Here's a new glitch. Anyone else ever see it?

Here's a new glitch. Anyone else ever see it?

I was driving home from the ski slopes this afternoon, keeping the display on the energy graph, so I know when regen disappears on the down hill.

I noticed that the "last 15 minutes" energy was frozen at 532 (this was from the initial up hill on Loveland pass, climbing from 9300 to 12K ft ASL). Flipped it over the the numbers display and the trip mileage since last charge was frozen at 12.3. Time and overall odometer were incrementing correctly. After getting off I-70, while at a red light, I did a big screen reboot. Didn't change anything. Then did an IC reboot and when the screen came back, mileage since last charge was at 63 or so (correct number) and energy dropped down to ~150 wh/mi (normal for this trip).

Bighorn | 8 Janvier 2020

I’ve seen frozen trip meters or erratic updating of stats. Fixed itself and never had a good answer from service about what was going on. May have been firmware related?

finished | 9 Janvier 2020

Yes, I think this happened to me yesterday: Regen/accel kW pointer on the IC energy graph would not dip below 0 into the regen area of the energy display. Reboot while driving took forever (and cabin cooled quickly), but regen pointer reappeared. Bug. 2019.40.2.1 2017 S100D. No new updates in weeks.