Ultimate Driving Machine - Not Tesla

Ultimate Driving Machine - Not Tesla

Bighorn | 3 Janvier 2020

CNBC sure seemed to begrudgingly reveal today’s news about 2019 deliveries. Had to return to their base. What a crock.

vmulla | 3 Janvier 2020

When the headline said BMW is no longer the ultimate driving machine I had my hopes up, but no--- its MB. In what world, and under what kind of benchmarks?

raqball | 3 Janvier 2020

Both BMW and MB are the Ultimate Depreciation Machines.....

I have a friend that purchased a BMW Alpina 2 years used. Sticker on it when new was $125K and they paid $like 40K for it... Holy depreciation!

Magic 8 Ball | 3 Janvier 2020

"BMW is facing an investigation from federal securities regulators in the U.S. seeking to determine whether the automaker manipulated sales figures."

Cheating, really, tell me more.........

ellcyc | 3 Janvier 2020

Tesla is not immune from depreciation. A Model S P100D in 2016 was $160K. You can buy one now for $65K.

andy.connor.e | 3 Janvier 2020

Even better. You can buy a 2020 MS P100D for $99,990

andy.connor.e | 3 Janvier 2020

brand new that is

Bighorn | 3 Janvier 2020

Most cars’ depreciations aren’t brought on by model price drops and major upgrades YOY. They mostly just fall apart.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 3 Janvier 2020

“...a friend that purchased a BMW Alpina 2 years used. Sticker on it when new was $125K and they paid $like 40K for it... Holy depreciation!”

That a luxury car rebranded and marked up by a third party quickly depreciates isn’t particularly surprising.

Twochewy | 3 Janvier 2020

BMW made some great cars a decade ago. I bought an e92 way back in 2008. It was a fantastic driving machine. Then time passes, you drive a Model 3 and realize how antiquated that car was. I hope BMW get's their game back, but high-tech computerized cars are not their thing. Good at mechanical design, but software & UI design, not so much.

gballant4570 | 3 Janvier 2020

A friend of mine bought a new BMW last year. I have not seen it - and so do not know the model. A couple of months ago he got a ride in my Model 3. A fairly nice ride, including a late night freeway stretch in a quite rural area of WVa that managed to hit about 130.

The longing was plain in his voice when he remarked "this is a really nice car".

vmulla | 3 Janvier 2020

You feel sorry for people like that, they bought a car that they cannot get rid off without taking a big hit. They probably bought something they desired for so long without realizing that their dream car got beat while they were dreaming about it.

Sarah R | 3 Janvier 2020

A coworker is very proud of his (now elderly) BMW M3. I'm dying for him to challenge my M3

jallred | 3 Janvier 2020


I once encountered a brand new m4. I only have a LR RWD. He was in front of me on a simple back road. When a car in front of him turned off the road, he tried to dust me. I stayed on his bumper with no problem. At a stop light he gave me a thumbs up. An AWD 3 should eat up an M3.

Sarah R | 3 Janvier 2020

I've only got an SR+ but it sure is damned quick

Tesla2018 | 3 Janvier 2020

A guy I know has a 10 cylinder BMW that is kind of rare. Think it's an M6 or M6 and is about 10 years old. He also has other cars and races some of them. I asked him how his BMW is doing the other day and he says to me, It's costing me a fortune to keep it running., you can have it if you want it. I declined since the annual maintenance and insurance is probably more than the car is worth.

vmulla | 3 Janvier 2020

Old thread that is still a good read.... From the before the times of hyper-sensitive fans (was there one?)

Bighorn | 3 Janvier 2020
Иг | 3 Janvier 2020

Owning both M3s (Tesla and BMW), BMW wins on fun factor, handling, braking, engagement. IMHO, of course.

howard | 3 Janvier 2020

Acceleration does not make the ultimate driving machine. My 3 is stupidly fast but not the same drive as a high end German sports sedan. The Model 3 is a cost effective EV and does a good job but it is not the same nor was it designed to be. Period. “Fan” away, but it does not change reality.

coselectric | 3 Janvier 2020

I've never driven a BMW M3, but I had a 430i hardtop rental for a brief while. Hideous machine, couldn't stand it. Awful turbo lag, ancient infotainment. Handled like a pig. Annoying ready-start feature that I never figured out how to disable. Swapped it for a Q5 after about a week, enjoyed the Q5 more than that beamer but still it didn't compare to a Tesla in any meaningful way. So, have I just not acquired the taste for fine German engineering, or is the 430i an abberation in the otherwise stupendous family of ultimate driving machines?

ellett | 11 Janvier 2020

I expect my Model 3 to depreciate significantly later this year when Model Ys start being delivered, but so what? It's not going to make my car lose range or performance.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 12 Janvier 2020

^^ y (I mean: why)

Varricks | 13 Janvier 2020

BMW lost it when the 2002 went out of production. However, I'll always be thankful for Michelin producing the X-AS for that chassis, because it made my Datsun 2000 perform like magic.

I have a VW Phaeton with the W-12. Parked since an air shock died. When it was healthy, that engine was a locomotive miracle.

Then a Model 3 showed me what a miracle truly is. I don't regret a mile in any of those others, though.