Supercharger Availability

Supercharger Availability

Up until a long road trip to Atlanta from DC for Thanksgiving I've only had to use a Supercharger a handful of times and usually was the only one at them (even around Richmond, VA where I've gone twice to an 18 stall supercharger on a couple of mid-range trips) so was interested to see my experience on the trip to Atlanta. I stayed off of 95 and took Rt. 29 to 85 to get from Northern VA to Atlanta.

The first stop was in Charlottesville at their 8 stall supercharger. Just one other car there on the way down at around 9 AM on Tuesday and three at 5 PM on Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The second stop was in Greesnboro, NC at another 8 stall supercharger. On Tuesday around noon there were four cars there, but two stalls did not work so there were two open chargers. On the way home there were 9 cars there when I arrived (again around noon on Saturday), but with the two broken chargers had to get in line and wait about 15 minutes.

The final stop was in Greenville, NC right off of Rt. 85 around 4 PM (which I thought would be the busiest location being right next to the busy highway) and for the 8 stalls only about 4 four taken on the way down and just a couple of the way back.

So all in all not much issue with them being too crowded (and all were smaller 8 stall ones) with the exception of the Greensboro one on the Saturday return, but that was because of two broken stalls.

My question for the board is what has your experience been on trips along major routes with superchargers? Have you had to wait long or are stalls usually open? My concern is that as each quarter goes by and more Teslas are sold (esp as Model Y comes out) that the superchargers are going to start to become completely full along these routes and wait times will increase. it doesn't look like there are too many planned in the near future in this part of the country so hoping Musk has plans to potentially expand existing ones.

rsingh05 | 4 décembre 2019

I dont think anyone can predict how traffic will grow and how exactly Tesla will address the growth. However, here are some data points:

1) I've been using superchargers for over a year along the busiest routes in California, as well as one ~4k mile trip to Canada over the July 4th weekend. Up until this Thanksgiving, I never had to wait for a S/C stall with 2 exceptions where I waited 5-10 minutes. Even on Thanksgiving day, I waited 15-20 minutes at SLO, and at Atascadero. On the same dates, I had zero wait at Salinas, for example - most stalls were open.

2) Even this Thanksgiving, Tesla is experimenting with new approaches like a Semi based mobile supercharger. This means that they recognize the issue and are coming up with creative ways to address it.

3) Literally any other mode of travel will have delays - think of thousands of passengers delayed because of flight cancellations over the weekend.

Tronguy | 4 décembre 2019

Been bombing up and down I95 and the area from Boston to South Carolina, what with relatives and vacations. The only crowded SC I've seen is the one in Framingham, MA. We've been lucky each time we've used the thing and went in and charged, but twice over the past 12 months or so there's been a line when we left.
Let's see: Outside of that one, we've used four others in MA, CT, and NY, and there's always been relatively few when we happened to bomb on by.
We happen to live in Central Jersey; within about 10 miles of here there's four (!) supercharger locations, two with 8, one with 4, and another with 16. Out of curiosity I check the fill on these; the one in Edison gets full, rarely. Even during Thanksgiving it never got really full.
On the way to and from South Carolina The SC's were never full; but the one at the airport for Savannah was kind of a disappointment, since one had to pay to enter the parking log where the things were located.
I expect that as more and more Tesla's hit the road more SC's will have to be built. And the area around 95 in Boston is crying out for a few, since there seems to be some downtown, some 20 miles away, but hardly any in the belt around the city where most people live.

gballant4570 | 4 décembre 2019

I have never waited to charge at a Tesla charging station. On one occasion, I used the last available stall and witnessed others come in and then wait. The line while I was watching only held one waiter, and that wait was not longer than a few minutes.

However, I do not charge away from home very often. I've used Tesla charging perhaps a dozen times in 14 months.

EVRider | 4 décembre 2019

Most of my supercharging has been on 3 road trips from FL to New England. I’ve never had to wait for a supercharger. Although there have been more Teslas charging on my most recent trip than in the past, there were still cases where I was the only one, especially on the southern half of the trip. I was not traveling around holidays, so it might be busier then.

