Just got an email that the "All-Weather Protection Kit" are ready for pickup..

Just got an email that the "All-Weather Protection Kit" are ready for pickup..

I just got an email from Tesla that the "All-Weather Protection Kit" are available for pickup from a Service Center near me.

Email says:

"You can now pick up your All-Weather Protection Kit from a Service Center near you.
In certain regions where heavy salt, sand, or gravel is used to improve winter road conditions, we’re providing the All-Weather Protection Kit to help protect your paint from stone chips — at no cost. Instructions for self-installation are included.
Learn more about additional helpful tips to get the most out of your ownership experience this winter — including how to maximize range, improve the driving experience and maintain your Tesla."

andy.connor.e | 6 Janvier 2020

What are really, the true benefits of having mud flaps?

gparrot | 6 Janvier 2020

Three days ago at the Service Center, I was told they only were mounted on new vehicles... I got my notice too this morning. I’ll return to the SC after the current snowfall.

gparrot | 6 Janvier 2020

Andy, Tesla claims the kit will help in protecting the paint job on the lower wheel wells.

jebinc | 6 Janvier 2020


I sent an email to my local SC. Will post reply I may receive...

PECo CT | 6 Janvier 2020


In which region do you live?

FISHEV | 6 Janvier 2020

Self install....that's special. Design flaws with car but here's some parts, you fix it.

Wormtown Kris | 6 Janvier 2020

@FISHY: Better hope the flaps are standard on your Mach-E. Because Ford doesn't do OTAs and they certainly don't do free value-added components once they've already taken your money.

andy.connor.e | 6 Janvier 2020

Nah hes gonna get the Kona

FISHEV | 6 Janvier 2020

"Better hope the flaps are standard on your Mach-E."

They are but then they are not needed to prevent damage due to poor paint and rocker cover work as they are with Model 3.

Tesla should simply have a service that fixes windows, door handles, folding mirrors (if possible) and puts on the mudflaps free for all owners instead of owners spending $1k to get car "street ready". And Tesla is only fixing the mfg flaws because an Canadian owner sued them over it.

"Tesla Will Pay For Mudflaps In Canada: Generosity Or Strategy?"

PteRoy | 6 Janvier 2020

Got the email as well.

SdpLV | 6 Janvier 2020

Thread delivers at expense of Fish.

Tronguy | 6 Janvier 2020

Fishy is present. Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.

paulsurette71 | 7 Janvier 2020

@PECo CT - South Western Ontario

jamespompi | 7 Janvier 2020

Can you order these if not in Canada? I have an aftermarket set because I live on a dirt road, but I like the look of these better.

teslamazing | 7 Janvier 2020

Fish still drives a Tesla because he or she can’t deny it’s the best in the world.

FISHEV | 7 Janvier 2020

"Can you order these if not in Canada?"

No is the answer. At least Tesla doesn't offer a Tesla mudflap kit. I got the ones from, molded 3D plastic. Was going to have Tesla install them but since Tesla won't install them on the Canadians, requiring owner to get it done himself, guess I'll have to do that. I will ask at local SC and see what happens after car gets out of body shop next week.

As the article linked above notes, Tesla's actions are not exactly pro-owner nor do they fix the real problem. That being the case, one has to wonder if Tesla's refusal to install the mudflaps while giving them away and saying they are necessary is way to then deny warranty fix for the original problem by saying mudflaps are the wrong ones or not installed correctly.

"Installing mudflaps for free looks dangerously similar to buying time and postponing more severe issues with the paint. Preferably to when the warranty is no longer valid."

It's the kind of thing that makes owners worry about trusting Tesla.

WW_spb | 7 Janvier 2020

People like Fish make me worry if I can trust people. Got ya. Thanks.

AWDTesla | 7 Janvier 2020

got the email and my mechanic said I can come in anytime to pick the kit up. My cottage is on dirt road so i was thinking of doing this anyways.

CharleyBC | 7 Janvier 2020

Am I summarizing this correctly from this thread?

"All-Weather Protection Kit" = "mud flaps", and only in Canada? Or is there more to the kit than that?

PteRoy | 7 Janvier 2020


As far as I am aware we just get mud flaps and it’s only Canada. Seems to be due to the lawsuit of the Quebecer who had rust after 1 or 2 winters because of our roads during the winter.

PteRoy | 7 Janvier 2020

They sent a picture in the email and it is the mud flap attached to the car. Nothing else.

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

Both mud flaps and splash guards are in the box. Very easy to install, requires nothing more than a flat-head screwdriver to remove two push clips (a pocket knife will do) and a Phillips screwdriver. The unfortunate part is that it also requires to get down on the ground to gain access to a small door on the bottom of the rocker panel. Not possible for me until the driveway is clear from the snow.
You have the choice between installing only the mud flap, or the splash guard or both. Your call.

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

PteRoy, will they send you the box or do you have to drive to Montreal to pick your up?

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

BTW, I forgot to mention that you can get the kit in any colour you wish, as long as it is black.

paulsurette71 | 8 Janvier 2020

Does anyone have a picture of the instructions they can post?

