How to do HW upgrade to AP 3.0 for owners who paid for FSD

How to do HW upgrade to AP 3.0 for owners who paid for FSD

There must be 10s of thousands of us with MS, MX, or M3 who have AP 2.0 or AP 2.5
who have paid for FSD.
How to do all these HW upgrades efficiently for Tesla and conveniently for us owners?

My suggestion to Tesla:
Hold Pop-up events across the country at major Malls, locations with SC and others.
Owners would receive invitations to reserve a time and day at a location near them,
based upon their priority (oldest payment of FSD first).
Each site could do up to 5 conversions per hour.
6 hours per day -> up to 30 conversions per day per location.
500 locations nationwide -> perhaps 10,000 conversions per event date.
Many/most events would be on Saturday.
Each conversion can be done in an hour or so.
Owners could go to movie, have extended lunch, shop, etc. while they wait.
Temporary workers, many college students ? could be hired for assisting
with check-in, removal of glove compartment, etc.
Provide lockers for secure storage of glove compartment contents.
Or require owners to empty glove compartment before arrival for their appointment.
Final hookup and testing would be done/supervised by permanent Tesla technicians.
Seating, light refreshments provided for owners to chat with each other while they wait.

This all could be more convenient for many folks than driving to a SC, getting loaner,
coming back, etc., and cheaper and faster for Tesla.

What do you think? Suggestions/refinements ?

Tesla2018 | 26 octobre 2019

How hard is it to switch it over to the new computer? Is it like putting a performace chip in your car or does it involve testing things afterwards and recalibrating sensors, etc that only Tesla can do?

If it is easy then people could get the new parts mailed to them and do it themselves and get a rebate of $xxx or so when they mail back the old parts. This would alleviate the need to go to the service center and save Tesla from having to pay employees
from doing work that isnt generating a profit.

noleaf4me | 26 octobre 2019

Id like to get the new there a way to formally request it from Tesla? | 26 octobre 2019

I'd guess the labor on an S/X is maybe an hour for an experienced installer. It's not that easy of an install, and it may require connecting to the tech's laptop to test and update the hardware's credentials (part of the Tesls software security). I don't see them allowing customers to do the work.

You can request the HW3 with a service appointment, but it may be canceled if they don't have the hardware in stock. I don't think the HW2.0 to HW3.0 exists yet either. Not sure I'd rush to get it. There have been some reports that HW3's AP is not quite as good as HW2.x today, but will improve via software updates.

TranzNDance | 26 octobre 2019

I don't know how many times they would upgrade hardware, so I'm going to be conservative and think they'll do it once. If so, I'd wait to get the update after the software is actually able to make use of the hardware.

EVRider | 27 octobre 2019

No one needs HW3 yet because there are no features that use it. Like TeslaTap said, there may be issues with HW3, so don’t rush to upgrade even when there’s a reason to.

Uncle Paul | 27 octobre 2019

Since there are no current significant benefits (to be rolled out and implemented later) there seems to be no rush to get the entire fleet updated.

Tesla Has been updating several of the 2.5 equipped cars, when they were brought into service for other matters. This is an efficient way for techs to get used to the procedure, monitor the results, and forumulate a plan to roll it out to all qualified as the volume of chip production ramps up.

Currently most of the production cars will come with V3. Providing chips for them are obviously the highest priority, but as more become available Tesla will need to look at ideas like proposed here to get everybody updated that want to be.

Believe Tesla wants as many of these V3 chips on the road as possible, to gather data necessary to enable FSD.

tbleakne | 27 octobre 2019

The conversion to HW 3 requires a swap out of the main AP computer board behind the glove compartment. I agree with TeslaTap that this installation and test must be done by an experienced technician, not the customer.
I understand there is no rush right now, since the software for HW 3 is still in development.
However, I believe once the first version of the software that enables new functionality in HW 3 drops, there will be a massive

tbleakne | 27 octobre 2019

. . . demand for the upgrade from all the folks that have paid in advance for FSD. This point may be only several months away. Tesla is also counting on an additional surge of people paying to enable FSD when its functionality
becomes evident. Many of these orders will be from folks with cars newer than March 2019 who already have FSD installed, but many more will be from all the production since HW 2.0 became available in the Fall of 2016.
I would like to get the upgrade pretty soon to avoid this rush, but I understand that there is a risk in the HW itself evolving to 3.1, etc.