Let’s do it the save the environment. Contact your Republican Senator and tell them to do it

RedShift | 10 décembre 2019

Not just impeach. Defeat, incarcerate. Throw tomatoes on.

Tesla-David | 10 décembre 2019

Yep, ITMFA and put him where he belongs =JAIL!

TabascoGuy | 10 décembre 2019

Jail is too good for traitors.

sabbia | 11 décembre 2019

Trying to remember Nixon administration "officials" who went to jail. Erlichman, Haldeman, Dean, Mitchell. Of course the burglars but I'm not counting them here.

Nixon left office with a 25% approval rating so one out of four Americans was probably upset by those jailings. That's not to different than now.

This time though, we also have an assault on truth, logic and reason. The inspector general says no bias in launching the investigation and that it was needed. Yet some will actually claim that the IG report supports Trump's assertions.

They still say the FBI used its bias against Trump to launch the Russia investigation (which by the way found Russia meddled). This despite the IG's report find a supervisory special agent writing, "so elated with the election...didn't want a criminal in the White House."

Totalitarian propaganda worked for a while in Italy, German, Spain and Soviet Union. It stings mightily when it does work but it eventually burns itself out. Even Shakespeare wrote, "The truth will out."

andy.connor.e | 11 décembre 2019

I'll be honest, first time i looked at this thread title, i read it as ITFM, like "in the f#$%ing manual"

finman100 | 11 décembre 2019

donald said spies and traitors used to be treated different back in the day.

I agree. drawn and quartered. he is so deserving of old school treatment.


Tesla-David | 11 décembre 2019

Yes, totally agree @finman100, let's use the old method's the despicable donald referenced to deal with his traitorous acts. ITMFA + drawn and quartered!

andy.connor.e | 11 décembre 2019

It should be done the duel between Aaron Burr and Hamilton. Its just a "friendly duel".

SCCRENDO | 11 décembre 2019

I think it should be between Trump, Guilliani, Barr, Pompeo, Lindsay Graham and the rest of his mob. Of course I am ok dealing with it a more civilized way. They need to stop obstructing justice and give all a fair trial without Trump lackeys running the jury

andy.connor.e | 11 décembre 2019

but think of it like this. We could see a real duel motor

blue adept | 11 décembre 2019

I see what you did there @andy.connor.e.

SCCRENDO | 12 décembre 2019

Unfortunately the Republicans are turning this into a circus

BadgerErickson | 19 décembre 2019


The trial is next, if Mitch the Turtle can find his shell.....

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

Impeachment done. Now we wait to put pressure on Don and Moscow Mitch to get a real trial and not a kangaroo court. Immature Don will not get a quick acquittal. He will need to sweat to get it.

rxlawdude | 19 décembre 2019

WaPo is reporting additional sources reporting that Trump does Putin's bidding. (As if any half-sentient organism wouldn't have already known that.)

Mitch just left his blamefest, and insists the rules from 1999 should apply today. Let's see, lying over a blow job (never prosecuted) vs suborning foreign interference in elections (also never prosecuted).

In the interest of fairness to the accused, it is manifest to get the witnesses, especially Bolton, to the Senate trial. I mean, that would help Trump exonerate himself.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 décembre 2019

Have you guys run out of tissues and Jergens lotion yet?

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

@Neo. No we are good. I know you guys hate to address the crap the MF is up to. But the world would be a better place if we sent him back to Mar el Lago where he can abuse his woman folk, scre his daughter and yell at the illegal help without anyone caring.. But you prefer to ignore his crap and get irritated when every one talks about him. Help us get rid of him and we will stop talking about him

Tesla2018 | 19 décembre 2019

The vote was a joke. All the Dems except for a few with guts voted to impeach, and all the reps voted against it. Just 2 political parties bickering as usual. Waste of time since Senate wont vote to impeach.
Don't know the vote tally with Nixon, but it seemed like everyone in both parties voted to get rid of him. I hate bi-partisan politics. Witnessed it firsthand with a sleazy aunt who was in politics who got in a battle with a sleazy governor and brought him down. Was more like revenge than fighting corruption. And I refused to take a part government job she offered me through one of her cronies and also refused to be on town council after seeing that County party bosses were trying to get certaint people elected and threatened you if you didn't vote for who they said. Am fed up with our local congresswoman who voted for impeachment and hangs out with the freshman squad nutcases so I registered as Dem so I can vote for her opponent in the primary and then vote for either a new Dem or Rep congressperson instead.
Time to drain the swamp, have term limits and get rid of politicians that are just out for themselves. Hunter Biden took advantage and got a job he was unqualified for, but Ivanka Trump is unqualified and Jared only got rich because his dad was locked up and he had to run his company. Same thing with Chelsea Clintons husband but at least he wasn't working at a government job. But the worst is Obama making Caroline Kennedy US ambassador to the UN. Just hope they don't make Obama's daughter Secretary of State or Tiffany Trump ambassador to Sweden 25 years from now.

