Heated steering wheel

Heated steering wheel

Current 2014 MS owner; wife getting her MS delivered by year's end.
For a surprise Xmas gift I'm thinking of getting an aftermarket two-toned steering wheel.
Two options: a re-wrapped wheel that keeps the heating element intact; a more solid (and expensive) version but without the heating element.
My question: Is the OEM heated steering wheel really nice or is it just "meh"?
I get that it probably come down to personal preference but maybe I can solicit some opinions about it.
For instance, does it stay on, or does it time-out?
Thanks for any/all input!

bryan.hopkins | 28 novembre 2019

If you’re in a cold climate, it is wonderful. I hate driving with gloves on, with a heated steering wheel, my hands don’t get cold. It does stay on u til you turn it off.

spineeric | 28 novembre 2019

The Tesla heated steering wheel is one of the best I have used. Some heated wheels seem to take a long time to warm up. Some do not get warm enough. Some get hot. Some only heat the 3-ish and 9-ish positions. Tesla heats the entire steering wheel no matter where you grab, it stays on, and the heating temperature is about right for me. It is part of your Driver Profile, and if you preheat the car, you get into a warm car with warm seat and steering wheel.

Sailfast | 28 novembre 2019

I agree with Bryan. I like it a lot. My wife says it gets too hot so she doesn’t use it. If I phave the wheel hot when i park at home and preheat the next morning, the wheel is nice and hot when i get in.

mizunosan | 28 novembre 2019

The OEM heated steering wheel is better than what I used to have n my BMW. Just the ability to turn it on via the mobile app and walking into a car with a warm steering wheel and cabin is so great about the Tesla!

Spooky | 29 novembre 2019

So far, four thumbs up, and one thumbs down. Thanx for your input !

Anthony J. Parisio | 1 décembre 2019

Same here. The best heated wheel I have ever had in any of my high end cars. It can get a bit hot but it is very fast to heat up.

sr.smr | 1 décembre 2019

It is on the hot side when fully warmed, which is fine with me. But I do miss the option, which I believe dated back to V9, when you could choose the level of heat by repeatedly touching the steering wheel icon similar to touching the seat icon to toggle between settings.

barrykmd | 1 décembre 2019

I don't recall ever having a "lolume" control on the heated steering wheel. it was either on or off.

BarryQ | 1 décembre 2019


TSLC | 2 décembre 2019

I too felt it gets too hot in the loaners I have had and is uncomfortable for me personally. I think the ability to preheat the cabin prevents my desire to use it, but then again I am in the populated inter-mountain west not the great frozen north so sub zero temps are not nearly as common.

BarryQ | 2 décembre 2019

I use it in Las Vegas NV, where it is a brutally cold 40°F!

barrykmd | 3 décembre 2019

DOn't worry BarryQ. It will be back to triple digits before you know it.

BarryQ | 3 décembre 2019

Thank Elon!