Rest in Peace Syd Mead

Rest in Peace Syd Mead

Mr. Mead passed today, one of the visionary artists of our time, his work shall endure.

Thank You kind Sir for all you shared with us!

BadgerErickson | 31 décembre 2019

Spectacular.....Syd.....Shine on you crazy sci-fi guy...

PrescottRichard | 31 décembre 2019

Please tell me he got to see the CT in person and maybe got a ride?

BadgerErickson | 1 Janvier 2020

"Visual artist and futurist Syd Mead, who helped shape the look of influential sci-fi films including “Blade Runner,” “Tron,” “Aliens” and “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” died Monday of complications from lymphoma in Pasadena, Calif. He was 86." - Variety dot com Obituary.

Perhaps he got to see it in person, at least. Appears he MAY have resided in California.