So let us now spec a baby version of CYBRTRK. Update: Musk plans smaller CYBRTRK

So let us now spec a baby version of CYBRTRK. Update: Musk plans smaller CYBRTRK

I think it would be interesting to spec a mini truck now, seeing the various reactions to what is almost a monster truck./

Ross1 | 24 novembre 2019

I am thinking: 4 seats, 4 ft bed, big wheels, slab-sided SS with no paint, but in lighter gauge.
Sits on MY skate, 2 stack battery packs, same flat windscreen but convertible top, the rollup tonneau could go right over to the windscreen.
Adaptable to LH or RH drive.
Swims. Ludicrous Plaid etc,
SpaceX thruster options a la Roadster

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2019

Make it stop.

Ross1 | 24 novembre 2019


Ross1 | 24 novembre 2019

Big wheels allows big brakes

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2019

The off topics have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Ross1 | 24 novembre 2019

When we get a C forum we can all shift our threads over

Shesmyne2 | 24 novembre 2019

In the meantime go to General please

Still Grinning ;-)

Bond 007 | 24 novembre 2019

I would absolutely order one right now if there were a smaller version of Cybertruck. A full size truck is probably bit too much for me at present. I’m hoping Tesla would make it somehow. I’m okay even if the design is exactly the same but in 3/4th size with some reduced performance metrics. I hope someone is listening.

crt6598 | 25 novembre 2019

Configuration options such as the following should be offered on full size CT:

- Crew Cab, 5.5ft bed
- Crew Cab, 6.5ft bed
- Single Cab, 8ft bed

Other than that, if they want to offer a Ranger/Colorado sized wheelbase of CT that would be their call (prob after the initial ramp up of CT, or on a special order basis maybe?).

I actually think a mid size CT variant may put the nail in ICE truck’s coffins (or finish off whatever remains after the full size CT officially begins it’s path of disruption).

The platform/design should work on these CT variants.

BadgerErickson | 25 novembre 2019

No, STOP being the merchants of Tesla Doubt: STOP. This is a full size truck in development. If you cannot appreciate that just go to the mini-truck market please, and develop it your self!

Ross1 | 25 novembre 2019

Wearing my futurist/visionary hat, I cant help myself seeing the trend

BadgerErickson | 26 novembre 2019

Seeing what "trend"? Mini trucks have been around for 40 years of their mediocrity!!! STOP! Please stop! NEVER have I heard someone say, GOSH I wish I had a SMALLER truck!?! Why are you doing this?

Ross1 | 26 novembre 2019

So much for your intelligentia.

Asked on Twitter whether he would be launching a smaller version, Musk replied that Tesla would "probably" do a mid-size Cybertruck, too.

"Long term, it probably makes sense to build a smaller Cybertruck too," Musk wrote in a Tweet.

Ross1 | 26 novembre 2019

Adjusted the heading 26/Nov 19

crt6598 | 26 novembre 2019

Teslarati,com posted an article about this very same topic yesterday. Elon is now officially “The Undertaker”!!.

BadgerErickson | 26 novembre 2019

Ross1, The One NEEDS, to have a smaller truck in his life and only Tesla can do it right NOW. EVERYone come together for Ross 1 and serve this narcissist what he needs!!!? No. Take your meds, get some sleep.

gballant4570 | 26 novembre 2019

BadgerErickson, Elon Musk is planning to make a smaller Cybertruck. He not only mentioned that recently, but also months ago when the idea of the Cybertruck was first officially floated. The "mid-size" truck market is a good one, especially outside the USA. While I've had several full sized trucks, I've had more smaller trucks and have preferred them the last 20 years or so. I did however pre-order a dual motor Cybertruck - maybe that will move me back toward larger. Maybe you are the one who needs a pill tonight....

Just_Ted | 26 novembre 2019

Having grown up in the Midwest, I say “Meh!” To ANY “truck” you can’t stick a full sheet of plywood in the back of. Otherwise, what’s the point? I see soooooo many 4wd “off-road capable” vehicles that have only been “off road” when they were running over the begonias clipping the corner of the driveway, and huuuge trucks parked (poorly) in downtown tight parking spaces in dense urban areas... senseless!

gballant4570 | 26 novembre 2019

Just_Ted, I moved on from thinking about full sheets of plywood about 25 years ago.....and nothing special about the midwest involved....

Ross1 | 26 novembre 2019

How many sheets of plywood can you need, one at a time. If you cant afford the delivery, you are on the wrong forum.
And why pay megabucks so you can take home a sheet of plywood x times in your life?
Reminds me of our ex poster bB0tin: had to be able to get a 4x8 in a MX, he ends up buying 5 Teslas for airport passenger pickups but lost his all because Tesa doesnt give free power to commercial operators.
And as he said he was marter than any of us, ...

