First Audi, now Daimler is cutting 10K jobs

First Audi, now Daimler is cutting 10K jobs

Here is the story:

Switch to electric cars (cough cough, Tesla) is being blamed for this one.

Both Toyota and Daimler had invested in Tesla, only to sell their stake as things got more competitive with their own cars.

Toyota is still in denial, (as is GM) doubling down with a new RWD version of their Mirai.

Bow down to the electric tide, or perish. :-)

jimglas | 29 novembre 2019

Tesla bankwupt for sure
All the tezlakillers on the horizon

SamO | 29 novembre 2019

But I was told repeatedly that the “Big guys” could pivot to EVs and eat Tesla’s lunch.

Bankruptcy lulz.

PrescottRichard | 29 novembre 2019

HOW is it that a good chunk of the auto industry says electric cars are not a thing for the masses at this time AND another part of the industry is cutting jobs because of electric cars?

I realize the ‘industry’ is not a monolith, but this is crazy!

Also consider that Daimler has 300k people working for them worldwide according to that link, still jobs lost in the ‘five figures’ is a good chunk.

RedShift | 29 novembre 2019

GM even says the number one reason (they list 2-3 more, in an article on CNN) people say they won’t buy an EV is lack of charging infrastructure. And they didn’t invest in one of their own.


jordanrichard | 30 novembre 2019

Recently the President of GM cited 3 reasons/hurtles for mass adoption of EVs. Of course they were all based and purposely listed to perpetuate the myths about EVs. Infrastructure being the big one. Clearly, failing to mention that one can charge at home or at work. Also he logic could have easily been listed as reasons why the car couldn’t replace the horse because gas stations were not on every street corner at the beginning. He also cited the minimum range a “consumer clinic” group said they needed. On one hand GM and others pin their entire argument against the need to create a large range EV, on the often quoted, “.....the average commune is only 40 miles a day”. Now they cited people want at least 300 mile range. This thought process is based on the old way/habit of “fueling” up one’s car when the tank is empty and not wanting to refuel until the tank is empty again.

Tropopause | 1 décembre 2019

Good thing a new Tesla Gigafactory is coming soon to Germany.

Mark K | 1 décembre 2019

Yep, and some of the brightest engineering stars in Germany will go where the most exciting change is happening.

The Grohmann acquisition was brilliant business strategy, and a harbinger.

Germany has fantastic engineering talent. They will add significant thrust to Tesla’s tsunami of new technology.

German-built Tesla’s will be a great national pride point for Germany, just as China is achieving right now.

Chinese Tesla staff are visibly excited, and proud to be working for a global leader of essential change.

Folks in both Beijing and Munich alike, want to better lives with cleaner air.

What’s not to like if you’re a citizen of any of those countries, or the rest of the world.

Big scary problems are getting solved.

Optimism is growing.

NKYTA | 1 décembre 2019


Wormtown Kris | 1 décembre 2019

As mentioned above, the charging infrastructure case is SUCH a BS argument! We went with the LR battery because I wanted the peace of mind about range. The SuperCharger system is well-built out in our area. In our first 15K miles, we have used SuperChargers exactly twice. And one of those was more out of convenience/peace of mind than necessity. Most consumers want 300+ mile range and actually need ~40 miles per day.
So guess what you need to do, OEMs? Sell a 300 mile range vehicle AND build a charging infrastructure. Or don't, and have a pity party when Tesla continues to eat your lunch.

jordanrichard | 2 décembre 2019

Cathcold, and what apps are you pushing? What are they the “best” at?

RedShift | 2 décembre 2019


AFAIK it’s a streaming tv service. Just flag the spammer.

blue adept | 5 décembre 2019

With all of these automotive "job cuts" I'd be concerned of the potential for the possibility of corporate espionage should some of the unemployed workers make their way to Tesla ranks...

It happens.

blue adept | 5 décembre 2019

With all of these automotive "job cuts" I'd be concerned of the potential for the possibility of corporate espionage should some of the unemployed workers make their way to Tesla ranks...

It happens.

FISHEV | 5 décembre 2019

Tesla is two steps ahead of them again.

"Tesla Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Bracing for an Uncertain Future Elon Musk's automaker is laying off 7 percent of its full-time staff as it leans into the tough job of building mass-market cars."

PrescottRichard | 5 décembre 2019

Yeah, they did do that back in January.

What is Tesla doing now?

