What it is really like to drive a Model S

What it is really like to drive a Model S

MySin_AZ | 11 novembre 2019

Two words - FUN (so much so, you have to say it twice)... | 11 novembre 2019

Here's a clickable link:

Odd review, overall very positive, but early on claims Tesla lies on their website, yet never states what the lie is. Goes on for three paragraphs about how deceptive Tesla is. Very weird considering the rest of the article.

Note that the prices are in Australian dollars, not the USA.

Darthamerica | 11 novembre 2019

So convenient

bassbone1 | 11 novembre 2019

The model S is very nice but if you don't need the extra space and don't mind a slightly bumpier ride, the model 3 is your car. I'm thinking the Y will possibly cannibalize the X too but there will always be a demand for the falcon doors albeit, smaller than the Y demand though.

If you are getting any, please use my code : ) for free miles.

Sailfast | 13 novembre 2019

Steering is quick and sure, and the wheel feels great to the touch. No issues with seat comfort. Acceleration is fantastic. Regen braking makes for mostly one pedal driving. Controls have been improving via updates. Auto wipers not as good as a Prius. Slacker is great for building your library of “favorites “and you can also listen to podcasts. Listening to audiobooks is a challenge. The nav system is the best I have ever used. Headlights are adequate but not great. I like my car very much.

Ross1 | 13 novembre 2019

@Sail: did you read the article on the OP?