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

@Tesla2018. Recommend you check a few facts before you babble on. Nixon wasn’t impeached because he resigned before. The circus is the Republicans. The Democrats have presented a great case and the crimes of Trump are far worse that of Nixon and Clinton’s blowjob. It’s the Republicans who are trying to turn this into a circus by not looking at facts, not depending Trump on the facts. Come to think about it. You would make a great Republican Congressman. You come armed with no facts. Yet make plenty of noise.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 décembre 2019

I guess I prefer low unemployment and a border wall.

All of this impeachment bluster may end up dead if that rich old hooker doesn’t send it to the senate. If there is no trial then the impeachment never happened. Sorry, thats just common sense.

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

@Neo. The impeachment has happened. Trump has a scarlet I tattooed on his chest. Why would Nancy send in the articles to a kangaroo court where Moscow Mitch and lapdog Lindsay have vowed to turn this into a kangaroo court and not fulfill their constitutional duty. They will continue to collect Public facts and present the articles at a time of their choosing.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 décembre 2019

I don’t see it that way. The house made a shit-show out of thin air. Desperation and intense hatred resulted in the weakest pile of garbage ever passed in those hallowed halls. Of the charges aren’t referred to the Senate then they aren’t charges. They are a failed political stunt.

NKYTA | 19 décembre 2019

The failed political stunt was the house Republicans.

What the eff are we, the House of Commons in Britain?

You realize we fought a war to not have a king or a dictator, right?!?

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

@neo. This was a legit investigation. The Dems were willing to call all fact witnesses that could potentially exonerate Trump. He blocked Mulvaney, Bolton etc. Again the grounds for impeachment were far stronger than the Clinton impeachment and even the Benghazi. The witnesses who showed up were Republicans, career diplomats and war heroes. The evidence is overwhelming. All the Democrats want is a far trial in the Senate. It is unlikely that they will get 2/3. And I am okay with that. But there is no point in wanting time with a Fascist style kangaroo court that will dismiss the case in 10 mins and give Trump propaganda to take to his Nazi style rallies. They are better off holding off for a fairer trial or a trial that may be strategically better for the Democrats. This should not be about politics. It’s about the constitution and respect for Congress as an independent body. The Republicans care nothing for the Constitution and are trying to turn this into a political circus. Meanwhile Trump needs to campaign with a big I on his chest and not as an acquitted individual. Trump is not above the law and does not get to dictate the terms of his trial.

Tesla2018 | 19 décembre 2019

Sccrendo. Nixon never made it to a house vote on impeachment. But the committee made up of both parties were pretty much against him with 1/3 of Republicans agreeing. Not like the Mueller investigation and other one sided politically motivated stunts that the Democrats are trying.

On July 27, 29, and 30, 1974, with over a third of Republican members joining Democrats, the Committee approved three articles of impeachment against Nixon for obstruction of the investigation of the “Watergate” burglary inquiry, misuse of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political purposes, and refusal to comply with the Judiciary Committee’s subpoenas and reported those articles to the House of Representatives for a vote. Two other articles were debated but not approved. By the strength of the evidence presented and the committee's bipartisan votes, House leaders of both political parties concluded that Nixon would be impeached by a substantial margin in the full House, and that his conviction in a Senate trial was a distinct possibility

Tesla2018 | 19 décembre 2019

Nkyta -We also didnt want a Clinton or Bush Dynasty either.

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2019

Indeed. Republicans had balls in those days

J.T. | 20 décembre 2019

@SCCRENDO Do you realize how hypocritical you are being when you write
‘They are better off holding off for a fairer trial or a trial that may be strategically better for the Democrats. This should not be about politics.“

How can you say it isn’t about politics when you feel a good strategy is to wait until it benefits one party over the other?

Do you not know the meaning of the word “political?”

BadgerErickson | 20 décembre 2019

Mannafort and Cohen are watching from Prison, but can still be informants.

Deutsche Bank and Capitol One financials for Trump's mafia laundering business came in to the Supreme Court.

Hilldabeast has Donald's tail in here teeth and she aint letting go, good luck to the MAGA crowd, I wouldn't want her on MY hind quarters....

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 décembre 2019

Trump will remain president, our economy will remain strong, our border will continue to strengthen for the betterment of California and others, and the federal government will likely soon step in to save California from their humanitarian disaster with their out of control homeless problem. You’re welcome, Nancy.

jimglas | 20 décembre 2019

I don't understand why an innocent man would block those who could clear him from testifying?
Inquiring minds want to know

robgorman | 20 décembre 2019

I remember the good old days when we used to talk Tesla stuff on this forum. Try and remember, especially at this time of year, what brought us to the forum in the first place--an awesome car with an out of this world driving experience that we all, unanimously, raved about. Enjoy the drive everyone. Happy Holidays.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 décembre 2019

Thanks robgorman! You are so right! I’m signing off for another few months. I’ve had my fill. Merry Christmas!

sabbia | 20 décembre 2019

Some of us wonder who are these Trump supporters who think Trump is mighty fine. Tesla2018 has a sleazy aunt and hates when babies cry.