Darthamerica | 5 décembre 2019

I've seldom seen so much misunderstanding as in this thread. Tesla is great but never get high on your own supply! I truly hope that Tesla turns the "Big Three" into "Big Four". But don't think for an instant that any of these layoffs have anything to do with mass adoptions of EVs or that Tesla has caught people flat-footed. It isn't like that at all.

NKYTA | 5 décembre 2019

“ But don't think for an instant that any of these layoffs have anything to do with mass adoptions of EVs or that Tesla has caught people flat-footed. It isn't like that at all.”

It is exactly that.

Plus entrenched ideology, plus Big Oil, plus Trillions in subsidies, plus bankruptcy, plus emissions cheating.

It is utterly stupid to anyone with common sense. Completely lacking here.

FISHEV | 6 décembre 2019

"But don't think for an instant that any of these layoffs have anything to do with mass adoptions of EVs or that Tesla has caught people flat-footed. It isn't like that at all."

So true. Just the down cycle of car sales worldwide. Seen it before, we'll see it again and again. EV sales are minuscule and those are down also since China, leading EV market, cut back on subsidies.

SamO | 6 décembre 2019

Darth and Fish, two trolls in a pod. Getting everything consistently and stupidly wrong, over and over again.

You guys should meet offline and give each other back rubs.

RedShift | 6 décembre 2019

Despite what the OP link says, it is not due to electrics, you all.

Please listen to these geniuses who know better than everyone else. Tesla is not great, BEV sales small, ICEVs forever.

Rah rah.

Darthamerica | 6 décembre 2019

@RedShift, what industry isn't constantly optimizing, shifting resources and using automation to be more cost efficient? Some here are reacting as if customers are walking in to dealers and asking, "hey, do you have an EV? No? Ok bye...". This is not the case. Instead at the officer and board level they are saying that those new machines and techniques allow us to meet demand with fewer resources. They are also saying that timing is right to introduce more EVs in the line up in accordance with long planned product roadmaps.

TabascoGuy | 6 décembre 2019

"long planned product roadmaps" is not the reason other manufacturers are adding EV's to their product line.

Gawd you are full of horseshit.

Darthamerica | 6 décembre 2019

Yeah because a guy named Tabasco thinks EVs, production lines and demand forecast are thought up overnight. You are truly clueless.

TabascoGuy | 6 décembre 2019

I didn't say any of that. Keep up the nonsense.

RedShift | 6 décembre 2019


“ Some here are reacting as if customers are walking in to dealers and asking, "hey, do you have an EV? No? Ok bye...".”

That’s not what we are doing. Why do you make it about people? Can’t you just take a story, analyze it for the facts presented? Why do you have to make it about you vs us? Especially since you are one of us?

I’ve told you before, this is a fan site. You have to get over the fact that people love Tesla with a passion reserved for very special products. Apple had that. Tesla has it.

You need to let go of your hate. This is not about blind worship of fanboys. It’s more than that.

We are not dating gasoline will end tomorrow. However, the writing is on the wall, and electric is the future. Your timeline of till 2050... whatever, may be true, maybe not. It’s pointless to argue about that.

RedShift | 6 décembre 2019


Ross1 | 6 décembre 2019

It just happens that the numbers KLegacies are putting off = what Tesla is putting on.

Unfortunately the hordes of job applicants in Germany will be those sacked by Legacies.
Sounds intelligent of them.

Ross1 | 6 décembre 2019

I mean, Tesla will be swamped with rejects of MB, VW etc

blue adept | 6 décembre 2019

Hence the reason for the expression of my concern about the potential for 'corporate espionage', I mean, you have to admit that it's the perfect scenario to enable someone(s) from a competing automaker to infiltrate Tesla under the pretense of seeking employment as a skilled and experienced worker/engineer after being 'let go' only to surreptitiously acquire crucial construction, fabrication and/or operational information, perhaps even to sabotage critical infrastructure, just to get a leg up on Tesla and/or to halt their progress.

Again, 'it happens'.

Darthamerica | 6 décembre 2019

@Redshift I wasn't aware before I joined the Tesla community 7 years ago that people knew so little about the Auto market, energy or industry. But I find that I have to keep reminding myself that Tesla really isn't an Auto company. It's a Tech company that also makes cars. The early adopters mostly aren't car fans.

NKYTA | 6 décembre 2019

Except those that have driven on a real track and realize that you haven’t.

Do I need to go down to Laguna Seca again!?!

We get that you know, and spout nada about NADA, and are getting paid by Big Oil, and now Porsche.

