Touchscreen SOC not quite what it really is...according to Jack Rickard

Touchscreen SOC not quite what it really is...according to Jack Rickard

I was looking into Jack Rickard's CanBus reader and application. While watching his video of how the application can be set up to look like a cluster of gauges he talked about 4 different SOC readings that all come from the battery management module. He state there are 4 different readouts and Tesla uses the minimum SOC for the battery indicator...seems to make sense.

(1) user interface state of charge
(2) minimum state of charge
(3) maximum state of charge
(4) average state of charge

Here is a little section of his video where he talks about it.

FISHEV | 11 Janvier 2020

Which SOC does it use for Rated Range vs. Projected Range?

Bighorn | 11 Janvier 2020

Don't forget the link.

gmr6415 | 11 Janvier 2020


Start at 29:50

@FISHEV, my post is about the battery indicator SOC, not projected range.

gmr6415 | 11 Janvier 2020

@Bighorn: Here is the short version:

vmulla | 11 Janvier 2020

He says something like. "Tesla makes you feel your battery is charged lower than it already is, perhaps to give you a chance for you to actually make it..."


Once for each time I hit absolute zero and still made it :))

vmulla | 11 Janvier 2020

Anyway, good that someone proved something we suspected all along :)

FISHEV | 11 Janvier 2020

" my post is about the battery indicator SOC, not projected range."

I saw that but the subsequent comment mentioned four different sources for SOC so I was curious which SOC is used to get Rated Range and which is used to get Projected Range.

Bighorn | 11 Janvier 2020


gmr6415 | 11 Janvier 2020

@FISHEV, If you've ever watched his videos there's a ton of good information, but you've got to get through 3 times as much off topic talking, nose picking and hacking like he's an old time smoker.

I was watching it to help me decide which CanBus adapter I want to purchase. Once I saw enough I didn't go any farther. Have fun!!!

spuzzz123 | 11 Janvier 2020

@gmr, fish is not interested in jack Ricard, he just wants to disrupt your thread. Be careful engaging with him. He will drag this discussion down a rathole or projected range vs rated range until everyone tunes out

gmr6415 | 11 Janvier 2020

@spuzzz123, I'm very well aware of FiSHEV, and he's not going to drag me down.

Varricks | 13 Janvier 2020

Ricard's videos are valuable beyond estimation. But you need to watch them at a minimum of 1.5 times normal speed.

I think he's even mentioned this himself.

FISHEV | 13 Janvier 2020

"my post is about the battery indicator SOC"

And you posted there sources for that number. I was asking which one of the sources you listed is used by the car for the Battery Per Cent number/Rated Range Number which toggles with Per Cent.

gmr6415 | 13 Janvier 2020

@FISHEV, It ain't gonna work.

andy.connor.e | 13 Janvier 2020

22 miles per cent.