Mach-E reveal is very entertaining :)

Mach-E reveal is very entertaining :)

Tesla 3 enthusiasts will love the Mach-E reveal. I'm watching it now, and it's the best entertainment that I can remember in recent times.

Really!! :)

Pg3ibew | 18 novembre 2019

@MAB, thanks for the articke

aptwo | 18 novembre 2019

Lol heating steering wheel? If testla implemented this it will be useless for like 70% of the owners of teslas. What a waste. Preheat the cabin instead if you don't want to touch slightly cold stuff.

aptwo | 18 novembre 2019


Iwantmy3 | 18 novembre 2019

After further review, I take back my comment about it being 10% cheaper. Web pages can be tricky. The "premier" price quoted appears to be for the standard range version. The 300 mile range version will be more. It would seem that the prices are going to be very similar (aside from the $7500 tax credit in the US)

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

I don't know. It seems like heated steering wheel is super easy thing to add and not that expensive. Not everyone live in warm climates.

lbowroom | 18 novembre 2019

Don't the pricing guidelines read "starting at" and that option pricing details will be rolled out later?

Scrannel | 18 novembre 2019

For my taste, and I'm an older dude, the flight deck is just way too "old car". Something the Audi and others suffer from. I have a white on white Performance and it just looks tomorrow/perfect. An EV is supposed to (or maybe should be) a clean-slate car. When I was a kid, Jr. High, I used to drive only British sports cars. Then, one day I was returning a loaner for my dad (who always had Lincolns) and it was a 289 Mustang Fast Back with auto trans. Remember saying back then: "This is the future." My Model 3 is more a spiritual heir to that Fast Back Mustang than Ford's new EV Mustang.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

"My Model 3 is more a spiritual heir to that Fast Back Mustang than Ford's new EV Mustang."


Iwantmy3 | 18 novembre 2019

Regardless, I think the forums page on Ford would be a lot less entertaining than this one. It will be hard for them to ever overcome this competitive moat.

Bighorn | 18 novembre 2019

Model S has a heater steering wheel option. Being able to readily preheat the cabin makes it unnecessary for most.

Bighorn | 18 novembre 2019


andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019

In a world with cabin preheating, voice controls, and touchscreen compatible gloves, the necessity of a heated steering wheel is a thing of the past.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

This is from an old post where @djharrington took apart the steering wheel to check if there is support for heated steering wheel. The pictures are no longer up, unfortunately. The way I read it is 3 doesn't have heated steering wheel support NOW - but has enough pre-engineering already in place to support future implementation.
djharrington | March 21, 2018
Although, I should say that if you look at the picture on the left here:
(, you'll notice that there are two remaining empty pins in the existing connector that would be plenty low of a gauge to support a heating element's current. It could be a coincidence, or it could show future intent to add a heating element. I didn't take the connector apart to see if those two empty pins have wires going back to the dash already. If they did, it would be a simple matter of a new steering wheel with the right connector (and heating element). Also, if I wanted to unwrap/rewrap my cover (is it leather or vegan??? Hahahahaha), I could embed an element and tie it in to the driver's seat heat. It would be a project, but definitely doable.
Original thread:

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019


I do remember that. The power connections are there.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18 novembre 2019

Pg3ibew: Nah. BETAMAX actually held a position of relevance for decades within industrial media applications prior to the use of high definition digital media. There are those that apparently THINK ICE will find a home behind the scenes for heavy duty industrial applications going forward.

They are wrong. For decades now shipyards, airports, and trainyards have been moving to electric drive for all material handling operations. Fork lifts, cranes, carts, trucks, EVERYTHING. Also warehousing for any number of businesses have switched to electric platforms for handling logistics. Why? Because it's faster, more reliable, requires less maintenance, costs less overall, and just works. Before long, everything heavy duty will be electric. Including construction and agriculture.

vmulla: After so many decades, 40+ years at this point, I no longer hold out any hope for wide media to report fairly regarding electric vehicles. They only care about advertising revenue. Not reporting the truth. Thdy are paid to fill the empty space between commercials.

spuzzz123: I, too, hope to see the demise of the compliance car... SOON. No more short range, limited production, 'proof of concept' electric vehicles based on ICE, offered at a $20,000 premium over the ICE version, and burdened with numerous compromises. Those things suck.