CyberTruck just blew you up, didn’t it? Your Texas truck buddies might disown OC buds. You can’t keep up.

RedShift | 6 décembre 2019


I know a lot about cars. NYKTA does. JAD does, and more so than anyone here, possibly. And there are many more. Every car forum will have knowledgeable ones and the not so knowledgeable ones. Who made you judge and jury to decide we should be this way or that? Wouldn’t it be fair for us to say, ‘if you don’t like it here, you could always leave’?

Is it that you take pleasure in castigating others, and in return being almost persecuted by everyone here? Is that a good way to be?

teslu3 | 7 décembre 2019

"Tesla will be swamped with rejects". Probably. But also swamped with applicants who are superb at what they do, are tired of companies that restrict them and wish to work for a true leading company among similar inspired and excellent people. In Silicon Valley (and similar Silicon * locations) it is common to leave a company after a few years and hop to a better job. Tesla is a target for such people. Having worked for Ford and interviewed at GM, I saw the culture of job security and do what your told, don't rock the boat. Tesla is a fundamentally different company; rejects will be rejected.

Darthamerica | 7 décembre 2019

@Redshift people who knows the auto industry knows that this is not unusual and it's not because of Tesla.

SamO | 7 décembre 2019

Darth is right. It’s not because of Tesla. It’s because they make shitty ICE that can’t compete with Tesla.
Residual values stink and feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche.

Sad for the workers because management is incompetent and cannot innovate.

RedShift | 7 décembre 2019


Now you are being pompous.

Darthamerica | 7 décembre 2019

@Redshift not at all. You just have a disproportionate view of Tesla's impact/influence. Call it fan based delusions of grandeur.

Mark K | 7 décembre 2019

Darth is like the stranger who comes to Rome, and declares everyone too Roman.

It’s a conspicuously unnatural posture, contrived for pay, from his client.

jimglas | 7 décembre 2019

if he earns enough nickels
he can buy new wheels for the house

blue adept | 9 décembre 2019


Are you making fun of me...again?

andy.connor.e | 9 décembre 2019

Darth doesnt like Tesla. So he spends time on Tesla forums. Makes 50 sense. (cents?)

sklancha | 9 décembre 2019

@Andy- dont presume @Darth doesn't like Tesla- he owns one, and from what I am seeing, he has owned one for a while. You might find him more pallatable if you see him as a wife-beater without a wife to beat, or a disgruntled employee that would be fired if he told his boss what he really thought (not saying either are true)- these sites can be a magnet for the disempowered that need a safe place to ventilate. A provocateur. And he apparently is very good at getting under the skin of the most loyal fanboys and the most intellectual contributors. (multitalented)

Darthamerica | 9 décembre 2019

I love Tesla, that's why I drive them. It's also why I'm a skeptic and the biggest critic. When you stop seeing your faults, that's when competitors show up and show them to you.

crt6598 | 9 décembre 2019

Former (or soon to be former) Audi, Daimler (and even BMW for that matter) will likely apply for GF4 jobs. There’s definitely going to be a need for their expertise there for sure.

I think cryptically the writing was on the wall when Elon recently won the Golden Steering Wheel Award (which was awarded by German/European entities no less).

It is truly remarkable to see an American based company, led by a South African visionary win this award in Germany, which has notable quality automakers based there (Porsche and VW included).

In truth German automakers should have done better to move into the EV space more aggressively years ago. If they procrastinate until GF4 comes online, it will be too late. The Taycan, E-Tron, Buzz, EQC should have been on the market by 2016 (pre Model 3 reveal), not 2019.

Instead their customers watch the Performance Model 3 hit the market in 2017, with no viable EV offerings from these automakers on the market.

In short, it is a funeral of their own making by failing to innovate in a viable way for the consumer, the environment, and the company. A model that Tesla has proven true with the 11 month completion of GF3.

Tropopause | 9 décembre 2019
NKYTA | 10 décembre 2019

"Ok Beemer" lol

blue adept | 10 décembre 2019


Actually Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda are, one and all, all VW, yet they still can't produce even one(1) electric car!

I agree with your assessment of Tesla's accomplishments, against all odds, and German automaker's negligence in adapting to prevailing market trends and growing consumer sentiment for pollution and conflict-free transportation through the adoption of new automotive technology.

RedShift | 10 décembre 2019


It’s pronounced ‘Bimmer’, boomer. :-)

BadgerErickson | 14 décembre 2019

See the change, be the change, adapt, overcome, or perish.

jimglas | 14 décembre 2019

I called mine a beemer