Big bang

Big bang

Driving home tonight I felt and heard a large bang that made me thing I’d been hit by the car behind. It made the car shake! On stopping and checking the car over there was no discernible damage. The car had been parked all day in a public car park with the ambient temperature about 7 degrees. I had only been driving for about 2 minutes when it happened. I suspect this is something to do with the battery heating up. Has anyone else experienced this sort of large audible bang accompanied by a shudder in the car?

Mike UpNorth_ | 3 décembre 2019


M3phan | 3 décembre 2019

Not all cars experience this but it is not abnormal.

GHammer | 3 décembre 2019

Normal, temperature changes, supercharging, elevation changes.

jamilworm | 3 décembre 2019

I had something similar happen to me recently, I was taking a turn after being stopped at a light and heard a loud bang from the rear of the car, and I thought I had hit something in the road. But later there was no evidence of it.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 4 décembre 2019

I heard Big Bang made it all possible

andy.connor.e | 4 décembre 2019


aslammazad | 4 décembre 2019

Same has happened to me a few times while backing out of my garage in the morning.

jimglas | 4 décembre 2019

it just a theory

Magic 8 Ball | 4 décembre 2019

With no other bangs to compare to, why big bang?

Joshan | 4 décembre 2019

Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries
That all started with the big bang! Hey!

804son | 4 décembre 2019

@GHammer, Thanks for the listing, I had a large bang once pulling up a long stretch through the rockies, loud enough I actually pulled over and checked to make sure I hadn't run over something or the semi next to me hadn't dropped something and I had inadvertently hit it. Wish I had known this at the time. I certainly had 2 out of the 3 conditions you stated (elevation change and temperature change). Now it all makes sense....

CharleyBC | 4 décembre 2019

The first time it’s quite alarming if you haven’t heard to expect it. And even when you know it’s normal, it can be startling. That’s my Big Bang theory.

Fuzzball | 4 décembre 2019

Dont let the wife know about the big bang with your Tesla...they already jealous

babagua | 4 décembre 2019

I bang my knee hurrying to get inside my 3.

Andrecan | 4 décembre 2019

I drive my car every day and leave at 4AM in the Catskill Mountains in cold temperatures..I hear a bang from the right rear as I am going down the 2000 foot mountain somewhere around 1200 feet down, usually in cold weather when I lift my foot off the gas and I have a high charge and limited regen.

Andrecan | 4 décembre 2019

Sorry. When I lift off the Accelerator, not gas:-)

Magic 8 Ball | 4 décembre 2019

"Sorry. When I lift off the Accelerator, not gas:-)"

Full flame narrowly averted, nicely done!

andy.connor.e | 4 décembre 2019

Nice save. You were about to get gassed

Bighorn | 4 décembre 2019

If you want to read dozens of threads, search for "clunk".

Smhach | 4 décembre 2019

"What came after the big bang? The big cigarette." - Johnny Carson

jimglas | 4 décembre 2019

well done Smhach