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

Here it is video:

legna_fo_htaed | 8 Janvier 2020

I haven't been very active here, but we still have FISH sightings??? Man you love Tesla bro don't deny it.

PteRoy | 8 Janvier 2020


I see in their website they now have one in Ottawa, that’s only an hour for me there and back instead of 3 to Montreal and back. No number to call them that I can find though to call them to ask.

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

There’s a Service Center in YOW?? Shut up!!
When did they open?

PteRoy | 8 Janvier 2020

No idea. A month or so ago when I scheduled service for my cameras they wanted me to go to Montreal. Then when I got their winter package email I was like no way I’m driving that far for mud flaps. Googled and Ottawa came up.

gparrot | 8 Janvier 2020

Maybe I’ll drive by some time soon and knock it my list before Bighorn does. :-)

paulsurette71 | 9 Janvier 2020

@gparrot - Thanks for video. I'm surprised we are only getting the front mud flaps.

Hal Fisher | 9 Janvier 2020

Toyota has a paint film factory option for like $325. How many thousand are people forking out for same thing aftermarket? Just saying.

PteRoy | 9 Janvier 2020

Wait. We only get front mud flaps? I’m no mud flap expert, but how exactly does that protect the rear of the car?

andy.connor.e | 9 Janvier 2020

This just in. Using your car will cause wear over time. This is unavoidable unless you dont use it.

jallred | 9 Janvier 2020

I’m no mud flap expert, but how exactly does that protect the rear of the car? -PteRoy

Some people claim to be an expert (or at least know an expert) and then tell you about a deficiency.
I love that you tell us up front that you don't know anything on the subject and then ask a question. How refreshing!

FISHEV | 9 Janvier 2020

The article on issues of damage to rocker cover and Tesla providing free mudflaps as a fix.

Car just got out of the body shop and went to detail shop to schedule reinstall of PPF and Ceramic on the front bumper which was removed and painted.

At detail shop asked them about putting PPF on the rocker cover to prevent the damage Tesla has identified from unprotected rocker covers. They noted that there is a very thick coating of PPF along the rocker cover. I wonder if this was a recent addition after Tesla found out about the weak area or if this was there on the Canadian cars that saw the damage?

PteRoy | 9 Janvier 2020


Suppose to be above freezing tomorrow so I’ll get a car wash and take a look at my car and see if I notice anything.

FISHEV | 9 Janvier 2020

"Suppose to be above freezing tomorrow so I’ll get a car wash and take a look at my car and see if I notice anything."@PteRoy

In the pic, the lower edge line is what the detail shop said was PPF of some kind covering the paint on the rocker. Just noticed that it is there in the pics of the Model 3's with damaged rocker cover/fenders.

Have to wait 30 days for paint to "cure" before they can redo the front bumper. I'll ask the guys if we should still put PPF over the PPF(?) if it was getting damaged even with the protection.

gparrot | 9 Janvier 2020

PteRoy, the damage that I have seen on a variety of pictures seem to only be on the front rocker panels. So Tesla dealt with that. Not sure if the rear wheel wells are higher in the backside, but maybe that’s why Tesla doesn’t offer the rear mud flaps.
Just my theory.

FactDoc | 9 Janvier 2020

Got the email too Monday
Called Tesla Ferrier in Montreal right away
The person I spoke to told me they were going to contact the Montreal store to see if they have some because t was the 4th call she received about the mudflaps

Didn’t get a call back yet after 4 days

gparrot | 9 Janvier 2020

Maxxer, just go to the Service Center. They have boxes piled against the wall, first come, first served. When I went two days ago, there was a steady stream of people coming and going at the Parts dept.

FactDoc | 9 Janvier 2020

Cool! Thanks!
More useful info than any Tesla rep could give me!

gparrot | 9 Janvier 2020

Hopefully, they still have a few left.

PteRoy | 9 Janvier 2020


Thanks for the info. Now to the real question. How silly does it look with only front mud flaps?

gparrot | 10 Janvier 2020

Actually, guys, it’s not THAT simple to do... you’ll need access to the underside of the car to see the rear bolt door which needs to be cut. Or a fancy set of mirrors. I couldn’t find this door (step 4 in the instructions) by touch, so either I now wait for some additional work to be performed on the car at the SC and ask them to install the mud guards or I wait ‘till spring when the driveway is not covered in snow/ice/slush/grime. Keep in mind the car is low-slung, that doesn’t help at all.

gparrot | 13 Janvier 2020
ksrehman | 13 Janvier 2020

@gparrot what's the difference between mud flaps and splash guards?

gparrot | 13 Janvier 2020

They’re are two separate parts in the same box. You can choose to install one or both, at your discretion. The splash guards are the long parts, the mud guards are round. I have no clue which is better to protect your paint job from damage. I, for one, have not installed either since it requires reaching underneath the car to remove a bolt. The car is too slung low to make it possible without lifting it from the ground.

NorthValley | 13 Janvier 2020

@gparrot...I installed splash guards at the weekend. Simple job, 15 minutes for all 4. The rear ones are easy to attach and you certainly don't need to lift the car to undo the bolt. Just sit on the floor like I did, there is plenty of room.