Website overwhelmed, tried to order Cybertruck

Website overwhelmed, tried to order Cybertruck

I guess no special treatment for Tesla owners?

TAC | 21 novembre 2019

keep trying!. i just locked one in :)

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2019

On the 4th try I finally got an order confirmation.

coleAK | 21 novembre 2019

Really? For a delorian knock off? I guess to reach his own. Now I’m Definitely holding out for The Rivian SUV. Or really wishful thinking Toyota makes the 300 series LC full electric.

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2019

Tesla ATV? Don't see it to order yet. Love the adaptive bed; perfect utility with 220v. power, 16 inch for offroad. Nothing like it.

Spartan-117 | 21 novembre 2019

Did you receive an order confirmation email? Screenshot my order number but no email and does not appear under my account either? Card was charged, guess that's a good sign it def went thru.

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2019

Got the confirmation number but no email as yet. I can't believe how inexpensive this Cybertruck is. Bulletproofing a Tesla runs over 50k.

82bert | 21 novembre 2019

Placed my order as well. I think people are really missing out on what we’re being offered here. You could take this thing anywhere, anytime, without a worry in the world for a ridiculous price. Love it.

jnordland | 21 novembre 2019

@Spartan-117 I didn't get a confirmation email for a few days after the Model 3 reservations started. I actually ended up reserving a 2nd one the next day because I was nervous it hadn't gone through. I got confirmation on both of them the following day and went ahead and cancelled the 2nd reservation. I reserved a truck today and have not received an email confirming it.

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2019

I wonder how they will prioritize the deliveries.

82bert | 21 novembre 2019

That’s why I ordered quick. Dual motor for me.

Bighorn | 21 novembre 2019

What’s the deposit?

Spartan-117 | 21 novembre 2019

Thanks Mike and Jeremy. Sounds like delayed emails is the norm and I don't need to place a second order lol

jwins | 21 novembre 2019

No confirm here either, but I trust it will come.

Wormtown Kris | 21 novembre 2019

I got an error message, but the URL included a RN number, so I *think* I ordered one. I'll know by Monday morning. :)

M3phan | 21 novembre 2019

Deposit is 100 bucks refundable

Bighorn | 21 novembre 2019


jithesh | 21 novembre 2019

how the hell they made it so cheap and 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.. that's cheaper and faster than my Model 3

jlhm | 21 novembre 2019

My reservation is now showing in my Tesla account.

jefjes | 21 novembre 2019

Took me 3 tries but got my reservation in. Figure I'll have a couple of years to justify why I need it...;-)

-TheJohn- | 21 novembre 2019

My 11 year old also wants one. Desperately.
I think it's interesting that they're straight up saying they'll make the cheaper version before the expensive ones.
I dislike how enormous they are. Bigger than a civilian Hummer. But since they're electric that's mostly due to how poorly they fit in my carport!

Great work with not boring us -all- to death with the reveal as they did with model Y.
That bit at the end showing off the truck bed size was deceptively amazing.

shawncordell | 21 novembre 2019

I’m pretty sure I ordered two!! Lol

Mike83 | 22 novembre 2019

Alright. My Cybertruck is now on my Account page and will be able to configure when they begin production.
People thought the M3 screen was not good but it turned out to be quite successful. This new design is so cool and the aerodynamics and utility are simply unreal especially at these prices.

82bert | 22 novembre 2019

Mine is showing up in our account as well now. Awesome.

sbeggs | 22 novembre 2019

Ours, too. Seems same length as Model S above it, but that can't be true.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

Deposit paid at the event after 20 failed attempts. I logged off the CYBRTRK wifi and then it went through.

Reservation Secured.

rogerdata | 22 novembre 2019

Tried several times before it went through. Found out today they all went through. Had to cancel four of them!

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

Looks like all deposits are refundable $100. Solar roof was $100 for me last month.

Andrewc1983 | 22 novembre 2019

I just ordered my dual motor Cybertruck. I haven’t received a confirmation email and it doesn’t show up in my Tesla account. They charge my bank the $100 though. I was an idiot and didn’t screen shot my order number. Is there a way to retrieve the number again?

82bert | 22 novembre 2019

Email will arrive soon and should show up in your account as well. It did for me and others b

Mike83 | 22 novembre 2019

It takes between 12 and 20 hours to get the email. Also go to your Account page and it lists all your Teslas. The Cybertruck is listed there with it's image. Very excited.

RY | 22 novembre 2019

Love the CyberTruck, order in and I can't wait...why the hell would anyone wait for a Toyota?!

ronald.c.sexton | 22 novembre 2019

Ordered one. Pretty excited. But no email yet. Must be patient. :)

ronald.c.sexton | 22 novembre 2019

Ordered one. Pretty excited. But no email yet. Must be patient. :)

blanca.8203 | 22 novembre 2019

No email yet...

Kcloud | 22 novembre 2019

Is anyone at all concerned about what it looks like? I live in the Midwest and if I pull this thing into the parking lot at work I know I’ll be the laughing stock...I ordered one anyways.

M_D129 | 22 novembre 2019

Website kept telling me the site couldn’t process my payment. I tried 6 different times, with 2 different cards. Guess who has 6 top it off..I bought 4 of them on the wrong email. Rookie move.

M_D129 | 22 novembre 2019

Oh..and I’m sure you’ve gotten emails by now..but mine trickled in throughout the day. Was definitely worth a good chuckle each time. Now to try to merge accounts and cancel 5 of them.

beaver | 22 novembre 2019

Elon thanks you for supercharging the reservation total! Well done fine soul, well done. I say keep them and give away the reservations as stocking stuffers.

Scrannel | 22 novembre 2019

@Kcloud -- that's exactly why Ford wimped-out and made their brand new EV looks like granddaddy's Mustang.

sbeggs | 23 novembre 2019

Email arrived this am, truck image appeared below our Model S on account page within one hour of placing order morning after reveal event.

nwfan | 23 novembre 2019

Ordered my CT AWD. Interest is massive. Hearing from people who I never imagined being interested in Tesla. Time to increase my position in Tesla during the latest hit. When per orders are released and battery breakthrough that got us to the 39.5 price. Watch the stock price double. Ford and GM will be begging to license the tech.

peterbhc | 23 novembre 2019

Just preordered my DeLorean 4x4! I sure hope when Full Self Driving package arrives it also comes equipped with a flux capacitor so I can go back in time and buy more Tesla stock!

andrewl101 | 23 novembre 2019

I ordered AWD last night. Still waiting for confirmation email.

obt | 24 novembre 2019

@jithesh the 2.9 0-60 is for the $70K tri motor.

Josh J | 29 novembre 2019

How long does it take to receive the pre order confirmation email?? I created an account just after. Where will it show?

fvdm | 1 février 2020

I placed my order, the money is out of my account but I gave them the wrong email address, Now what? I can’t get the confirmation email and I can’t get hold of anyone at Tesla to help me fix my problem. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Lonestar10_1999 | 1 février 2020

I suggest you go to a Tesla showroom and speak with a Sales Rep. It’s difficult to get resolution with online tools. | 1 février 2020

@fvdm - This can be messy as Tesla does not want people to switch your paid orders to someone else as might be easy to do on a phone call or by email. I like @Loanestar's idea best.

andy.connor.e | 1 février 2020

log in with that account email and cancel the reservation. If an account under that email doesnt exist, then you can just make a tesla account with that email then cancel the reservation.

noleaf4me | 2 février 2020

Musk said it may take 3-4 years to fill all the orders for the CybrTruck. I wonder what that means? No word of scheduled capacity so this could be a few hundred thousands to a million or more?!?