Will the CyberTruck grow on us?

Will the CyberTruck grow on us?

The design is way out there, maybe too far for the masses. My first reaction was WOW! cool truck but probably not for me. But as the presentation came to a close I decided to put a deposit down for just in case it grows on me. I think it has... After a discussion with a friend we talked about how much attention this truck is getting (people in drive throughs, neighbors, parking lots and almost everyone at the LA Auto Show had an opinion and wanted to talk about it and thats just in the first 24 hours. The truck is still 2 years away before we see them on the streets but by then we will be blasted with images, YouTube videos, social media and main stream media reports.

The truck today seems alien to most but by the time it comes out we will be somewhat of a norm and we all will be a little more numb and accepting to the shockingly crazy design we see today.


joe.mark.cimino | 24 novembre 2019

I can't believe it but after seeing it in all black ( I placed my preorder. I totally hated it when I first saw it but it grows on you like an addictive drug, and I use my pickup so much for hauling ww boats, mt bikes and snowboards. p.s. Totally love our Model 3.

andy.connor.e | 24 novembre 2019

Its growing on me for sure!

mikeng6274 | 24 novembre 2019

It grow on me also. I ordered it the next day. We now have about two years or longer to dream about it. Tesla is very smart, they design their car to make money. That is why they make their car or truck as simple as possible, at the same time it is practical, safest, user friendly, fun and futuristic vehicle. Just hang in. Our dream will come true.

kyle | 24 novembre 2019

I placed my order already, mainly because of the interior, but the outside is growing on me.

bgbythsea | 24 novembre 2019

It took me about 36 hours to warm up to it and place reservation. I don’t really need a truck though, but might have to have it anyway.

Bond 007 | 24 novembre 2019

It’s a wonderful feeling when utter disgust and revulsion gradually gives way to acceptance, admiration, and finally desire.
Never had a Tesla before, but I declare that Tesla is the coolest car company on the planet at present.

Ross1 | 24 novembre 2019

I think the attrition rate..could well be offset by it growing on folk over the wait period, so I wouldnt worry about stock value falling for want of C orders. Holding long.
You know, it is more possible to buy a C than a Y from profits on the stock. Think I would go for the C but if we had a mini C , it would be more useable.

jimglas | 25 novembre 2019

Over 200k and $10 billion in orders now
Banwupcy for sure!