Cybertruck Merchandise - Legal outside Tesla's Website??

Cybertruck Merchandise - Legal outside Tesla's Website??

I want to buy a Cybertruck t-shirt or hoodie and have found some online but I am worried they are not legal. Does anyone know if Tesla has given permission for others to use their logos or images, or cares whether they use their Cybertruck logo or image of the truck on merchandise they don't make themselves? My son thinks unless the merchandise is on Telsa's website it is illegal. However, I thought I read that Tesla does not care because they are getting free advertisement. If it is not legal I will wait until these Cybertruck items are available to purchase directly on the Tesla website.

jordanrichard | 27 décembre 2019

No, your son is correct. Tesla very much cares about its trademarks. The minute you let Tesla know about those websites, their lawyers will be at their door.

Ross1 | 30 décembre 2019

I am getting a couple printed for my own use, from a T shirt/ graphics local.
I plan on a 3/4 view of the CT and my Order Number.
Maybe on the back, a pic of the back.
Ive collected images, I think it is OK for one's own use.

Some of the Tshirts on Ebay have the wrong rendering, not the eventual release. Be careful.

mr.richard.hamilton | 31 décembre 2019

Check Amazon. Quite a bit of Tesla stuff there.

jordanrichard | 31 décembre 2019

Personal use is fine. It is simply the selling of an item that gets one into trouble.