Superchargers not locking in

Superchargers not locking in

Last week, I took a road trip to Seattle and noticed that often, the first charger I'd try would refuse to lock in when pushed in fully. I would try pushing in harder but it wouldn't help. The next charger would work fine. I started looping the charge cord of the failing chargers, and at Shasta today, I tried to report the issue, but the phone tree stated that Tesla is notified when SCs have issues and to hang up. I'm not sure how Tesla knows if the handles are failing, or if it is just my car. The port was replaced about a year ago while in for an unrelated issue. Is this common, or was I just unlucky?

walnotr | 21 octobre 2019

The Shasta SC had some problems when we passed through there a couple weeks ago. An error popped up on the car so I called service to see if they could do a remote check. During our conversation I mentioned I noticed a broken plug on one of the other pedestals. I gave him what I thought was the number and he corrected me and also could tell me which one would work better for him to check the car.

They know what’s going on with the chargers so unless there is a problem with your car, there is no reason to tie up the service line to report an issue.

Back to your original comment, it could be the case the charger was not communicating with the car so it never got the signal to lock the port.

CST | 21 octobre 2019

Ok, great to hear. Someone had put up a laminated sign on one of the 4 chargers stating it was broken and Tesla was alerted. Unfortunately, it's paired charger was the one with the locking issue, so we had to charge next to another vehicle at a reduced rate.