ABRP Not loading Maps

ABRP Not loading Maps

Anyone else having this problem? On iPad or Mac, with LTE or WiFi, maps are mot loading properly. Makes the application about worthless. Thx | 23 décembre 2019

Not sure what ABRP is, but perhaps this should be directed at an Apple forum? Cant' see what it has to do with Tesla.

TabascoGuy | 23 décembre 2019

A Better Route Planner.

lilbean | 23 décembre 2019


PrescottRichard | 23 décembre 2019

Huh, didn’t know it was a stand alone app!

Oddly enough the web page on my iMac doesn’t show much of a map but Does show the route with a gray background. In the app I get the route with the map in the background.

No help at all.

PrescottRichard | 23 décembre 2019

FWIW- on my iMac I hit the moon (lower left, comes up as an option when you hit the +) and when it switched to night mode the map came up. Switched back and the gray came back and stayed.