Pg3ibew stated, "Now GM and Chrysler need to come around."


WhiteWI said, "One can only dream."

I have maintained 'the dream' since I was six.

AWDTesla | 18 novembre 2019

heated steering wheel a thing of the past? LOL.

Some of you don't drive in the cold, and you can tell. when its -30 Celsius out, a heated steering wheel is just as good as heated seats.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 novembre 2019

Connector was noted. Purpose of connector was not established as I remember.

SamO | 18 novembre 2019

I saw this innovative new technology the other day. I think they are pronounced “gloves”.

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019

Its -25°C once or twice a year for me, but i have some good gloves and dont park outside.

cascadiadesign | 18 novembre 2019

" ... I saw this innovative new technology the other day. I think they are pronounced “gloves”.

And Tesla Model 3 even included a touch screen controlled "box" to store the gloves :)

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019

Tesla also offers touchscreen gloves.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

@SamO lol by your logic who needs cars if you have legs, horses... You got the idea.

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019


Not really, legs cannot get you 10 miles in 15 minutes. The "problem" is cold hands, which have multiple solutions that are solved without involving the manufacturer.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

I don't know, I like warm feeling of steering wheel in cold mornings and I don't even live up North. But again to each their own.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

It's a nice feature - is it necessary? no, is it nice? yes.
We had a similar discussion earlier about another feature - one pedal driving.

mr.mark.tarver | 18 novembre 2019

Honestly, I am worried. This is a Direct challenge to Tesla to create more affordable vehicles,
This car looks sexy and gets close to near the 310 range of my Model 3P @ 40K. Though shamelessly stealing its design cues from team tesla, Its not a bad looking ride, But does it handle? Never owned a ford that didn't handle like a Boat. Style wise not a bad try from the guys and gals at Ford.

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019

Well at least one pedal driving is a software feature. On the otherhand, not sure if you can install a steering wheel heater regardless of the available connections under the wheel.

FISHEV | 18 novembre 2019

“Without a huge maintenance expense, how much incentive will dealers have to sell this car?’@Keithdorschner

All they need to do is go look at the Tesla service center, full with a two week backlog. That’s warranty work for Tesla so not as well paying as customer charged service but service still makes money. Co-worker purchased 2017 used S95D, 10,000 miles, had it a week and the AP2(?) went out and “Call Service” so customer or Tesla factory, lots of service dollars with Tesla.

At $60k and no discounts, Ford dealers will love it, just as the Audi and Jaguar dealers are learning to love the e-Tron and i-Pace which are Fords biggest competitors in the SUV EV space. Model Y is going to look a bit outdated unless Teslas does some revisions.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

"Model Y is going to look a bit outdated unless Teslas does some revisions"
You need to chill with that ice pipe.

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

E-tron and i-pace dealers are learning to love the vehicles because they haven't left the lot.

I think this Ford EV will be more successful than those other two put together. I like that Ford has entered with a vehicle that by the specs is not merely a compliance car (as they have indicated they produced before) so good for them. Let the Fordies go in and starting buying these instead of ICE!

FISHEV | 18 novembre 2019

“ E-tron and i-pace dealers are learning to love the vehicles because they haven't left the lot.”@calvin940

“Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-PACE Are Outselling Tesla Model X In Norway“

Norway being the EV leader in Europe for where the market is heading.

Top sellers world wide, production is sold out. Been a huge boost for both Audi and Jag during declining auto sales. US is not EV friendly so what more sits here is on back order around the world.

The Mustang EV looks more like the iPace.

dmastro | 18 novembre 2019

+1 on heated steering wheel. I live in California but I use mine all the time during winter. It's funny though that this feature has become a referendum on the value of the Mach E.

Every make will have certain features that other makes don't have. And each will have comparative strengths and weaknesses. That's the beauty of choice. Buyers will get to decide which overall package they prefer.

