Three Windshield Replacements in 6 months | Advice Appreciated

Three Windshield Replacements in 6 months | Advice Appreciated

Hi All - So I've had my Model 3 LR RWD for almost a year now (10/18 Production Date). Car has been great but the windshield keeps cracking from regular road debris.

My original windshield cracked from impact in May 2019. I got it replaced at the service center. The replacement one cracked in August 2019. I got that replaced at the service center again. Both times there was impact (small rock on high away) but the actual impact location was a very small chip. However, in both case it cracked all the way to the edge so it could not be sealed by someone like Safelite.

Three months later, the windshield has cracked again. There is a small chip again indicating impact but it's cracked all the way to the edge again. I've been driving the same roads and highway commute for the last 7-8 years. My old car was a BMW 3 series and I never had a single chip on the windshield. I'm at a point now where it's really hard to believe that it's just bad luck.

Any advice on what I should do? I already reached out to the service center but I doubt they will do anything (the 2nd time they said since its impact its not a defect). I know I can go to zero deductible on glass insurance but it can't all be chance if it's 3 times in 6 months :( I love the other car otherwise but whatever I'm saving on gas/maintenance seems like it will just go towards windshield replacements at this point.

FISHEV | 24 octobre 2019

Sounds like the car is putting pressure on the windshield such that the stress is there and all it takes to crack it is a small impact. Not sure how’d you’d prove it though or fix it. A wind deflector but I’ve never seen one on a Tesla.

How much to replace the windshield. With those front cameras, sometimes the car mfg has special glass and it can be pricey.

ADinM3 | 24 octobre 2019

@scrg, definitely a bummer but unfortunately long odds actually happen all the time. Sounds like you just have Murphy riding shotgun with you.

I know it's not always possible, but about the best you can do is to try and increase distance between vehicles on that highway.

jefjes | 24 octobre 2019

I've learned to avoid being very close to cement, gravel, and just semis in general. Usually, if I can't change lanes and go past them, I'll slow down to try and put enough distance that another vehicle will fill the space and act as a barrier between me and the projectiles coming off the larger truck. Even with this tactic, I've had rocks come from seemingly nowhere and crack my windshield on our SUV. It happened twice in the same month last year so I don't think it's a Model 3 specific problem. When I'm driving our Model 3, I cringe every time I hear an impact on the glass but so far only have a few small chips that I can barely feel with my finger nail.

ncancilla81 | 25 octobre 2019

Two windshield replacements for me. Both happened in the same location, passenger side about 2/3 of the way down the windshield

surfpearl | 25 octobre 2019

I had the ClearPlex protective film installed on my windshield right after delivery and have been very happy with it. Ditto on the roof and the headlights. There is a little bit of an 'orange peel' effect when I look outside, but almost imperceptible. Talk to a few car detailing places in your area and see what products they carry for installation on the outside of the windshield.
My car is same age as yours, but your three broken windshields are disconcerting. Give the protective film a try and if the glass breaks again, the time will be ripe to install some strain gauges on the windshield and figure out what's going on.

Keithdorschner | 25 octobre 2019

Increase following distance on the highway, especially behind trucks and when driving on bad surfaces. In my entire life I’ve had a few speeding tickets but never a cracked windshield.

Lorenzryanc | 25 octobre 2019

If the debris is from a car/truck you're following, increase the distance. If it's from oncoming traffic... ummm, pray? I doubt it's the car, but I do imagine this car is driven faster than most so that won't help. I'd try that protective film if you're constantly replacing glass.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 25 octobre 2019

Fish, making stupid claims again. Surprised.... Not

AZTesla | 25 octobre 2019

Safer driving distance can help, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. The rocks may come from vehicles in an adjoining lane or from oncoming traffic.

HighlandPony | 25 octobre 2019

I picked up a rock chip in the blacked out strip along the bottom of the windshield just above the wipers. I heard it hit but didn’t see it so I stopped and looked for it. Luckily I spotted it and made a beeline for the nearest rock chip repair place. The repair worked and is still holding over a year later.

LostInTx | 25 octobre 2019

Sure sounds strange. Everyone's advice to ensure distance from vehicles in front is straight from "Captain Obvious" except that the OP indicated that his driving pattern hasn't changed in years, most of which were spent driving a BMW that never experienced this.

My Model 3 windshield hasn't cracked but I do have more chips in one year of driving than in ten years of driving my previous vehicle. Coincidence? Sure, if you believe in coincidences to this extent.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 octobre 2019

OP clearly states impacts. Impacts are just bad luck.

Joshan | 25 octobre 2019

Most people these days seem to drive trucks, SUV's and things that sit higher on the road. Model 3 sits low, the lower you sit the more chance a bouncing rock is going to get you.

vishious911 | 25 octobre 2019

Mildly tangential, but I cringe every time I see the signs that some semis have -- "Not responsible for any (glass) damage caused to other cars"

I wish I get to absolve with - "Not responsible for any payments that I do not make on time" of sorts.

Joshan | 25 octobre 2019

I seriously doubt that signs absolves them from any legal responsibilities.