Sparky | 4 décembre 2019

If you look at you'll see the build out as it happens. The good thing is that, although there are a few saturation points in the system, the build out elsewhere seems to be ahead of demand and keeping up.

GHammer | 4 décembre 2019

In 80,000 miles of road trips, 30,000 in the last year, twice cross country and multiple times to LA, SF, Las Vegas and Vancouver BC, I have only waited a handful of times and never more than 5 minutes. Last month I visited 32 different locations in a single day along I95 from VA to NJ and didn't wait a single location.

posinator | 4 décembre 2019

Most of my Supercharging has been along the I15 from San Diego to Salt Lake City. 5 or 6 round trips at least. I think I've used most of them, and the only one that was ever full was in Beaver when it only had 4 stalls. Now it has 8 or 10. That night, I skipped Beaver and went on to Richfield. I really want the V3 Las Vegas charger to be fully operational.

apodbdrs | 4 décembre 2019

I drove about 6,000 miles in the last four months, and not once did I have to wait for Tesla supercharger on the road. I did however, once while staying in Las Vegas had to wait at Supercharger with 8 units at a shopping center during rush hour, but that was about it. My travels were on the west coast and southwest U.S. Overall, in a the last 18 month very little or no waits anywhere. Plenty of superchargers, but need more as more Tesla cars are coming on board.

apodbdrs | 4 décembre 2019

Forgot, to mention I do most of my charging at home, which I think most of you do; so charging is not the same as filling up at a gas station, after all how many ICE drivers have a gas pump at home.

FISHEV | 4 décembre 2019

"My question for the board is what has your experience been on trips along major routes with superchargers?"

The ones in highly populated ares will tend to be full now with charging limited to 80% due to high usage and typically a higher number of stalls down. Vancouver WA yesterday and two cords were tied up. I tried both, they didn't work. I put them back in the holster as Tesla asks that if it doesn't work, put in holster otherwise they cannot see it remotely.

I call when I find non-working chargers because Tesla doesn't see them. I'll call about non functional stall and it will be news to Tesla and then they write a repair ticket. So the chargers don't seem to sell report that well. So hit the T and call when you find down chargers.

The SC that is a bit isolated on they way to Hood is always open but even at that location usally one or two other Teslas.

casun | 4 décembre 2019

FISHEV is a known troll who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may suggest, and, do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or, Doubt about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.

vmulla | 4 décembre 2019

That's an awesome question. Thanks for asking.

The best answer to it was given by a guy called Elon Musk ;) You see, in one of the speeches he said that his focus is going to be building a better charging network and better service network - because he says people aren't stupid, and wouldn't buy cars if that's not handled well. I'll try to find the video (others can help me here) That's a simple clear indication of his focus on addressing your concern.

Back to your question, I've used the Tesla Superchargers for 4yrs now and saw the fleet grow - I have not seen congestion problems worth talking about. I think it's a bit different story on the West coast, but that's because of crazy growth in Tesla ownership - it's not because Tesla isn't trying hard to address the growth challenge.

Now let me try to find that video clip.

t@nya | 4 décembre 2019

@Sparky Nice, thanks!

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 4 décembre 2019

This thread brought to mind the times when I would try to fill up my cars at the rest areas on the NJT. Almost always had long lines to gas up. Took about as long as super charging, except that you have to stay in your car and wait. I’ll never miss that.
As to the OPs question, I’ve only been using one supercharger for the past 6 months ( 5000 free SC miles) and most of the time it’s pretty empty. One recent Saturday evening , 5ish, it was almost full. Timing is everything.

Bighorn | 4 décembre 2019

Drive 5200 miles over the holidays and didn’t ever wait. One of the superchargers on the I-90 route across South Dakota didn’t get plowed, so I could tell that there was never more than one car there over the holiday weekend i.e.previous 4 days. Certain people have been predicting impending gloom and doom for the last 5 years.

Bighorn | 4 décembre 2019


casun | 5 décembre 2019

the only supercharger ive ever waited at was the qualcomm supercharger in san diego, because it was free.