Ross1 | 26 novembre 2019

correction: smarter. In the top 1% of the population. (of NZ).

Ross1 | 26 novembre 2019

I expect he will pop up directly to refute something...

Magic 8 Ball | 27 novembre 2019

I used to carry full sheets on top of a VW bug, just sayn'.

Bighorn | 27 novembre 2019

Even big trucks have bed extenders for long lumber. No reason CT can’t figure that out for the exceedingly rare situation when you’re resheathing your roof.

TabascoGuy | 27 novembre 2019

I think one of the reasons mid-sized trucks even came into existence was due to the fact that many full size trucks got as low as 8 mpg. People just couldn't stomach spending that much money on fuel.

With EV trucks, that's no longer an issue. Time will tell what the demand for a baby truck is.

drjmaj | 27 novembre 2019

Where I live, parking lots and spaces are sized for big trucks, and the only reason for a midsize is a few mpgs. When I am in LA, I have the use of a compact SUV and even that is a tight fit in parking lots there. Defintely wouldn't enjoy manuevering a 231" long vehicle in those.

Tuning In | 27 novembre 2019

My previous job provided us with F150 SuperCrew 4x4's as company vehicles. I wanted smaller because it was just a pain to have to maneuver something so large for the 20k+ miles that I drove a year. There was no reason to have something that large. If I needed to haul something that was that big and heavy, I'd use LUGG anyhow.

WW_spb | 27 novembre 2019

Small truck small Raqball )

Tuning In | 27 novembre 2019

Big truck = compensating for small _____

jimglas | 27 novembre 2019


carlk | 27 novembre 2019

Forget about small pickups which rarely makes sense. Just get an small SUV if you must.

This design idea is perfect for future economy car below Model 3 Elon mentioned he might do though. A compact hatchback below X or compact SUV below Y with this design language would kill all those compact Toyota's, Honda's, VW's and Subaru's. | 27 novembre 2019

@Ross1 - Actually there is no commitment to make a smaller truck, although I can see it making sense someday. Here are Elon's exact words:

"Long term, it probably makes sense to build a smaller Cybertruck too"

(Twitter Nov 24, 2019)

AWDTesla | 27 novembre 2019

How about you guys worry about Tesla making and delivering the Roadster, Model Y and Cybertruck before hoping another model comes.

rob | 27 novembre 2019

because I don't want a Roadster or Model Y.
I ordered a CyberTruck but here are my requirements:
- must be able to move my kids' dorm fridge to their new apartments
- must go 0-60 in 2.7 sec or less.

bjrosen | 27 novembre 2019

I want a Cyberjeep not a Cybertruck or even a small Cybertruck. These are the features of the truck that I want to see in a small vehicle,

500 mile range
Air suspension
Stainless steel body

I absolutely don't want anything the size of a truck. I don't want a truck bed and I don't want to haul anything, basically I have no interest in a truck. But I would like to be able to drive down rutted unpaved roads (variable suspension needed), I want don't want to worry about getting dinged (stainless steel body), and I want to be able to take a road trip in winter (500 mile range would be 300 in winter, that's good enough with Superchargers, and 500 miles means never having to stop at a Supercharger in summer). I'm pretty sure there will be a range bump in the Model 3 in the next year or two when they introduce the Maxwell batteries. The Model 3 was supposed to have an air suspension option but they canned it probably because they are protecting Model S sales but I wouldn't be surprised if they add it back when they do the battery upgrade, don't think we will see stainless steel in anything except the truck.

PECo CT | 28 novembre 2019

+1 @bjrosen

I need a tow vehicle with enough real-world below-freezing range to tie my boat to the river for the winter holdover striped bass bite. I don’t need a full-size truck.

I share @bjrosen’s wish list, but would add a tight turning radius of less than 19 feet.

To all the angry folks, why so angry? Different strokes for different folks. I hope that there’s enough of a market for Tesla or another manufacturer to produce what I want.

gballant4570 | 28 novembre 2019

Smaller Cybertruck would be a big seller in Europe for anyone who wants an EV truck. Larger trucks in those places are simply too much a pain to drive, narrow roads, small parking spaces, less room to park at home most of the time, etc....

"Real" truck people in the USA sure are a thin skinned lot.....

There will be one, you can count on it.

Tuning In | 28 novembre 2019

Real truck people (which excludes contractors) buy trucks for the image that they want to portray, so yes they are very emotionally fragile. Everyone look how big and tough I look, but don`t scratch my bedliner!

