Upgrade Tesla and Lost Premium Connectivity

Upgrade Tesla and Lost Premium Connectivity

I upgraded from a 2016 Model S 90D to a 2018 Model S P100D back in August 2018. I then received the same email that other new Tesla owners received about losing premium connectivity starting January 1, 2020 since my vehicle was purchased after June 30, 2018. What the heck? If I hadn't upgraded, I would have kept my premium connectivity at no cost but because I purchased yet another Tesla after this deadline, I have to now pay for it??? Seems like as an "older" Tesla owner, I should have been grandfathered in on the free premium connectivity. Anyone else out there in the same boat? Get anywhere with Tesla on it?

lilbean | 9 Janvier 2020

Oh no! Bummer. | 9 Janvier 2020

Premium connectivity tied to a car not the owner. Similar to Supercharging.

EVRider | 9 Janvier 2020

Did you assume you would be grandfathered when you upgraded? If so, why?