From what I've seen so far, Ford has a compelling choice that is at minimum another option that should be considered.

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

Norway isn't going to prop up dying cars.

Jaguar I-PACE Sales Decreased To 903 In August 2019
Jaguar I-PACE Sales In U.S. Hit New Low
Jaguar I-Pace Sales Have Crashed, Dealer Inventory Exceeds Dealer Inventory
Audi e-tron sales aren't doing so well in the US but it's okay
In August, Audi e-tron Sales In U.S. Declined
Audi e-tron Sales In U.S. Continue To Decline In September

Let's see what happens after the Ford trounces them. They'll have to come to the game with a better offering.

PECo CT | 18 novembre 2019

I don’t understand the derision of some for those who appreciate a heated steering wheel. Seems kinda childish, to me.

However, if more “rational” reason is needed to satisfy your churlish selves, how about:

A heated steering wheel would require less energy to use than heating the entire cabin;

A heated steering wheel would alleviate the pain felt by those who suffer from Reynaud’s Syndrome in colder climes; or

Your mommy wears Army boots.

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

"A heated steering wheel would require less energy to use than heating the entire cabin;"
So you are driving around without any climate control except for the steering wheel?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

@calvin940, come on. Even Tesla recommends using seat heaters instead of main heater. Give me a break

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

@WhiteWi | November 18, 2019
@calvin940, come on. Even Tesla recommends using seat heaters instead of main heater. Give me a break
Some of us have kids. Seat heaters underneath car seats and booster seats don't amount to much. Trying looking beyond your own circumstance before commenting.

jimglas | 18 novembre 2019

it doesnt look like a mustang

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

@calvin940, lol and? I have kids too. Steering wheel heater still would be nice option to have. Stop being a hole.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

I was pointing out how some Tesla supporters react to a missing feature - they first dismiss the merit for it.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

“ It's funny though that this feature has become a referendum on the value of the Mach E.” @dmastro

They want to make every missing feature a referendum against the value of a Tesla :)

It’s hard to hold moderate opinions on this forum ;)

dmastro | 18 novembre 2019

Since we're getting all worked up about small features... this little convenience is pretty cool. Necessary, no, but nice to have - yes.

"The frunk has 4.8 cubic feet of storage, big enough to hold a carry-on-size suitcase, but it's being tipped as a tailgating or picnic-basket carrier, since it also has a drain located at the bottom of the storage compartment. With such, Ford says that the frunk can be packed full of ice and used as a cooler for camping or tailgating. It also sounds like the perfect place for dirty or muddy things, since the frunk could be easily rinsed out."

- source: car & driver

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

I have kids too
and? If you have kids that use boosters and/or car seats then you aren't using seat heaters for them, you would be using the cabin heater.

Even if a person is wearing gloves then a heated steering wheel is useless. if they aren't and only using seat heaters, then their hands can still be cold (like the tops of their fingers or hands since the cabin is going to be still fairly cold.

Seat heaters also don't do anything for your face unless that's where your ass is.

Besides, my question also wasn't directed at you anyhow.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

Funny that Tesla can put 5 seat heaters which can't be used as stated above if you have carseats or boosters but fail to put steering wheel heater. And some how Super Tesla fanboiz don't mind it. And trying to argue it's not needed. L O L.

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

"this little convenience is pretty cool. Necessary, no, but nice to have - yes."
I thought that was pretty cool as well.

jebinc | 18 novembre 2019
jimglas | 18 novembre 2019

@jebinc: Does it have a Turbo like the Taycan?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

Side note. I don't like hot air bc it drys your skin and nose. I try not to use it or set it pretty low. My kids usually wear warm close if it's cold out side and don't ride in car naked. But some Americans love to walk in shorts when it's freezing outside and some times don't put proper close on kids either. Their choice. Cool beans. We argue about nothing bc option is not available at this moment. Maybe sometime in future.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 18 novembre 2019

Cloth *

calvin940 | 18 novembre 2019

@jimglas | November 18, 2019
@jebinc: Does it have a Turbo like the Taycan?
or is that Shelby in the Mustang vernacular?