Are you a happy person with tesla insurance ?

Are you a happy person with tesla insurance ?

So, i am sure folks may have had some repairs using Tesla Insurance, how is the service with respect to that ? Or folks who are on TI thinking of switching it back if so why ?


fazman | 13 novembre 2019

I just switched from AllState (almost $1k for 6 months) to tesla insurance for ($440 for 6 months). I also got more coverage with the tesla insurance. Allstate had $300k/$300k and all the other goodies. Tesla insurance I maxed out everything to $1M and $100 deductible.

HUGE savings, but I have no idea how a claim will pay out. I have zero tickets and zero accidents and 25 years of driving experience.

Fredvanngo | 13 novembre 2019

There is something wrong with Tesla Insurance. My Tesla insurance is better than Geico for the same premium but significant higher 70% if adding the second driver /Spouse in the same household! Why?

snathla | 13 novembre 2019

Certainly cheaper, converted from Allstate when Tesla went live with Insurance. Hopefully don't have to use it

aaron85 | 13 novembre 2019

@fazman wow thats awesome deal, 440-6 month , how many miles you put annually ?
@fredvanngo .. wow if thats the case would be a deal breaker for me, any more insight from other folks will certainly help.
@snathla .. need to check for me .. will be ready switch in couple of months .. but other car will hv to take from existing insurance, hopefully in future tesla will cover 2nd car (non-ev) too

OC.M3 | 13 novembre 2019

did you get policy over the phone or on tesla online site? Or another method? thanks.

aaron85 | 13 novembre 2019

i can't get anywhere close to @fazman:

Bodily Injury
Property Damage
Medical Payment
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
Uninsured Motorist Property
Collision Deductible
Comprehensive Deductible
Additional Coverage
Rental Reimbursement
Roadside Assistance For

All maxed out for 10000 miles !

All this is yielding 167.5$/Month or $1000 for 6 months!!

1LuckyGuy | 13 novembre 2019

Anyone else have the experience of @Fredvanngo ? Definitely gonna suck having to add my wife and 17 year old stepdaughter if so!

aaron85 | 14 novembre 2019

@1LuckyGuy : clearly if you can't add your spouse ! lot of people may not go for it

Kary993 | 14 novembre 2019

Tesla insurance could not complete with my current insurance which is $1041 annually for M3P. Mainly because we have three cars, house insurance and an umbrella. Really not useful to just look at tesla insurance for one car......

qfruhauf | 14 novembre 2019

I got ~640 / 6months LR RWD.
8k annually <-- this dropped cost quite a bit
10 year driving exp / clean + bay area with 1k deductibles

WW_spb | 14 novembre 2019

Switched from AAA to Travelers. 800 vs 538 for 6 month. Raised deductible to 1000 from 500 and lowered coverage from 100/300 to 50/100. Clean record for past 8 or so years. Multiple cars and house insurance with same company. Still high for my taste but it was best what my agent could find :(

WW_spb | 14 novembre 2019


aaron85 | 14 novembre 2019

reading all this, @fazman seems exceptional case where they weight experience a lot more in his case! I will try to run the figures with that experience and see what it gives

Fredvanngo | 18 novembre 2019

Now, We have 2 insurance policies: one with Tesla for me as the only driver and one with Geico for the other 3 cars for the family ( Wife and daughter). Something is wrong with the picture?

Swampy | 18 novembre 2019

My Tesla Insurance went to $1100 (6 months) when I added my spouse. I went back to Progressive which is way cheaper.

georgek | 19 novembre 2019

After signing up for slightly less cost than my current insurance, I called to add my spouse to the policy. This increased the cost by approximately 25% -Why? We are both experienced drivers over 25 with no tickets or accidents. The agent on the phone could not exp[lain to me why adding a spouse makes such a huge difference in premium - only 1 person can drive at a time! Cancelled immediately!

Fredvanngo | 20 novembre 2019

Same thing happened to me when adding my wife to the policy but it's up approx 70% more. only one person to drive the Tesla for now... :-(

donharvey2323 | 20 novembre 2019

I haven't had to make a claim yet but I received a letter from the DMV (California) saying that my registration would be suspended unless I provided proof of insurance. I called Tesla and they said they have had some issues reporting to the DMV. Hopefully they figure it out.

1LuckyGuy | 20 novembre 2019

So If I get insurance through Tesla for myself and insurance through someone else for my family... can we all get paid if totaled? lol

haywood.ed | 20 novembre 2019


Just don't get in an accident with a member of your family. ;)