Retaining bolt on wheels preventing aftermarkets or warranty loss

Retaining bolt on wheels preventing aftermarkets or warranty loss

My first post here so in advance if this has been much discussed please direct me to the thread. I did not see a search function readily.

I have been looking into getting wheels for winters and after spending much time trying to see if anyone had used 18 inch aero rims without much success (i am in michigan/near detroit), have been planning to put on aftermarkets. Tesla originals from tesla are 220 plus potentially shipping (per service center) which are reasonable in price but I was hoping to save more for winters. Discount tire has some reasonably priced choices. However i read somewhere that there were some canadian wheels that were hubcentric and so i called canadawheels where a rep appraised me of a 'retaining bolt' on the model 3 which prevents installation of most aftermarkets except a select few custom made for the model 3 that are out of stock. He was kind enough to send me a picture and it looks like a little nut protruding from the face of the hub. He also went on to say that the retaining bolts can be removed (and some do for tracks etc) but that could void your warranty if I were to be in an accident etc. I have not been able to confirm this so wanted your advice.

Is the bolt just there to hold the hold the rotor when the wheels are removed? Is there a safety or other issue of not having it on if I use aftermarkets? I am also trying to reach tesla over the phone but lines are busy.

ps. M3 Dual motor (not performance)

jordanrichard | 25 octobre 2019

Why not just put winter tires on your present rims?

Frank99 | 25 octobre 2019

I haven’t seen mention of this here before. I think your best answer is going to come from the service center. I know a number of people here have put aftermarket wheels on.

You might find useful information over on TeslaOwnersOnline:
Mad Hungarian over there knows a lot about aftermarket wheels.

Toocool | 25 octobre 2019

@Frank99. Thanks. I suspect he was the one mentioning the canadian wheels that are replicas. This led to my call to canadawheels. Ok will check there too. I cant post pictures here or I would show what the retaining bolt is referring to.

@jordanrichard. Thanks. Is that what you do? That is my fall back plan. The tire stores i called said there would be chance of scuffing the wheels and more commonly damaging the bed of the tire over time. Probably once or twice will be fine.

lbowroom | 25 octobre 2019

It's just a bolt head, not a nut. The 5 lugs are what keep the wheel hub together, Perhaps this ensures the hubs don't fall off when the car is carted around in manufacturing. I took mine off and discarded them. As useful as an airbag warning sticker, but the ultimate choice is up to you.

Toocool | 25 octobre 2019

@lbowroom, Thanks. Good to know it has been fine after taking it off. Other than this retaining bolt head issue, are aftermarkets fine to go on the car? (i was looking at some inexpensive wheels that weigh around 24 pounds, alloy, and just needed to add a hubcentric ring to size them to match the Tesla hub).

CharleyBC | 25 octobre 2019

@Toocool: Welcome to the forum! I'm useless on your primary question about wheels, but you mentioned a couple of other things, and you might find this helpful:

1) Search: Use Google and enter " winter wheel". Of course, replace "winter wheel" with whatever you're looking for at the moment. You can even search for @Toocool to go back and find your own stuff.

2) Posting images: Put your photos up on whatever photo sharing site you like. Many use imgur, but it doesn't matter. Then include a link to that site's page in your post on this site.

lbowroom | 25 octobre 2019

toocool, yes there are many aftermarket wheel options available. Lots of threads with pictures on TMC or just search wheels tesla model 3 on google

Toocool | 25 octobre 2019

@CharleyBC, Thank you for the kind words. Appreciate the tips too. By the way does the use of the @ actually tag or notify the member here? Wasnt sure

@lbowroom. Yes i have been reading quite a bit on the topic. I was aware of a number of wheels, just that this part about a retaining bolt and purported loss of warranty (which now sounds incorrect) as informed by the canadawheels rep worried me.

Thank you all.