Tesla to offer Model S, Model X, and Model 3 test drives at 2019 LA Auto Show

Tesla to offer Model S, Model X, and Model 3 test drives at 2019 LA Auto Show

This is good! I’ve been saying for years that it’s a missed opportunity for a car company to not do test drives at the event. Especially if your product is “new” or different and potential customers have questions about what it’s like to drive.

jordanrichard | 31 octobre 2019

Darthamerica, while it is indeed good, unless you/we know the whole story, we can't just say "they should have been doing this for years" Perhaps Tesla wasn't allowed to do this in the past.

It's like saying "....why hasn't Tesla put a supercharger at "x" location". Unless one is purvey to all the facts/efforts, one should criticize Tesla's decisions on where they put and don't put superchargers.

mialink | 31 octobre 2019

I mean, it’s not like you could go to a showroom and test drive one or anything.

rxlawdude | 31 octobre 2019

Last year, Jaguar was demoing the iPace. I think it's GREAT for Tesla to do this. 100 test drives probably yields at least 20 new buyers.

TabascoGuy | 31 octobre 2019

I think it depends on who is sponsoring the auto show. The Detroit Auto Show, officially called the North American International Auto Show, is one of the larger shows that I'm aware in of Michigan and is sponsored by the Detroit Area Dealers Association. Participation by manufacturer is by invitation only. Needless to say, Tesla has never been invited by the dealer association.

Earl and Nagin ... | 31 octobre 2019

I"m not sure about the Detroit Auto Show being that exclusive. Back in 2010 a bunch of Tesla employees famously drove (in relay fashion) a Roadster to the Detroit Auto Show and displayed it in all of its winter road dirt glory for all to see.

TabascoGuy | 31 octobre 2019

Thanks E&N, I did not know that. I didn't intend for it to sound exclusive and I shouldn't have said never. I've taken my son to a half dozen of those shows and we haven't seen Tesla there as an exhibitor yet.

Also, there were a couple of comments here a few years back about Tesla being blacklisted by that specific dealers association. Maybe in 2010 they didn't mind letting the upstart show off a couple of their cars.

jordanrichard | 31 octobre 2019

Most new car shows are put on by the local/state dealers association and especially in states where Tesla can’t sell, they will not let Tesla set up a stand.

rxlawdude | 31 octobre 2019

And Tesla was present with a decently sized and located display last year.

sosmerc | 2 novembre 2019

People would probably "PAY" to have an opportunity to drive a Tesla on a track. Wherever there is a decent track, Tesla could offer (for a small fee) the opportunity to see just what any Tesla can do. It would be fun, and my guess is it would push a number of reluctant potential Tesla owners "over the edge" and convince them that EV's ARE the future.

jordanrichard | 3 novembre 2019

Sosmerc, true, but track centric buyers are in the scheme of things, are a very niche group. I think where the perceive significance of trackability comes from is car enthusiasts.

The more people here about something or a brand, the “bigger” they become. I am sure people think Porsche and Ferrari are perceived as begin bigger than Tesla, but particularly Ferrari, only builds 7,000 cars per year.

So again, I think the importance of an EV being trackable, comes from a vocal group of car enthusiasts constantly talking about it.

sosmerc | 3 novembre 2019

I wasn't even thinking about "track ready, specially equipped models". I was thinking about the opportunity for folks to drive a Tesla on a track where they are free of traffic and able to really experience what a standard Tesla is capable of.
It would be a safe, controlled environment. Personally, I would love to have that opportunity. (and I have driven a P100D on the freeway down in Santa was mostly a nerve wracking experience due to traffic and surroundings.)

jordanrichard | 4 novembre 2019

sosmerc, oh. I agree, that would great, though you would get to fully experience the capabilities of AP becuase there are no lanes, just very wide road surface. Also unfortunately that would be a very expenses proposition for Tesla. Here in CT we have one of the top 5 road courses in the country, Lime Rock Raceway. It is a 1.5 mile course with straightaways, curves and hills. To rent the track out cost upwards of $15,000 for the day.

outlander686 | 4 novembre 2019

I wish Tesla will have a VIP lounge for us Tesla Owner's at the upcoming LA Autoshow. Free food and drinks and get to meet Tesla Owner's too.

Darthamerica | 4 novembre 2019

+1 outlander that would be nice.

NKYTA | 4 novembre 2019

I Wish Tesla would deliver on the mission.

Sadly, Porsche doesn’t want to play.

sosmerc | 5 novembre 2019

$15,000 to rent a first rate road course seems pretty reasonable. My guess is Tesla could even charge a fee to help defray the cost and I'd bet they would still get plenty of takers. But I would think Tesla could write that cost off as advertising....a small price to pay to bring enormous attention to their products. My guess is that local Tesla owners would turn out to volunteer to assist with the event. It would be fun !

jordanrichard | 5 novembre 2019

Sosmerc, the problem is that’s $15,000 for one track now multiply that by the number of tracks in the country where they would hold such events.

As for local owners willing to help out, I head up the owners club here in CT and we have offered to help out, but Tesla is under the biggest microscope you can imagine. They can’t do anything that could be interpreted as a sales event.