NKYTA | 20 décembre 2019

"Nkyta -We also didnt want a Clinton or Bush Dynasty either."

Neither did I.

However, "dynasty" != "dictator". Big difference.

sabbia | 20 décembre 2019

George Conway on Donald Trump's abnegation of Christianity Today's call for Trump to be removed:

"The editorial wasn’t just about your improper call, it was about your “habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders,” your being “morally lost and confused,” your “gross immorality and ethical incompetence,” and your “bent and broken character.”

jimglas | 20 décembre 2019

@sabbia: His cult views those things as strengths

sabbia | 20 décembre 2019

@Jim. More on Trump's strengths because these are not lefties writing this in Christianity Today:

"The reason many are not shocked about this is that this president has dumbed down the idea of morality in his administration. He has hired and fired a number of people who are now convicted criminals. He himself has admitted to immoral actions in business and his relationship with women, about which he remains proud. His Twitter feed alone—with its habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders—is a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused."

jimglas | 20 décembre 2019

Republican definition of marriage:
Between one man, his third wife, a pornstar, a playboy bunny, a housekeeper and anyone close enough to grab their pussy.

NoMoPetrol | 20 décembre 2019

@sabbia "Trying to remember Nixon administration "officials" who went to jail. Erlichman, Haldeman, Dean, Mitchell. Of course the burglars but I'm not counting them here..."

People tend to forget that the record for the most felons convicted of crimes committed while in service to the POTUS is 19. The President giving those felons their marching orders - Ronald Reagan.

sabbia | 20 décembre 2019

Thanks NoMo.

SCCRENDO | 20 décembre 2019

@jt. The hypocrite in chief is calling out hypocrites. The major crime in 2016 was using the wrong email server while Trump could do no wrong. Indeed impeachment should be apolitical and indeed the Republicans should be defending the constitution. But they have made the choice to ignore abuse of power, obstruction of congress and probable treason.The Democrats have abided by the rules. However the Republicans are playing politics and "cheating". Moscow Mitch and Lapdog Lindsay have publicly stated they have no intention of abiding by their oath to be impartial jurors and denying Trump a fair trial by trying to dismiss despite his probable guilt. So there is no reason for the Democrats to remain apolitical and lose through partisan cheating by the Republicans. They should deny Trump his political propaganda victory with an easy acquittal and leverage some political gains for themselves.The strategy of the above 2 rogues helps the Democratic party rhetoric that the founders may have considered a rogue president but never took into account a rogue president together with a rogue leader of the Senate

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

Does impeachment really help the Dems.? Reps won't convict in the Senate, so this might actually help Trump.

There is a reason why Pelosi didn't want the House to get excited about the impeachment vote.

SCCRENDO | 20 décembre 2019

Impeachment is not to help the Dems only. It is to stand up for the rule of law and should not be done purely for political benefit. And yes he should go to trial even though there will not be a 2/3 majority. But that is not reflective of the system. It is more reflective of the politicians we elect. The Dems are only demanding a fair trial. But the Republicans are creating a kangaroo court and acquitting a guilty president for political gain. There is no reason to allow the Republicans the political victory for dishonest tactics. And indeed if they do not allow a fair trial Trump should be denied his acquittal. The morality is on the Dems side. And while the political gain in the short term is not clear in the long term the Dems will benefit. History will not judge the Republicans kindly

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

Large portions of U.S. electorate do not care about morality, otherwise they wouldn't have voted for Trump in the first place.

History does not reflect good on voters, and you do not like to admit it!

SCCRENDO | 20 décembre 2019

I agree that history does not necessarily reflect well on voters but that is not the issue. And it certainly will judge the Republican congressmen and Trump badly. I would like things to work out better. But doing the correct thing is more important to me.

Btw. You continue your snitty attitude by trying to put words in my mouth. You make claims about my opinion as to what I would or would not admit to without evidence.

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

It's painfully obvious that the majority of those voters did not realize that they were voting for a criminal. Please don't confuse ignorance with immorality.

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

@Sccrendo, i was never putting words in your mouth.

You need this to make your reality happen!

rxlawdude | 20 décembre 2019

The question is, "is it appropriate for a juror to decide his or her verdict before the trial?"

Also, is it appropriate for the head juror to collude with the defense in order to get an acquittal?

The GOP is on very shaky constitutional and ethical bases.

tew ms us | 21 décembre 2019