LR RWD Range Decrease

LR RWD Range Decrease

I took delivery in late May of this year. I'm less than 8000 miles. Last time I did a full charge it was 324 miles. I only got 316 miles with a full charge last night. Should I be worried?

FISHEV | 18 novembre 2019

StatsApp for Tesla provides a degradation graph based in the car’s information. That will give a you trend based on recent charges. StatsAop has another app that will compare your level of battery degradation to other Model 3’s.

Warranty from Tesla is 30% in first 8 years so any variety of degradation levels will be “within normal limits” unless it gets to 30%.

alisse | 18 novembre 2019

FWIW, I had exactly the same experience when charging to 100% yesterday (fluttered between 316 and 317) with my LR RWD.

derotam | 18 novembre 2019

I think something shifted with the 36.2 update.

jefjes | 18 novembre 2019

I've decided that as long as I get what I paid for or more, I'm not going to worry or complain about it. 310 was the range advertised and what I was getting when I bought my LR Rwd. I now get 314 and even though I had briefly seen the 325 bump, I'm still above my original range as delivered in June '18, 17.5k miles ago.

spuzzz123 | 18 novembre 2019

There are dozens of threads on this if you want to read up on them. You are reading the “estimator” which is really intended to give you a comfort about reaching your destination. Many ice cars have them too and they are wildly inconsistent and do not agree with “rated range”. The experienced folks have said not to worry about it, it isn’t a measure of degradation. And it’s possible they do tweak the estimator algorithm at times - perhaps it’s begun adjusting for your particular climate or driving style. If your estimator drops dramatically (say 15 or more %) then it may be worth a service call. But at this point even your estimator is showing 98% of rated range. My Lr RWD estimator has never shown above 312. I won’t sweat it until I see 270 or less.

lilbean | 18 novembre 2019

I think the problem is that people have seen the range drop overnight after the update.

gmlang123 | 18 novembre 2019

Thank you for your replies. I agree that it must have something to do with an update now that I see others are having the same experience. This relieves my concerns with rapid degradation. And with the 5% increase in power, I'm not complaining.

casun | 18 novembre 2019

no, you should not be worried.

jack.hodges | 18 novembre 2019

Just got back from a 1k mile trip and updated while I was on said trip. I'm in the same boat. LR RWD after 36.2.1 update my range dropped to 310 at 100% from 318 prior. Car has 23k and is 18 months old.

CST | 18 novembre 2019

I've been at 310 since the very beginning.

howard | 18 novembre 2019

All batteries will lose charge capacity with each and every charge cycle. It is normal and to be expected. Updates may play with access to the original design reserve and/or range anticipation calculations but the batteries will never magically increase is storage capacity or stay the same for that matter regardless of what is displayed.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 novembre 2019

Tesla can change that number, at will, with an OTA. The estimated range is not a good indicator of battery degradation.

howard | 18 novembre 2019

M8B +1

The OTAs seem to constantly change the indicated range up and down. Perhaps on purpose to just keep everyone guessing or ambivalent. The long average since new on my year old P with 15,000 miles is about 1.25 to 1.5 mile loss per month.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 novembre 2019

With PHEV's and EV's people have been second guessing the numbers since I can remember. They see a number lower than what THEY think it should read and then they either feel cheated or something is wrong. The explanation as to why the number reads lower than they think it should is not straightforward, it takes some geekery to start to understand and even I don't understand it completely.

AnnieT3 | 18 novembre 2019

Got 308 over the weekend. Used to be 317.

RichardKJ | 18 novembre 2019

For a long time I had been getting about 250 at 80% or about 280 at 90%. Suddenly after the 36.2.1 update I'm seeing 238 and 268 respectively. That scales to about 300 at 100%. The strange thing is that I'm pretty sure this started with the second charge after the update.

MDMatt | 18 novembre 2019

I have data on my car like what some of the on-line sites provide, but I have been pulling and storing locally. Using the data that comes from the car, my estimated total range has been sitting at 324 since we got it, then with the update last week, there was a sudden drop to 318. This is using what the Tesla API reports as the ideal, "ideal_battery_range". I take that with the battery level, do some math and compute the "ideal" range, and average over many data points each day. It has been a flat line since I got it. I am pretty sure this is what the car uses to display the estimated range on the screen. There is a separate IDEAL and RATED, where the IDEAL is based on math and calculations, while the RATED I think is based on a moving window of your actual usage.

Here is some information about the API, and the specific data I am looking at.

So no, your battery is not any weaker than a few weeks ago, just the math and logic that Tesla uses changed.

Bighorn | 18 novembre 2019


-TheJohn- | 18 novembre 2019

Surprise Surprise but the numbers the fish gave are wrong in that it's 30% in 5 years.

Fredvanngo | 20 novembre 2019

No, please do not worry to much about the range of +/- 3%. Just an estimate...

Fredvanngo | 20 novembre 2019

Too much