with the combination of climate control + sentry, that’s def normal.

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Also 35 real distance miles? Because the car will use about 35+ battery miles depending lots of factors, speed, climate, wind, etc.

FISHEV | 17 octobre 2019

"Does anybody know how much battery drain each feature uses? Sentry mode, Climate control.... etc...@cybergrafx

That is a great idea and Tesla should publish that list, should provide that info when the driver activates the features. And give a summary so driver doesn't walk away with Sentry Mode, Summon, Dog, Heat Protection sucking 4kW an hour. Also so people can extend range when driving. "Turning heat down to 68 will extend your range by 10 miles", info like that.

"You are activating Sentry Mode which will use 1kW an hour, 12kWh overnight."

teslamazing | 17 octobre 2019

Too much potential for discrepancies. No need for all that.

Bighorn | 17 octobre 2019

KW an hour is not a thing.

Fuzzball | 17 octobre 2019

LOL - difference between power and energy...

ccadrin | 17 octobre 2019

I lose between 2 and 3 pre day.

johnw | 17 octobre 2019

smart summon standby was causing me 1-2 miles per hour drain. I shut that off and rebooted. Back to normal now- about 1/3 mile per hour with summon on, 2 miles overnight with it off.

paulsurette71 | 18 octobre 2019

Sentry mode will cause some battery drain as well.

andy.connor.e | 18 octobre 2019

OP said that more than 1 mile per hour was more than double what the sales rep said you should expect. Once again the fish doesnt read and posts lies.

jordanrichard | 18 octobre 2019

Sales reps only know stats/specs that are passed onto them from above. More and more of them now actually own that which they are selling, but I am guessing the vast majority of them don't. So they can't speak from experience.

Pred4me | 20 octobre 2019

Hello LNS, my friend I am having same issue although mine I got my car in March 2018, but only have 10700 some miles, and have notice drain for months use to be 7 miles range told the service reps, they said because of the heat, now it’s not even hight like over 100 plus temperatures and I am loosing 10-12 miles in 8 hours, the reps are no help and so is service center, I suggest read fine prints in your sales contract and while you still have time return the car get a different piece u probably have a faulty car which will I don’t Tesla is going to admit. I am stuck with one believe me.

teslamazing | 20 octobre 2019

“Faulty car” lolol oh my.

LNS can you confirm if it was indeed smart summon causing the drain ?

@Pred did u turn off smart summon standby mode?

Pred4me | 20 octobre 2019

I did now let’s see what happens

Pred4me | 20 octobre 2019

I think my car does not sleep I keep on hearing a low hum and a click sound from behind the screen area, while in parked car in the garage. I have had radio remain on even when I am not I need the car, and then the screen on too when I am far away. Believe me I got special features alright.

FISHEV | 20 octobre 2019

Similar to this post in case you didn't see it.

rehutton777 | 20 octobre 2019

While I don't have it, have you installed the TeslaFi app installed? I have read that it can query your car so frequently that it doesn't allow it to sleep, and this can easily use 1 mile/hour of range. Normal drain for me is max. 1 mile overnight (often zero) with nothing running.

gballant4570 | 20 octobre 2019

Proximity of your phone as key to the parked car may be an issue. If that bluetooth connection is being maintained, you could see higher than normal non-use power draw.

ODWms | 21 octobre 2019

1 mile a day is what I’ve seen in a little over a year of ownership.

Pred4me | 23 octobre 2019

Not mine I have lost 3 to 5 miles and now it’s almost 10-12 miles in 9 hours, and I don’t check my car on the phone, so it does not make sense. I know driver door has never locked properly from day one and my car and phone Bluetooth has not worked right either. It’s just horrible experience I got with this piece of car.

Bighorn | 23 octobre 2019

The horror

walnotr | 23 octobre 2019

Strange how people can’t separate the real world from the hypothetical.

andy.connor.e | 23 octobre 2019

The devastation

LNS | 23 octobre 2019

Hi All, back with an update. @Hp.1193 your advice was correct. It was the summon feature. Turned that off and no more issue with excessive drain. Thank you!

teslamazing | 23 octobre 2019

Nice !

WW_spb | 23 octobre 2019

Oh no but Other guy claims it got be faulty car that needs to be returned. How can this be true? Elon, why did you do this .... Unbelievable... Some people with their claims...

St☰v☰ | 23 octobre 2019

When I'm at work with the sentry on, I burn through 1 mile per hour. When at home, with no systems activated, I burn at a rate of 1.3 miles every 2 hours. I don't have the FSD so no smart summon causing the drain.

Trekman | 23 octobre 2019

The humanity

kevin_rf | 24 octobre 2019

While it does not sound like the issue, I would make sure that ac is turned off in the overheat protection settings.

gilsnolan | 6 février 2020

My 2019 model S drained by 14 miles in 24 hours with the summon feature enabled. When NOT enabled, it drained 2 miles in the same time frame.

teslamazing | 6 février 2020