Bond 007 | 28 novembre 2019

Totally agree with @bjrosen. I would love a version of Cybertruck with all those features. Fully covered stainless steel exterior (no truck like bed), air suspension, smaller size (but similar mars rover like design), and good battery range. I will be all over it if Tesla makes that.

prl99 | 29 novembre 2019

I did a comparison of the Cybertruck to my 2013 Tacoma double cab, TRD off-road. Here's the comparison

length width height bed size curb-weight gross-weight
Cybertruck 231.7 79.8 75.0 6.5-ft
2013 Tacoma 208.1 74.6 70.1 5.0-ft 4155 lbs 5450 lbs 4.0L/6cyl
2020 Tacoma 212.3 75.2 70.6 5.0-ft 4425 lbs 5600 lbs 3.5L/6cyl (new one needs to lose some weight!)

Unfortunately, all trucks are getting larger and that means less room on the roads and especially parking spaces. The initial dimensions for the Cybertruck are more in line with the F-150 SuperCrew size, which I feel most people need a step ladder to get in and out of and need four parking places to safely park. I would have hoped Tesla would have come out with something more in line with the Tacoma (my year) but I still ordered mine.

noelserrano199 | 29 novembre 2019

I would love a full size SUV style Cybertruck. Something about the Model X falcon doors turns me off.

Dre Moto | 29 novembre 2019

Hope a lot of potential buyers agree with bjrosen. A smaller footprint cyber jeep is useful for going out in nature (trails often are not wide, have sharp turns, etc) AND dealing with the urban jungle.
If done right, it would be great for home improvement / business too.
BTW as DYI guy, I use a lot of 4x8 sheets (not a single one for a roof),
Unfortunately since I do not have an electric option, I have to use a jeep renegade . Smallest footprint, best gas mileage option (and still quite crappy). Works great for off / on road use.

spuzzz123 | 30 novembre 2019

Yeah the truck is too big for my garage. Parking outdoors is possible but takes a lot of convenience out of home charging. And as cool as it is, I just don’t need a big truck. I totally understand though why tesla started big - starting out small, would establish a reputation as a wimpy truck brand. I am super impressed at the attention tesla grabbed from conventional truck owners.

Ross1 | 30 novembre 2019

The Cybertruck is nearly 20 ft long. 2317 inches.
Compare this to a 59 Cadillac: its about 3 inches longer than the Caddy.
Much longer than Hummer H2 and H3.

Of course there is a market, (and a bigger market) than the just announced version.
So I read on the forum here that people are already cancelling orders (due to excessive length). This didnt happen with M3.

poloX | 1 décembre 2019

How about just change the suspension of the MY or the MX and turn them into a small and Mid CT?

Wormtown Kris | 1 décembre 2019

People, we are all on the same side. NO need to turn on each other.
Ross and bj et al are well within their right to hope for/request a CyberUte/ CyberJeep/ CyberRanger/ whatever. Outside of the US, the smaller pickups are big sellers, and it could be a nice future market for Tesla to tackle. The CyberTruck is rather too large for many markets, much as the Model S/X are.
At the same time, the CT is what it is. It is a product that is in the pre-production queue. Tesla is a small manufacturer, and cannot simultaneously launch multiple Cyber vehicles. This is a US company, and in their home market, the top 3 selling vehicle models are full size pick-up trucks. There are already over 300,000 reservations (net of cancellations). Everyone who put in a reservation knew/should know how big the vehicle is. Between the proximate size on stage vs Elon and Franz, the F150 tug-of-war video, and the test ride footage, I don't think it was a surprise to anyone that this is a 231" long vehicle.
The US full size truck market has a large distribution of folks who variously: use their Rams and F150/250s for work, at the farm, to tow a few times per year, and yes, as a Bro Truck to look cool in the parking lot at work. It is what it is.
Some contractors who have the misfortune to have to pick up their own frame loads at the box stores actually feel this truck is too small because there isn't an 8' bed. There is no need to make up stories that people are cancelling because the truck is too big.
Tesla had to create the Model S before we got the 3. Similarly, their first foray into the huge and diverse pickup truck market is a large vehicle. It gets everyone on this thread a step closer to their dream vehicle, whether it be a Subaru Brat sized Ute, a Navigator/Suburban sized SUV, a bedless off-road vehicle, a compact stainless steel tank, or whatever. This skateboard-and-battery set-up can be the base platform for future variations, and the SS origami body can be adapted to various form-factors.
But in order for any of these other variations to come to light, the revolutionary CyberTruck has to be a success. It is a paradigm shift. (And it is likely to "inspire" other OEMs. If the CT is a huge success, other brands might jump on some of these proposed alternate cyber vehicles, even if Tesla doesn't).
So please, lets share our ideas for what we'd like to see. But no need for sour grapes or name calling, because everybody seems to have a different version of their ideal vehicle. And no one is wrong.