First time charging in V3 speeds

First time charging in V3 speeds

I installed 40.2.1 last night and the notes said I can charge up to 200kw, I have a mid-range. Headed this morning to a V3 supercharger which is not fully operational yet. I arrived with 50mph and it got to 155kw before it tapered down. The most I was able to get on a V2 was 120kw. Compared to the previous similar sessions in a V2 it took 8 minutes less to pump in 42KW. I was there for 38 minutes usually it would take 45 minutes in a V2. I guess once it fully operational it’s going to be down to 30 minutes or less, just enough time to go during my lunch break.

Sparky | 12 décembre 2019

Great news! Thanks!

Pg3ibew | 12 décembre 2019